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EXID’s Hani Surprises Yoo Jae Suk With How Down-to-Earth She Is on “Running Man”

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EXIDs Hani Surprises Yoo Jae Suk With How Down-to-Earth She Is on Running Guy ck525 November 29, 2015 0 LINE it!EXIDs Hani Surprises Yoo Jae Suk With How Down-to-Earth She Is on Running Man EXIDs Hani stunned Yoo Jae Suk with how down-to-earth she is on “Running Man.”

On the episode of SBS’s “Running Man” aired on November 29, Im Yo Hwan, Hong Jin Ho, Leeteuk, Heechul, and Hani seem as visitors for the “Rival Giant Match” special.

While battling Song Ji Hyo, Hani casually shimmies up her leather pants when they begin to ride down.

Yoo Jae Suk is surprised and calls her name, announcing jokingly, Wait, what are you doing? When Hani struggles with the game, she exclaims, “what the heck (a rough translation of a Korean colloquial expression), to the satisfaction of the Running Man cast.

Meanwhile, in the episode, the participants of “Running Man” race with their bestsuperstar rivals.

Watch the entire episode below:

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Song Ji Hyo and Hani check who is the larger sleepyhead on 'Running Man'

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Song Ji Hyo and Hani check who is the larger sleepyhead on 'Running Man'

Hani and Song Ji Hyo, either one of whom are notoriously known to possess the infrequentskillto pass to sleep anywhere, any place, beneath any given circumstances, tested just how without difficultythey might snooze at the November 29 installment of 'Running Man'! 

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For those two, your entireglobal serves as their private, fluffy bed. So it best made sense for the 'Running Man' team to pit one sleepyhead opposed tothe opposite and to find out who will go to sleep the fastest on national TV. 

Attached to an apparatus that measured their sleep trend and equipped with nice, warm beds (not like the 2wished them), Song Ji Hyo and Hani went off to their favouritepositionappropriate on the set of 'Running Man': dream land. 

Who do you won this struggle equallywithout equal sleepyhead? Find out in the clip above! 

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Leeteuk Compete to peer Who YoonA Calls Back First on “Running Man”

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Super Juniors Kim Heechul and Leeteuk Compete to look Who YoonA Calls Back First on Running Guy ilmare42 November 29, 2015 0 LINE it!Super Juniors Kim Heechul and Leeteuk Compete to See Who YoonA Calls Back First on Running Man On November 29s episode of Running Man, the solidindividuals and visitors are paired up to compete opposed to their rivals.

Super Juniors Leeteuk and Kim Heechul are invited as guests this week as one pair of rivals, even supposing they make it transparent that they disagree with the label. Were now nottruly rivals, says Kim Heechul. Were just general and entire opposites.

More so than rivals, if Im being honest, we just dont suit each and every other, jokes Leeteuk.

As their first game, Kim Heechul suggests that they eitherattempt to text the similarfemininefamous person friend and ask her to name them, and then see who she calls first. They make a decision on their SM Entertainment labelmate, Girls Generations YoonA, and then they both send her a message at an analogous time.

SpoilerYoonAs at all timesfidgeting with her phone, says Kim Heechul, so hes self-assured that shell call one of them back appropriate away.

The two of them glancesomewhatapprehensive equally they look ahead tothe telephone call. Kim Heechul then without notice yells in excitement, and presentations off his telephone to everyone. He were given the call from YoonA!

Yoo Jae Suk answers Kim Heechuls phone for him, and asks YoonA why she determined to call Kim Heechul first when they both sent their messages at the same time.

Kim Heechuls message got here first, so I called him, and then at that moment Leeteuks message came, explains YoonA. I used to be like, Is this for a Television show?

Ah, so you knew it used to be for a TV display and you called Kim Heechul first jokes Yoo Jae Suk.

Watch the scene below, beginning at 18:53!

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Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook Cross Head-to-Head in New “Running Man” Episode

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Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook Pass Head-to-Head in New “Running Man” Episodenotclaira November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook Go Head-to-Head in New “Running Man” Episode Everlasting squabblers Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook go head-to-head in the November 29 broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man.”

