Spoiler 'Doctors' Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye come upon  each and every other in running room after their fight

Spoiler 'Doctors' Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye come upon each and every other in running room after their fight

On the episode 11 of SBS "Doctors", Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) and Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye) met.

In the working room where they met again, Ji-hong asked, "What is the patient's history?" and Hye-jeong answered, "Nothing Special".

She coldly added, "The totalsurgical treatmentbranch will come over. Because of the over the top hemorrhage on the liver, you need to haveto test it first prior tomake a decision who will have tocarry out the surgery".

Jo In-joo (Yoo Da-in) got here into the room later and she did top five with Ji-hong. And then Jo In-joo greeted Hye-jeong, pronouncing "I meet you here again".

However, Hye-jeong briefly left the room after announcing "Please communicate to every other, then" and "I'll get ready for the surgery" in a voice that sounded a little angry.

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Lee Kwang Soo Joins Forces With Fellow Giraffes On “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo Joins Forces With Fellow Giraffes On “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo Joins Forces With Fellow Giraffes On Running Guy choralee July 25, 2016 0 Lee Kwang Soo Joins Forces With Fellow Giraffes On Running Man On July 24, SBS’s “Running Man” was oncefull ofvisitorsreferred to as “giraffes.”

Special guests Lee Ki Woo, Search engine optimization Jang Hoon, and Hong Jin Kyung joined “Running Man” member Lee Kwang Soo for a unique giraffe-themed episode.

Known for at all times being teased by way of fellow “Running Man” members, this time Lee Kwang Soo brings on his own team of giraffes to strengthen him as they all attempt for victory. At the episode, the giraffe team wears yellow outfits, pair up, and cling hands so asto finish missions. Lee Kwang Soo smiles brightly as he holds Hong Jin Kyung’s hand, whilst the latter has a sour glance on her face. Yet Hong Jin Kyung later says that it become an relaxing recording.

“This display is what made Lee Kwang Soo is called the ‘Prince of Asia,’ and becauseeverybodyhere's a member of this prove please deal with me as well,” says Hong Jin Kyung.

Watch the episode of “Running Man” on Viki!

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Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 6

Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 6

A new case opens in"The Just right Wife"and it tackles euthanasia and abortion at the similar time, which offer the series a larger load than it willin the end handle. Dan enters the sport between Sang-il and Tae-joon whilst Hye-kyeong and Joong-won are busy with the case. Jae-moon makes a go back and his condition is worsening, causing battle amongst Joong-won over the past. His fragile emotional state results in a mistake involving Hye-kyeong.

The criminal event in episode six is more advanced than old ones. At the euthanasia front, things are simple. The patient sought after to die and has a correct to. The explanation IT gets confusing is for the explanation why thatgirl is pregnant. This may also be a cruelly most unlikely case. The mum signed her death desiressooner than being with kid and she is not able to consent to an abortion at this time. It's miles equallyforgeda controversy for the pro-choice aspect as it's for the pro-life one.

AdvertisementUnfortunately the series opts for emotional manipulation and overused ideasto select its side, instead of handling the very valid arguments on either ends and specializing in the humanity of them. The opposition is painted as practically cartoonish in their cruelty and the circle of relatives on its aspect comes whole with inheritance drama. By capacity of turning the case into a circus for dramatic effect, the drama finally ends up belittling the very genuine gravity, ethicalcatch 22 situation and pain the kind ofscenarioreasons to every person involved.

The majortale progresses more smoothly and the time has come for the ever so mysterious Dan (Nana) to make tough choices. I will not tell whether her persona has been underacted or underwritten till now, yetI'm hoping we can beready to get to grasp her better now. She obviously respects Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon), but she could also be manipulative and secretive. Given both Sang-il (Kim Tae-woo) and Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) look liketerrible people, most likely she has sensible reason to conceal her intentions.

The episode also explores Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang) and his courting with his father. The interactions are wonderful and the pain is obviouslylarge for both men. The legal case serves as atonement for Joong-won and as bad as it is for him to exploitcustomers for this, it does give him a chanceto look them as other people again. His fragile state is what results in the kiss, but Hye-kyeong's reaction is more interesting.

Hye-kyeong isn't any longer tolerating Tae-joon's lies and she admits that her tolerance was oncejust an effort to like him. Seeing her construction here makes me fear less about the affection triangle, because she is still in control. While the episode bites off more than it can chunk with its court battle, it does supply food for idea and I hence even sobelieve it a fair one.

"The Excellent Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 5

Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 5

"The Excellent Wife"smacks us with a large twist in episode five, which adjustmentsa actually perfect deal about what we've got known so far. It individually worries me concerning the future, yetmost likelyit is going to existan excellent thing. The felony event this time comes to Hye-kyeong's beyond social circle and with Tae-joon home, it just brings more unhappy memories to the surface. Meanwhile, Joong-won steps up his game and faces Tae-joon.

This is one enormous elephant in the room, so let us deal with it. Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) is a coward who had his wife lift his crime. I had in the past assumed that his entitlement and controlling habit stems from a feeling of being owed anything for his heroism, but he manages to be even worse. In retrospect, I must have expected this, but Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) as a culprit used to be an attractive concept. Which is why this twist worries me, so undergo alongside me here.

AdvertisementLet us omit close to the twist for a moment. The court case of this episode supplies USA a glimpse into how Hye-kyeong lived and how she turned intodeserted after her husband's scandal. It presentations United States of Americaa girl who is truthful and kind, but also unaware of the hypocrisy of others. This would provide an explanation for why she can not see Tae-joon for who he is. Seeing her fight between happiness and awkwardness with him houseback is wonderfully done. My fearis thisfocal pointwould possibly change.

Until now Hye-kyeong has been somebody who could give a 2dprobability to her once liked savior and lover. It was a captivatingbattle and the selection was somewhat hard. This twist turns her into a victim who has time and againapproved betrayal. It changes her from an individual in regulate to someone who is being willfully manipulated. This isn't a bad change. Seeing her upward thrust from her self-victimization would be an empowering story. I just ponder whetherthis is whyat the back of it.

This episode has Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang) face Tae-joon and get started an unofficial war for Hye-kyeong. One guy is someone who forces his biased remedy on Hye-kyeong to meet his crush, which ended at the day of the accident. The opposite is a traitor who has no thought of the have an effect on his movements have on his family. My worry is that Hye-kyeong may need been become a victim for the sake of a twisted love triangle.

Everything is dependent on the creators' intentions. The autotwist of fate twist will also be a fine addition to the tale of a lady who reclaims the lifestyles she sacrificed for romanceno longer reciprocated. I sincerely hope that my be troubled volitionend upfoolishvia the end. I am hoping that the affection Dramaland has for male vitality games and scandalous romances will now not overtake the keycharm of"The Sensible Wife".

"The Nice Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Lee Kwang Soo’s Giraffe Pals Have His Back On “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo’s Giraffe Pals Have His Back On “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soos Giraffe Buddies Have His Back On Running Guy kokoberry July 22, 2016 0 Lee Kwang Soos Giraffe Visitors Have His Back On Running Man The impending episode capabilities Lee Kwang Soo getting some lend a hand from SEO Jang Hoon, Hong Jin Kyung, and Lee Ki Woo. The tall visitorsare supposed toassistance the giraffe get some revenge on his fellow forged members.

Hong Jin Kyung proves her helpfulness with her long thumbs throughout thumb wrestling matches. Whilst Seo Jang Hoon used to be recruited as an athlete who may take on Kim Jong Kook, he unearths that his thumb is the weakest a section of his body. Likewise, Lee Ki Woo who seemed in a contemporary epsiode will be assisting Lee Kwang Soo this time.

Will Lee Kwang Soo be in a positionto overcome the Running Man contributors amongst his tall team? You'llin finding out when this episode airs on July 24 at 6:30 p.m. KST.

Catch up on the maximum recent episode in the meantime!

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Week in Review, 7/16 to 7/22

Week in Review, 7/16 to 7/22

20160722_seoulbeats_9_musesWeek in Review, 7/16 to 7/22Written by way of Chelsea On July 22, 201620140916_seoulbeats_gonghyojin_leejinwook1Hello, and welcome back to any other edition of SB Week in Review! Heres all of the news you might have missed:

Serious News Actor Lee Min-ki used to beprinted to had been charged with sexual attackfinal February. Regardless that the fees were dropped, and he turned into deemed innocent, the revelation payment him his role in upcoming drama Tomorrow With You.Unfortunately, the sexual assault news doesnt finish there. Actor Lee Jin-wook has also been accused of sexual assault. Whilst acknowledging that a sexual come across took place, his agency denied the rates of assault. Theyve also filed a counter suit opposed to the accuser. Meanwhile, a go back and forth ban was placed on the actor for the duration of the investigation.Kim Hyun Joong and Leave out Choi continue to combat it out in court. This week a member of his fan club was pulled into the combination afterward her testimony got herebeneathquery of perjury. It never ends.Former Trax member, Noh Min-woo lost his felonystruggle alongside SM Entertainment. After leaving the Trax, Noh was still contracted with SM for an further seventeen years. He claimed that, all over that time, the corporate made little effort to advertise him and obstructed his activities.Talking of SM contract battles, former Exo individuals Luhan and Kris finally reached a agreement with SM Entertainment relating to their petitions for contract termination. The 2 artists will remain legally under contract with SM till 2022. That doesnt mean Exo12 will be back anytime soon, it justmanner the two artists will need toproportion their profits in China with the corporateunless their contracts expire. What are your mindin this solution?

Debuts Comebacks 20160721_seoulbeats_stellar_cryingFT Island held not anything back in Take Me Now.Show Me the Moneys Microdot released Wave featuring Vixxs Ravi and Lil Boi.Hello Venus is the newestladyworkforce to hit the coastline for their summer comeback. Take a glance at the MV for Paradise.Keeping with the summer theme, Stellar were given a little wild (and violent) in Crying. Are revenge ladycommunity MVs the fad this summer?Super Juniors Zhoumi attempted to rating roughly digits in his 2d solo unencumber with Whats Your Number?Former Exo member, Tao battled himself in his newest MV for Black White.Beatwin returned with Your Girl.Heize and Dean teamed up once back for And July.Gavy NJs current MV stars Madtowns Jota.Jay Park is keeping the releases coming this summer. This week he unveiled All I Wanna Do featuring  Lilly Mae Mac.Miss As Fei debuted as a soloist this week. Theres truly no question in my brain why her unmarried is titled Fantasy, yetpossiblyrainy dream would have been more accurate.Our SM Station tune of the week is f(x)s All Mine, directed by Amber! I bet this release confirms that we truly shouldnt be expectinga set comeback this year. Teasers Announcements Former Kara member, Han Seung-yeon plans to release her first solo track I'm Her on July 25.Star King will come to an end after a a hit nine year run.Hyuna will make her first comeback following 4 Minutes marvel disbandment last month. We can expect her track on August 1, and we too canpredict a solo fact series to document her return.20151125_seoulbeats_bts_sugaBTSs Suga will drop his first combine tape in August.Are you able for the 9 Muses subunit on August 4?Show Me the Money (and No Mercy) rapper Gun will debut next week with a virtual single. Last years winner, Basik, could also be expected to pass back in August.Loen Entertainment plans to debut five Produce 101 contestants (Han Hyeri, Lee Soo Hyun, Kim So Hee, Yoon Chae Kyung, and Lee Hae In) in a temporary project girl group, I.B.I.Tablos label HIGHGRND will put out the digital single Beside Me on July 26. The track capabilities Code Kunst, Yang Dong-geun, Suran and BewhY (SMTM 5 winner). Other News After Schools Lizzy visited the contested territory of Dokdo this week for a friendly exposure stunt, entire with some patriotic Instagram posts. As expected, Japfanatics did no longer react positively.Oh My Girl came under hearth this week for their cultural appropriation for the duration of a fan assembly for Windy Day. With the center Eastern-inspired instrumentals in their latest track, fans categorisedthe crowd Curry-dols. Running with the hot nickname, Oh My Girl then carried outa canopy of Norazos Curry a track loaded with offensive stereotypes for their fans.Seungri released an apology for sound asleep with his feet up on a educate in China.NCTs Taeyong also gave a tearful apology for his habit back in center school. This isnt the primary fourth dimension hes apologized for the incident, either.A Produce 101 director raised some eyebrows when he likened the survival show to healthy porn for male viewers. While what hes announcingisn'tprecisely a new idea or fashion in media, the casualness with which he referred to the commodification of young feminine bodies for uncle fans excitement is more than a little disturbing. Being fair to either genders, he also clarified that his reasoning at the back of Boys 24 was to give porn for women, too. Mnet temporarily came out with an apology for the inappropriate choice of words.

(Naver: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15, Nate: 1 2 3, Yonhap, Insight, BizEnter, Star. Photographsby ability ofBig name Empire, Entertainment, The Entertainment  Pascal, Giant Hit Entertainment, 1st Look.)


Lee Kwang Soo Talks About How “Running Man” And “Dear My Friend” Hugely Impacted Him

Lee Kwang Soo Talks About How “Running Man” And “Dear My Friend” Hugely Impacted Him

Lee Kwang Soo Talks About How Running GuyAnd costly My Friend Hugely Impacted Himkminjungee July 22, 2016 0 Lee Kwang Soo Talks About How Running Man And Dear My Friend Hugely Impacted Him In a up to date spread with InStyle magazine, Lee Kwang Soo without problems looks masculine yet comfortable and free, befitting of the wholesetting of the photo shoot.

During the interview, he talks about his maximumfresh drama production, tvNs Dear My Friend, and reveals, As expected, theres so much one learned throughheavilygazing Kim Hye Ja, who played my mother. Despite the reality that a shot displayshandiest her feet and legs, she still acts with her total body, down to her facial expressions. I discovered that I had to paintingsmore difficult and pay attention more by myself acting.

However, the actor clarifies that he's not exceptionally greedy, no longer has he ever felt himself to be. He explains, I do think that I mustbe successful when I set my brain to something, yet I prevent at being chuffed amongst myself.

He also discusses the largequantityof love he has for SBSs Running Man, which hes been a solid member of since its conception in 2010. He just says, If I didnt stumble upon Running Man, then I dont think I may smartly be more, or maybe as happy, as I'm now.

The leisure of Lee Kwang Soos interview and photo shoot may also bediscovered in the August edition of InStyle.

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Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 9

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 9

Crisis hits the"Wanted"production when Ha Dong-min's legal professional and a member in their own workforce are abductedvia copycat criminals from the program's fan club. Episode nine takes a step back from Hyeon-woo's case to observethe results of the kind offact show, yet the kidnapper's habitthroughout this scenario acts as an extra clue in the investigation for their identity. The time to determine Ha Dong-min and Kim Woo-jin's connection to all of this approaches.

Bo-yeon's (Hyosung) kidnapping and the next halting of all show-related activities serve as a just right marker of the drama's midpoint. Except its phase in the major plot, which I may bein a position to go to in a bit, this crisis lets in the author to in shorttake onthe truth show's societal influence. I in finding the episode's use of its 3 fan club criminals very insightful, as it subverts the uneducated stereotype of a troubled adolescence automatically being a deranged crook in the making.

Advertisement A massive number of the darkness in this global hides in ordinary, well-adjusted adults and making an attemptto disclaim this frightful reality by othering criminals is most effectiveadverse to our society. In spite of the wise handling of this actual part, the impression of media is an issue too advancedfor a fast peek and hence the episode's manner feels lacking. The similar applies to the sensationalistic presentation of youngsters reenacting the show. The subject is oversimplified and there isn't any mention of parenting or society's role.

Coming back to the major story, Bo-yeon's case throws Hyeon-woo's (Park Min-soo) true kidnapper off and this finds that they aren't willing to sacrifice an blamelessuser and imaginable acquaintance. Detective Park Yeong-sik (Ji Hyeon-joon) suspects Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) and given we still have no ideathe rest approximately his beyond with Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong), he's a possibility. Yeong-gwan's (Sin Jae-ha) menacing reaction to the copycat criminals could also be suspicious to me, because a member of the police also is a possibility.

I prior to now expressed interest about one of the mostreputedly unrelated undertaking subjects. I thought Ha Dong-min's (Son Jong-hak) element ended when he failed to disclose Hye-in's secret, but his newly printed lawyer friend and perhaps he himself are immediatelyhooked up to the murders. ActorSong Yeong-gyooenters the series as a new character, but his feature voice betrays him as the only Jo Nam-cheol (Park Sang-wuk) spoke to at thetelephone before being arrested.

Now that this connection is made, I sit up for the revelation of Kim Woo-jin's (Jeong Wook-I) role in this, because he is obviouslynow not a random abusive husband. I'm hoping nosotros get to understand Dong-wook more now, but I wonder about the fate of the actuality show. If I will also be greedy, I also hope Hye-in will evolve as her morality helps to keep being challenged.

"Wanted"is directed byPark Yong-soon, written byHan Ji-wan-Iand featuresKim Ah-joong,Ji Hyeon-woo,Eom Tae-woongandPark Hae-joon.

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Drama Review 'W' Episode 2

Drama Review 'W' Episode 2

It would seem that on best of her other characteristics Yeon-joo could also be a drama critic. Pass figure. Well, is fairlynearlyeach and every real-life persona in"W"has some form ofrobust opinion about how fictional reportswill have to proceed. And Seong-moo, in conventionalnotedwriter fashion, arrogantly dismisses any perceptionthat there is a "correct" way to write a story. He needs to kill Cheol and by way of golly, he is going to prevailregardless of how manifestly contrived the procedure is.

Seong-moo is the large mystery in"W". Note how he is constantly very apparently blasas to the revelation that his webtoon has one way or the other been drawing itself, and is more aggravated at Yeon-joo's interfering with his tale than he'sshocked that she has this it sounds as if supernatural vitality at all. Seong-moo's curmudgeonly attitude in total is weirdly charming. It isinfrequentto peer fictional authors be presented as such jerks, most commonlyfor the explanation that real-life authors who write those stories try and make those thatproportion their careerappear sympathetic.

As for Yeon-joo, she remains totally bewildered. I love how Yeon-joo helps to keeplooking to think in story common sense in Cheol's internationaleven supposing these are all genuineother folks who she can see and feel. Yeon-joo is having fairlyslightly of issue explaining who she is or why she knows the things that she does. It used to bea reasonablygreat touch how we see that Cheol's world is explicitly primarily based off of the genuine one. Or at least, the portions of it Seong-moo sees on a normal basis.

Advertisement...Or does he? WriterSong Jae-jeongmakes some extent of giving us more questions than answers, and a largea section of the drama's "whaaat?" thing is that the few answers we get just result inan expanding number of elaborate questions. Given Seong-moo's godlike force over the webtoon, it does no longer lookas though Cheol can submit any kind of credible combatopposed to him. Yet come the cliffhanger, this isprecisely what Cheol has done, via a remaining line that is even more ominous than it looks.

Consider, for example, the more than onetechniques Cheol's ideataskmay also be interpreted. Is he regarding Yeon-joo? Seong-moo? The fictitious killer? The fictional audience? The real-life audience? The real-life production team? Cheol is for sure suspicious about his state of affairs in lifestyles in ways that go beyond the datawe mightbe expecting him to have as the protagonist of an insignificant genre thriller. How much he actually suspects is, as of yet, unknown.

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Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 5

Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 5

The somber note that sounded all overfinal week's episodes of"Uncontrollably Fond"was little noticed in episode 5. Simplest alongside Ji-tae, secret chaebol and Daddy Longlegs extraordinaire, did the angst verge momentarily above the surface. What rose to the skin nosotros the re-kindled pastime between Joon-yeong and No Eul and the heavy luggage of dating in the limelight.

What struck me maximum about the episode used to be how standard Joon-yeong seemed and how difficult he worked to deal with that guise. He is goingvia his day as even thoughsickness did now not lurk menacingly waiting to pitch him into throes of painful agony and drag him closer to death. Nobody yet knows of his disease and treats him as they in most cases would, which is a section ofthe explanation he helps to keep it secret. That secret keeping is costing him a courting with his very cussed and nasty mother. She has became on him because his guilt reason him to turn his back on turning into a prosecutor. I doubt she'd behave in the similar fashion if she knew he walked the trail to death's door. The relationship between this mom and son pair is wearying. Her stubbornness is uncalled for.

AdvertisementJi-tae's mother turned intoapparentlylight and unaware. This episode her moodsupplies away the reality that she knows more than she we could on. Yet what? I guesswe will see. The shattered glassware that she flung from the coffee table has to intend something. Circle of relatives is advanced every bit it will have to exist in a melodrama of the Korean variety. No Eul and her brother No Jik are close and mutually concern for every Other. In some way No Jik is more mature than his sister, caution her opposed to falling for Joon-yeong when spending time with the popular, handsome, wealthy star. We see them fuss, and also act adorably againsteach one other, which is what I used to be waiting for. Either one ofthe ones behaviors suggesta robusthousehold unit. In contrast, Ji-tae and his obsessive sister Ha-ru love every other, but are notrelatively as friendly or open.

A few bones thrown to the audience were more shirtlessKim Woo-binand a longerfunctionality of his singing. His baritone voice is rathergreat and full. Along side those we get a massive number of push and pull between the key couple, light misunderstandings between a trio of primary leads, and a long term that promises a lot more than mild misunderstanding.

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