Guests come with Im Yo Hwan, Hong Jin Ho, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul, and EXID’s Hani. In the episode, the result ofthe primary game come to a decision who could be in the “senior” team and who will be in the “junior” team. The “junior” team has to obey and strengthen the “senior” team for the remainder of the episode.

Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook on an ordinary basis bicker at the show, and this time their competitiongot here to a head. “He’s the hyung, yet he acts like that because he needs to be called ‘hyung,’” Kim Jong Kook says.

Kim Jong Kook usually defeats Yoo Jae Suk via sheer strength, whilst Yoo Jae Suk annoys Kim Jong Kook with his nagging. So as to settle the dust, the 2 of them have a throwdown in a largefit at the finish of the episode.

The episode will air on November 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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Song Ji Hyo and EXIDand#8217;s Hani Have a snooze Fight on and#8220;Running Man”

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Song Ji Hyo and EXIDand#8217;s Hani Have a snoozeCombat on and#8220;Running Man”leejojoba November 27, 2015 0 LINE it!Song Ji Hyo and EXIDand#8217;s Hani Have a Sleep Conflict on and#8220;Running Man” On November 29 broadcast of SBS’s typedisplay “Running Man,” actress Song Ji Hyo and EXID’s Hani actually have a totally unique competition. Entertainers Lim Yo Hwan, Hong Jin Ho, singers Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, and Hani are visitorsin this episode of “Running Man.”

All the audience wonder why those two are brought in combination on this episode. Come to discover out, these two women are decided on as the sleepyheads who can go to sleepbeneath any circumstances. Song Ji Hyo is understoodto cross to sleep anytime anywhere. And Hani was once in the middle of attention for falling asleep all the manner through the “Running Man” recording ultimate fourth dimension she becameat the show. The project for these two ladies on at the existing time was to look who can fall asleep faster.

Kim Heechul noted, “When I’m on the set with Hani, she turns out to fall asleep anyplace any time. She’s a robust opponent. No person sack beat her.” To that remark, the “Running Man” contributors refuted, “What are you saying? Ji Hyo falls asleep once her head hits the floor. She’s a robust opponent.” The contest was judged via a sleep clinician to decipher who fell asleep faster.

To see who is the easier sleepyhead, song in to SBS’s “Running Man” this Sunday, November 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Catch up on the newest episode of and#8220;Running Manand#8221; below!

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SNSD Finds Secret to Long-running Success

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SNSD Finds Secret to Long-running Success

--> The Girls′ Generation (SNSD) contributors unfolded about how they were in a position to stay on best for with reference to 10 years.

SNSD held a press convention for the group′s fourth exclusive concert Girls′ Generation 4th excursion Phantasia - in Seoul at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena on November 22, where a reporter asked, "You′ve held onto the head spot for 10 years. Do you've a different secret?"

Tiffany answered, "It′s all thank you to the fans′ consistent love."

She continued, "We also show pride in our performances. I believe we constantly put out just right track and new performances," prior to adding "I think our efforts, pronouncing ′let′s paintings harder,′ and our teamwork also had a fair impact."

SNSD′s fourth exclusive concert Girl’s Generation 4th Tour Phantasia - in Seoul used to be held over two days from November 21 to 22. now not only is SNSD the primary girl crew in Korea to hang a headlining concert tour for the fourth time, it's the group′s first concert in two years and five months because the 2013 show.

As the concert holds a special meaning, the girls put a massive number of work into the level production. International famend choreographer Rino Nakasone, who has worked with the likes of Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Chris Brown and Janet Jackson, turned into accountable for the entire production, and a 50m x 13m stage in addition a 17m x 15m primary LED screen were a choice of the grand-scale functions of the concert.

Sooyoung said, "We′re thankful to be the 1st girl neighborhood to carry a tour. Gazing our firm sunbaenims grasp concerts each and every year, i used to be either green with envy and concept it was incredible. I feel SNSD may be taking the ones steps and that we′ve created a logo concert. If possible, I′d like to satisfy the enthusiasts thru concerts each year."

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Lee Kwang Soo Is Stunned through Teenager Top’s Messy Dorm on “Running Man”

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Lee Kwang Soo Is stunned by Teen Top’s Messy Dorm on “Running Man” On the November 22 broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man,” Lee Kwang Soo and Teen Top’s Niel get ready to move on a fall camping shuttle together.

Before Lee Kwang Soo unearths out who his spouse will be, he’s excited when he’s told that he'll be visiting the dorm of an idol singer, because he assumes it is going to be a feminine idol. He is terribly disappointed, however, to look Niel from the boy workforce Teen most sensible open the door.

Although audience were very curious to see what the house of an idol looks like, many will have to were shocked at the state of Teen Top’s dorm.

There are piles of garments far and wide in Niel’s room, and Lee Kwang Soo choices up some grimy socks off the floor. “Those are washed!” says Niel, yet Lee Kwang Soo issues out the dirt on them and says, “What are you speaking about?” Niel admits that they would have to no longer be washed after all.

Picking up some trash that’s just sitting in the corner of the kitchen, Lee Kwang Soo says, “Niel, how about you throw this stuff away?” When he opens the refrigerator to see that not anything is in it, he collapses to his knees and says, “Why do you reside like this? Let’s visit the supermarket!”

Niel responds whilst laughing, “I don’t devour the rest here.”

Watch the newest episode of “Running Man” below. Niel’s house is printed at the 13:29 mark.

SPOILER Gary finds his house on 'Running Man'

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SPOILER Gary finds his house on 'Running Man'

Rapper Gary exhibits his bachelor"s pad in newest episode of "Running Man" where every contributors were assigned to a spouse for a couple-race assignment.

When learning that he was once paired with Gary, Haha paid a wonder consult with to Gary"s candy home, revealing Gary"s non-public space for the primary time on air.

As Haha rummaged via Gary"s house, it turned into printed that the rapper has his own studio and paintings area installed correct at domestic where he produced more than one hit tracks for Leessang and himself. The rapper also had a spacious living room and a room full of shoes and snapback hats.

Check out Gary"s sweet pad below!

Gary provides an Exclusive excursion of His space on “Running Man”

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Gary Gives an Exclusive Tour of His Condo on “Running Man” Leessang‘s Gary has published his candy house on “Running Man.”

On the new episode of the display on November 22, the contributors have a couple-race theme with male guests, featuring actor Kim Kwang Gyu, Jo Jung Chi, Min Kyung Hoon, and Teen Top‘s Niel.

Haha is assigned to be partners with Gary, so he can pay a marvel discuss with to his dwelling in the morning.

When Gary opens the door, he’s stuck off guard and greets the camera with a sleepy face.

Next, Gary unearths his house for the primary time all the manner through broadcast, which is slightly well organized. His display screen of shoes and snapbacks are especially attention-grabbing in his sumptuous house. Gary even gives an exclusive tour of his recording studio, which he hasn't ever revealed anyplace else before.

Catch up to the maximum recent episode now!

Gary Finds house for the primary Time on “Running Man”

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Gary Exhibits Homestead for the 1st Time on “Running Man” Gary has published what his space seems like for the first time at the upcoming episode of “Running Man!”

The theme for the impending race is “Weak Men” and the visitors are Kim Kwang Gyu, Park Soo Hong, Jo Jung Chi, Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon, and Teen Top’s Niel. Ahead of they head out on the camping trip, they have got to marvel their spouse at their house.

Haha is teamed up with Gary in this episode and is going at once to his house, revealing it on camera for the first time. he's shocked by ability of Gary’s massive sneaker series and his own track production studio. He may be surprised that the home is hastily neat.

In the race, the pair is tied along side a rope all day, which instantly away reasons complications when one of them has to visit the bathroom.

The episode will be broadcast on November 22 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Watch the ultimate episode here: