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SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 238 Recap

SBS Entertainment Show Running Man Episode 238 Recap

We open at the SBS building, where we waste no time in meeting today’s guests aka our water fairies: actresses Kim Seo-hyung (A New Leaf, Empress Ki) and Ye Ji-won(Cantabile Tomorrow). Seo-hyung immediately brings on the laughs by striking a hilariously confident pose without saying a word. Ha, just take a look at that expression.

Ji-won also happens to be Jae-suk’s college classmate, though tries to avoid the same-year association by greeting Jae-suk as “oppa.” Then she momentarily forgets herself a second later when saying that “Jae-suk-ie” is the most popular alumnus in their year.

This week’s Water Fairy Race is to promote and create awareness of the upcoming 7th World Water Forum taking place in Daegu in April. The team breakdown is as follows: Gray (Seo-hyung, Jong-kook, Haha), Blue (Ji-won, Jae-suk, Kwang-soo) and Black (Ji-hyo, Suk-jin, Gary).

The goal is simple: our teams will take their “magical” water bottles and use it to clean the dirty water waiting for them at the finish line. Additionally, the teams will take two forms of transportation to get to Daegu.

Although Ji-hyoCo. have the latest departure time, their express bus and taxi combination appears better than the others. For instance, Seo-hyung’s team has to first take a plane down to Busan and another bus back up to Daegu. Jae-suk: “You might as well have told them to go to Jeju Island instead!

But then Ji-won and her boys don’t have it much better either: they must get off at one of the first two stops on the KTX, then take the bus the rest of the way. Ji-won: “We’ll ride there on bicycles.”

Seo-hyung is in a cheery mood in the van with her younger teammates. Married man Haha takes it upon himself to play matchmaker again, apologizing for sitting in between her and Jong-kook. When he suggests that they hold hands behind him, Seo-hyung says she’ll do it on her own, thank you very much. Hehe.

All Seo-hyung has to do is knock at Jong-kook’s heart, Haha continues. “Just say that you like him three times.” When Jong-kook tries to be polite by saying that Seo-hyung might like a different type of guy, she whips back, “Are you trying to be picky about types at your age?” Touché.

Ji-won serenades her teammates in the van with the French tune “Paroles Paroles.” It’s not long until the guys start singing along, and when she falls back to using banmal with Jae-suk, he reminds her that she called him “oppa” earlier.

They run into the train station and board the train with less than six minutes to spare. Once they find out that they’ve boarded a train headed for Busan, Ji-won is the only one excited about it: “Doesn’t that mean we get to see the ocean?” But thankfully getting off at the second stop Daejeon should put them in a good position.

Over at Gimpo airport, Jong-kook deduces that the team who has the most “magical” water in Daegu will have the advantage. A little while later, Ji-hyoCo. are satisfied that their bus ride will be a straight shot to Daegu.

On the train, Ji-won says she feels a little embarrassed about being called her given name Yoo-jung. I love how she keeps forgetting to address Jae-suk as “oppa,” even though she’s the one who started the running joke.

She then explains that Jae-suk was already a celebrity during their college days thanks to his appearance in a comedian contest back then. But she keeps tripping up over her words today, like calling the “Gag Contest” as “Gag Concert.”

Over lunch, after Jae-suk identifies that Kwang-soo’s ideal type of girl is cutesy and doll-like, Ji-won whispers that in their university days, Jae-suk used to like stick thin women. Ji-won isn’t at all shy about divulging tidbits about Jae-suk, like how she held onto the misconception for yeeearrrrsss that Jae-suk and singer Ha Soo-bin had dated in the past.

At the time, Ji-won had convinced herself that Jae-suk must’ve been a chaebol if he was dating someone as pretty as Soo-bin. Ji-won even thought that the van taking Soo-bin around was Jae-suk’s car. Then she admits that there weren’t any especially handsome fellows in their year. Jae-suk: “Because I was in the top three.”

After arriving in Busan, Seo-hyung and her boys board a bus, where she asks how Jong-kook’s speaking and singing voices could be so different. She hints that it’d be great if her boyfriend was a great singer (nudge), then asks if he likes it when the lady makes him laugh (nudge nudge).

When Jong-kook says he likes it, she gets half-annoyed that he keeps calling her noona. Hahaha. Meanwhile a traffic accident up ahead forces our express bus crew to take a detour, which might put them behind the other teams.

After Ji-won and her boys are barred from taking a taxi to the Daejeon terminal, they take a bus instead. There’s a mission waiting for them when they arrive: tip 10 soda cans so that they stand on their sides. Kwang-soo resorts to trying to smash a side in, but I have this awful feeling that it’s going to burst…

… and then it does. HA. His next brilliant idea is to try leaning the cans against one another, but that idea is quickly shot down too. Kwang-soo’s third idea is to use chewed gum as a stand, but he’s told that the cans must lean on their own.

A bystander suggests that the team consume some of the drink, then try to find a center of balance. So the trio enlists the bystanders’ help in drinking the soda, and when Kwang-soo tips the can… it stays up. Eureka!

At the Busan bus terminal, our team must transfer five onion ring chips in under a minute in order to get on the bus. The first attempt is a dud thanks to Seo-hyung and Haha trying to hook under the onion chip, but a switcharoo speeds them up enough to succeed.

Ji-hyo and her boys have less than 15 minutes to complete their mission at a rest stop. Trying to make their hard-boiled eggs stand on their own only makes them annoyed until Suk-jin’s does… and then falls over.

Things start to look bleak when the bus gives a five-minute warning, but then one by one, all three eggs are left standing.

Despite that detour, Ji-hyo and her boys are the first to arrive at the park in Daegu. Here they must successfully complete a mission to grab the car keys and drive to the final mission location. Should they fail, they’ll need to dump 100 mL of water.

Ji-hyo and her boys’ faces fall just at listening to the instructions: travel down the mat by swinging Ji-hyo around their waists and “ring” the gong with her head. Oh, all within 30 seconds. This game has failure written all over it.

As expected, Gary and Suk-jin struggle to carry out the mission. Ji-won and her boys must complete a baton relay wearing flippers within 15 seconds, which means each of them need to run around the mat in five seconds or less. And in order to do that, Jae-suk says he needs to take off his pants.

So Jae-suk strips down right then and there, arguing all the while that track and field athletes wear these because they cut down on air resistance. Gary: “Those athletes wear another layer on top of those!”

Next thing we know, Kwang-soo starts stripping too, insisting that he’s wearing super-short shorts. Dude, anyone can tell that those are boxer briefs. Gary chimes in, “Does ‘Calvin Klein’ count as an athletics brand?”

It looks like those leggings really do help as Jae-suk whips around the mat pretty speedily. So do Kwang-soo and Ji-won, but they fail by 1.31 seconds. Ji-won: “What happened? You guys stripped down, too! You may as well have kept your pants on.”

All of these missions sound sort of possible if only there wasn’t such a short time limit. But 10 seconds is all Seo-hyung and her boys have to traverse down to the finish line in a human pyramid format. When Jae-suk says he heard that Seo-hyung’s been flirting with Jong-kook all day, she smiles and says it’s no big deal. Lol.

Pairing Seo-hyung’s forwardness with Jong-kook’s hesitance towards those flirtatious advances, Ji-won starts her serenade on her guitar. As soon as the whistle blows, however, Seo-hyung slips over to Jong-kook’s back, which the group uses as joke fodder for her preference for Jong-kook.

When Seo-hyung’s team chooses the game Ji-hyo and her boys failed earlier, Gary asks if Jong-kook can’t swing Seo-hyung down the mat on his own. Jong-kook and Haha do a better job at this swing-and-pass system, though they stay in place rather than move down the mat.

That is, until the final swing and Seo-hyung yelps as she falls. Frustrated, she goes to kick Haha, and now their team is down 200 mL. Next, Ji-hyo’s team must run around the mat in ten seconds while holding soda cans between their cheeks. When Kwang-soo blocks their way by bending down and pretend to tie his shoe, the trio simply knocks him over.

Everyone is willing to play a little dirty if the staff is willing to give a green light. But that’s a no, and Ji-hyo’s team gets a do-over. And this time, they succeed and head out.

The two remaining teams face off in the 15 second flippers race. Jae-suk loses a flipper right away, which puts a pause button on the race. Seo-hyung is none to happy about the interruption, lost flipper be damned.

But when Seo-hyung slips and falls right before the finish line, her team calls for a time-out. Both teams start arguing about the rules of the game and whether Seo-hyung was actually hurt or not. For some reason, Ji-won asks Jong-kook to show off some taekwondo moves to er, appease her somehow? She’s lost me.

In any case, the teams get ready for a final showdown. And when Taek PD says the production crew will just sit back and watch, the teams cry out that the staff MUST intervene and set appropriate boundaries.

This time, Kwang-soo pulls in first, and then Ji-won rallies her teammates to celebrate with the cancan dance. In the end, our water tally is as follows: Black (800 mL), Blue (700mL), and Gray (600 mL).

Upon arriving at the final mission location, Gary relays the instructions to his teammates: collect at least one liter of “magical” water to clean the dirty water. And to do that, they’ll need to swipe some water from the other teams.

Kwang-soo notices that the Black Team keeps in step with their team, not believing that they’re still looking to find what they need to do here. Ji-won catches on that the others are trying to steal their water and confirms her suspicions when she reads the mission card on the roof.

Kwang-soo and Jae-suk notice that Jong-kook’s gone missing and are thus hesitant about heading downstairs. Kwang-soo takes one for the team and gives chase, only to be led right into the Tiger’s lair.

After insisting that he’s empty-handed, Kwang-soo yells loudly in warning to his teammates. They leave him for Jong-kook and crew to deal with him. Seeing Kwang-soo pinned down to the floor, Seo-hyung asks, “Doesn’t this [position] usually mean that he’s out?”

The Black Team decides to hide Ji-hyo among the staff while the guys head out and check in on her every five minutes. She grows nervous when the Gray Team shows up a minute later, and Jong-kook also parks himself a seat next to the staff.

Downstairs, Ji-won threatens to drop her water bottle if Gary draws any closer. And when he does, she chucks it down and everyone rushes down the stairs. It’s Gary who picks it up first; he calls for Suk-jin… who is still on his way down in the elevator. LOL.

Gary chucks the bottle away, which gets picked up by Kwang-soo, who makes a safe pass to Jae-suk. Up to the roof everyone goes, and Kwang-soo walks into the pool, threatening to pour out his bottle.

He does moments later, much to Jae-suk’s ire. Seo-hyung notices that Ji-hyo’s missing too, then Suk-jin volunteers to confront Kwang-soo in the water.

Kwang-soo runs back inside, taking the group with him. And in the meantime, Ji-hyo feels a pair of eyes on her: Jong-kook. She runs out, and her appearance alerts the others. Jong-kook looks on as the others try wrenching the bottle away from her.

Once Haha steals it, Jong-kook finally makes his move and enters the safe zone with both bottles. The Gray Team pours and mixes the water in, and just like magic, the liquid inside turns clear.

The victors are awarded gold rings for their Water Race win, to which the others joke that Jong-kook and Seo-hyung can use them as couple rings. And because no victory is complete without Seo-hyung giving us one last laugh, she strikes the same confident pose.

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SBS Entertainment Show

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 237 Recap

Via: Dramabeans

SBS Entertainment Show Running Man Episode 237 Recap

On this brisk March morning, the guys note Ji-hyo’s absence the opening, which can only mean one thing: female guests. Time to meet today’s guests: EXID’s Hani (of that addictively catchy “UpDown” song, actresses Nam Ji-hyun (What’s With This Family),Jung So-min (Big Man), and Yoon So-hee (Secret Door), rounded out by rookie idolYerin (GFriend).

With all of these beauties, Ji-hyo gets a lackluster reception. In any case, today’s Freshman Race coincides with the beginning of a new academic year (as schools in Korea start in March, as opposed to say, August or September in the States).

Then it’s time to announce our pairings: Jae-suk and Hani, Jong-kook and Ji-hyun (“You’ll go through a lot today!” “He nags a lot!”), Gary and So-min, Kwang-soo and So-hee, and Suk-jin and Yerin. Which leaves a disappointed Haha with Ji-hyo. Haha (to the staff): “Why are you all doing this to me?”

Our couples will start off by choosing an item and exchange them based on hints acquired from winning today’s mission. Whoever ends up with the right item at the end, wins. To everyone’s surprise, the ladies charge at the table to grab a item. Something tells me these girls are in to win it.

Haha adorably plays wingman to Kwang-soo, sending well-wishes to So-hee. Kwang-soo is impressed by her logical deductions, attributing it to being a KAIST student. Meanwhile, Jae-suk is understandable to Hani’s exhaustion given her rigorous schedule as in idol.

She slaps on a smile, but she’s down for the count soon enough. When she finally wakes, Jae-suk jokes, “I thought you were dead.” She even lets out a burp through the window and apologizes afterwards.

Our teams gather at gymnasium, greeted by that oh so welcoming acupuncture mat. Suk-jin and Yerin are jokingly referred to as the “Star Junior” Team for the 30-year age gap between them. Gary teases So-min for her uncommon word choice in her vocabulary, then the guys point out that So-hee fits the bill on the type of girl Kwang-woo tends to like.

Of course, that only causes Kwang-soo to flush a deeper pink. When Ji-hyun arrives, she brightly claims that Jong-kook didn’t nag in the car, but the others know that the day is still young. Kwang-soo: “Once you finish a game, that’s when the criticism starts.” Ji-hyo: “You’ll never hear the end of it if you don’t do well.”

In this first game, our guys will carry their female teammates, toss them over the hurdle, piggyback them on the acupuncture mat (ow!), bite the snack, and then finally throw and catch a ball between them. Oh, all barefoot, but we knew that would be a given.

Jong-kook is first to toss Ji-hyun over the hurdle, though he ends up slipping on the mat. Some guys have an easier time at it than the others, but Ji-hyun’s the first to bite on her snack. Jong-kook and Ji-hyun have a nice cushion of lead time whereas the mat hyungs continue to throw (and fail) to toss their teammates over.

Among the three teams trying to toss and catch the ball over and over again, it’s Gary and So-min who succeed first. When Suk-jin asks for a handicap, Kwang-soo silently attempts to raise Jong-kook’s hurdle.

Jong-kook says it needs to stay low lest the fall injures Ji-hyun, but that just strikes up an argument between the guys, all, You didn’t worry about US for the past five years.

As expected, Jong-kook takes the lead, and this time, Yerin hops over the hurdle. Ooh, smart. The remaining team fight for any ball they can see, and it’s Jae-suk and Hani who grab second place.

Kwang-soo gets called out for trying to act cool versus his dorky (but lovable) variety persona. Jong-kook and Ji-hyun take the lead for the third time in the third round, although Kwang-soo and So-hee catch up soon enough.

After a few attempts at interference, both couples throw their balls up simultaneously… and it’s Kwang-soo and So-hee who snag third place. While first and second place teams get a hint and chance to switch up love signs, our third place team can only do a switcharoo.

While Jae-suk and Hani switch items around, Suk-jin points out that the first switch is virtually meaningless since the teams have so little to go off of. Jae-suk tells him to keep quiet if he’s not in the winner’s zone.

So-min’s adorable out-of-date vocabulary shows up again when she tells Gary that she wants to “keep” their current love sign. Using their clue that a “spicy” love is better than a “gooey” one, they switch out for the hot pepper oil.

Then it’s off to the swimming pool where our teams will engage in a game that looks like a hybrid Pop-Up Pirate Game and flying chairs (the boys will insert “swords” into the numbered barrel until the ladies go flying). Our ladies have the honor of sitting in the hot seat, and the response is mixed among the guys between relief and sadness.

In a round of rock-paper-scissors, our resident Lady Luck aka Ji-hyo chooses the first two teams to play. They initially choose Jae-suk and Hani first, but a performance of the ever-catchy “UpDown” is enough to revoke that choice.

That leads to a dance-off that will determine who’ll sit in the hot seat. So-hee’s dance with Kwang-soo looks like straight out of a club, while Ji-hyun’s cute wave has the others refer to as “the model student wave.” So-min’s traditional dance (to electronica beat) has everyone bust a gut, but you gotta give her points for committing to it to the end.

Maknae Yerin gives it everything she’s got to the point that she accidently knee-kicks herself. Ouch. But as soon as a GFriend single comes on, she immediately switches to the song’s choreography… but then reverts back to her hilariously exaggerated dancing when the music changes again. LOL.

Her moves are so addictive that before long, she’s got the others doing the same. Even after all that effort, however, Jae-suk and Hani are pitted against Kwang-soo and So-hee. Jae-suk: “Do you really hate me and [Kwang-soo] that much?”

Jae-suk tries a ritualistic dance and even spews water in hopes that So-hee will go flying first. Kwang-soo’s first try is a dud, so he mirrors Jae-suk’s dance and water ritual, though this time he spits the water into Jae-suk’s face. Twice.

Both Jae-suk and Kwang-soo get through their first two attempts without incident (much to their relief) and any turn after that makes them even more nervous. With three slots remaining, Jae-suk inserts yet another knife…

… and nothing happens. Jae-suk looks like he’s about to pull something due to his building anxiety, and Kwang-soo’s jaw drops in awe. Now Jae-suk and Kwang-soo insert their last swords simultaneously… and it’s So-hee who goes flying.

No one wants to meet Jae-suk’s gaze after witnessing their potential fate. But when Jae-suk suggests that the guys race, they all rise immediately, not caring that they have to get wet and trudge through the pool in order to get back to Jae-suk first. Then when Suk-jin hugs him first, Jae-suk tells him that it’s his lucky day.

Kwang-soo chooses the unlucky number and tries to mess with Suk-jin’s head about his first choice. But Suk-jin commits, Yerin yelps… and nothing happens. Jae-suk and Suk-jin go back and forth, and at one point, Hani insists on four—though she giggles that it’d be funny if she went flying after all that insistence.

Fortunately, nothing happens. Suk-jin turns to Kwang-soo for advice, but he goes against Kwang-soo’s warning about number nine. And then pays for it when Yerin goes flying into the pool.

Jong-kook and Ji-hyun are the next pairing to go up against Jae-suk, and the number to avoid this time is three. When Jae-suk lets Jong-kook go first, Spartakooks dishes back, “Can’t I stab Jae-suk?”

Both Jae-suk and Jong-kook call out numbers until Jae-suk finally calls out three. Weknow that means Hani will be flown out of her seat and yep, into the pool she goes. Afterward, she brightly says that are falsies are still in place. Heh.

But the best is Gary, who chooses the unlucky number right at the start. He can barely believe it even after So-min is ejected from her chair. So now it’s down to Haha and Ji-hyo vs. Jong-kook and Ji-hyun, and Haha clears his first attempt.

Then Jong-kook chooses four and Ji-hyun goes flying, putting Haha and Ji-hyo in first place. Again, our top three teams are given a chance to switch items around. Jong-kook and Ji-hyun are granted a “yes/no” question, to which they ask, “Does it have anything to do with fire?” Answer: “No.”

Haha and Ji-hyo are given the chance to ask a question as well, so Haha asks what kind of “experiment” will happen at the final mission location. He’s told that it involves density. It’s information, but doesn’t really help deduce anything for them. Once they make their switch (candle wax for marbles), it can’t be undone.

So-hee makes a keen deduction in the car by noting that the water is dyed because it’s the same clear color as the corn syrup. She thinks that everyone’s items will be combined at the end, but the team that possesses the item with the lightest density will win. Smart.

While that duo is busy using their noggins, Hani snacks in her car. Her eyes go wide when she hears that the show once gave out a diamond ring as a prize. LOL, her facial expressions are the best.

The Easy Brothers and their teammates are first to arrive at their third mission, where they’ll need to climb stairs up a hill carry giant stuffed teddy bears, and their teammate will need to correctly answer a trivia question.

It sounds simple enough, but nothing is ever simple on this show. Those dolls have been sitting out in the rain, which means they’re wet and heavy. The question, however, is an entirely different manner. Suk-jin knows the 1989 song “An Ideal Woman,” but he argues, “Yerin was born in 1996!”

But while Yerin knows of the song, she doesn’t know the specific lyrics. And then by the time Suk-jin returns to the bottom, he opts for a short break before being given his next question. Ha.

While Gary knows what the lowest grade in the Korean academic grading system is, he doesn’t know what it (“ga”) stands for. Neither does So-min, who makes a guess anyway, but it’s wrong.

But So-min feels confident about her Greek mythology, and eureka! It’s correct. Suk-jin makes the sad climb up to the top, repeating his Harry Potter question to himself along the way. He’s disappointed when he learns that Yerin doesn’t know anything about the Potterverse.

Things appear to look up for Kwang-soo and So-hee, the latter of whom correctly identifies the “La Cucaracha” song as a reference to a cockroach. Kwang-soo doesn’t seem to believe her at first, but nevertheless, this means they pick up second place.

The other teams try their best to mess with Jae-suk and Hani’s brains about the “An Ideal Woman” lyrics, offering that it’s of a woman who meets “the whites of the other person’s eyes.” When Hani gets it wrong anyway, Jae-suk jokes that he knew that they wouldn’t win today from the moment she was snoring in the car.

Even with a few sageuks under her belt, trivia still isn’t one of Ji-hyo’s strengths. Asked where the hotspot for young people in the Joseon era, Gary accidentally gives away the right answer (“Apgujeong”). Only that Ji-hyo names a different place instead.

Jae-suk and Hani snag third place by answering their trivia question correctly. Poor Suk-jin hasn’t even made it down the stairs when he hears the news, and that solo shot of him standing there with a giant teddy bear is depressing yet funny. Caption: “And they say the early bird is the first to grow tired…”

Our teams gather together again for one final swap. A flashback teaches us that Jae-suk and Hani suspect that today’s mission has to do with the items’ boiling points. So following that logic, they believe that it’s either hot pepper oil or corn syrup they’re looking for. They go for the hot pepper oil.

Kwang-soo has trouble figuring out where he should best read his hint until he finally tells Taek PD that this is the first hint he’s received today. Jae-suk then takes the opportunity to taunt Kwang-soo again, saying that So-hee will end up figuring everything out on her own anyway.

At least Kwang-soo and So-hee’s hint informs them that they’re currently within the top three. While the two discuss in whispers about which item will float at the top, Suk-jin and Yerin exclaim that they haven’t once seen what the items looks like today.

Gary and So-min are informed that they’re currently in fifth place with their corn syrup item. It looks like they were tossing around the idea of density too, so as such, they take the hot pepper oil from Kwang-soo and So-hee.

Now all that’s left is to test everything in a long cylinder and see what will float at the top. Before Jae-suk can pour in his water, Jong-kook and Ji-hyun ask if they can place their marbles in first.

Suk-jin and Yerin’s peanuts fall right to the bottom, but when Kwang-soo starts pouring in the syrup, the peanuts rise to the top. Jong-kook and Ji-hyun fully expect their marbles to fall to the bottom… and so they do.

Interestingly enough, the candle wax float atop the water with the peanuts. Finally, Gary pours in the oil, hoping to take the candle wax and peanuts down. And while the peanuts slip down to the oil-water layer, the candle wax safely float at the top, making Haha and Ji-hyo our victors today.

Kwang-soo points out that So-hee figured out the game from the start and bragged about her knowledge about density, only to be outsmarted by that darn candle wax. When Suk-jin tries to insist that the lone peanut at the top qualifies as a tie, Kwang-soo fishes it out and pops it into his mouth. Eww.

Two seconds later: “Ah, it’s spicy!” Well that’s what you get for eating a hot-oiled peanut. What else did you expect? Heh.


SBS Entertainment Show

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 236 Recap

We begin with an introduction of our three teams in this Manly Man Race: our residentRunning Man guys versus Shinhwa (Eric, Min-woo, Jun Jin, Dong-wan, Hye-sung, and Andy) versus ZE:A (Lee Hoo (aka Moon Jun-young), Hwang Kwang-hee, Kim Tae-heon, Kim Dong-joon, Jung Hee-chul, Park Hyung-shik).

Even though the group has been in the biz for 17 years now, the Shinhwa boys can still bust a move. Jun Jin is as hilarious as ever, as evidenced by his suave moment in the sun turned awkward when he discovers that he’s the only one dancing. Hee.

Dong-wan outs himself as the black hole of the group, promising to deliver today anyway. And ha, the cast tries to pull Kwang-hee towards them saying that he belongs with them, the entertainers. When Kwang-soo brings up Hyung-shik’s recently ended drama What’s With This Family, Haha quips (to Kwang-soo), “You ended things with a woman too.”

Aha, so Tae-heon is also a mixed martial arts fighter (but also lost his debut match with a fractured nose, ow), and it takes a minute before the cast realizes that Jun-young is the same idol who took to Twitter to speak about unfair treatment from his agency. (In short, the series of tweets back in September quickly spiraled into a hot-button issue that has since been put to rest.)

Shinhwa’s cool “Sniper” outfits aren’t quite practical as Shinhwa members left and right get tangled up in their own buttons. Then it’s time to hear the rules: our teams will face off in a series of games and try to win the most amount of points by rolling different dice.

Depending on the outcome, it’s possible for the first and second place teams (as well as second and third) to roll the same number. So not only will our teams need to try their best, some of it is up to luck as well.

Today’s MC is none other than our beloved Miss Mung, who directs the teams to their cars before realizing she needs to hitch a ride, too. When the Running Man boys leave her high and dry, she runs to join the ZE:A boys, who are more than happy to have noona riding with them.

And then her former teammate Dong-joon tells the guys to listen up, “All of you be quiet because noona’s going to fall asleep [in the car] soon.” Ahahaha.

The ZE:A boys are the last to arrive at their first mission location and hurriedly get ready in front of their sunbaes. Kwang-hee gets called out for tossing in his shoe lift into his rubber boot before putting it on. Hehe.

Now shivering around the mud pit, our teams will split into three pairs based on ability level (high, mid, and low). Last pair standing wins a point for their team, and the first team to grab two points wins the first mission. The others get upset when Shinhwa places their strongest, Min-woo and Andy, as their “weakest” members, though if you think about it, it’s a pretty strategic choice.

The mid-level pairs are called out first, and Min-woo tells the ZE:A boys to go easy on their sunbaes. But with contenders like Gary, Jae-suk, and Hye-sung, I’m pretty sure the idols will have to be the ones to be careful.

Sure enough, the boys split and the other two teams jump on the opportunity. Jun-young gets pushed out of the pit, and so does Hyung-shik a few moments later. Jae-suk is left outnumbered 2:1 after Gary gets pushed out, and then scares off his pursuers by splashing his own face with muddy water.

As a result, Dong-wan jumps out of the pit, and Hye-sung runs before getting pushed out by a muddy Jae-suk. Kwang-soo jumping into the pit face first doesn’t quite result in the scary mudman effect, but this next battle ought to be good anyway.

I love how Eric oh-so-quietly steps away from the main brawl, then both Dong-joon and Tae-heon hoists Jong-kook up in the air together. Next thing we know, Jong-kook whirls back around to take the boys on, and Kwang-soo is the first one rolled out of the pit.

The remaining four all grab one of Jong-kook’s limbs, but Jong-kook manages to hold his ground. Min-woo steps in as a reporter covering this unbelievable event, and when they all take a quick timeout, Jae-suk says it’s faster to start eliminating each other than Jong-kook.

Jong-kook manages to convince his hoobaes to take the Shinhwa members out first, so while the boys take on Jun Jin, Jong-kook deals with Eric. And then Hye-sung calls out from the sidelines that Jong-kook and Eric should eliminate the young’uns instead. Exhausted, Jong-kook yells, “Are you guys going to keep using me [like this]?”

Desperate, Dong-joon yells, “Hyung, this is the first time [our members] have appeared on variety!” Aw, Eric forms a heart over his head. And Jong-kook decides to sit this one again. So does Eric. Hahaha.

We skip ahead to after Jun Jin is pushed out, and Jong-kook and the ZE:A boys take a breather, completely exhausted. Since this battle is going nowhere, Taek PD issues a two-minute time limit. If both Tae-heon and Dong-joon are left standing afterwards, the win will go to ZE:A.

Oh man, even the cheerleading squad from the sidelines (with chants of “Turbo! Turbo!” and lyrics from ZE:A’s single “Aftermath”) is funny-sad. Soon there’s only 30 seconds remaining and Jong-kook hoists Dong-joon up in the air. But it isn’t enough, and ZE:A picks up the hard-earned point.

After Shinhwa earns another point, the teams are tied at one point each. Eric asks what they gain by winning this game, and when he’s told that they get the best die, he asks again, “Is [winning] that die that great?”

They decide on one final match between two random members from each team: Min-woo and Dong-wan vs. Hyung-shik and Jun-young vs. Haha and Suk-jin. Jae-suk: “We’re done for!”

The Running Man and ZE:A teams form an alliance to take on Shinhwa, and it’s Hyung-shik who makes the first strike at Min-woo. The ZE:A boys work together to push Dong-wan out, then during their attempt to push Min-woo out of the pit, it’s Suk-jin who gets eliminated.

Hyung-shik gets worked up when Haha switches allies, then ultimately chooses to work alone. Watching Haha tackle Jun-young finally makes Hyung-shik yell at his former ally: “Hyung! You can’t be doing that right now!” Omg, the poor kid looks like he’s going to break down in tears at any moment.

Eventually only Haha, Min-woo, and Hyung-shik are left, and they’re so tired that they all grab each other’s faces to remind the other of the alliance they once made. But Hyung-shik gets pushed out anyway.

As Haha gets pushed up into the wall, he uses the momentum to kick off and twirl around to pin Min-woo down. That was cool. Haha then pushes Min-woo out of the pit, giving him and his team the win.

Each team throws their respective dice, and the current scores are as follows: Running Man (100), Shinhwa (70), and ZE:A (50).

Our three teams gather together again at Ewha Women’s University to face off in a test of manners. Each team’s black holes (Kwang-hee, Dong-wan, and Kwang-soo) engage in a round of rock-paper-scissors, and thanks to Kwang-soo, the Running Man Team advances automatically.

In this game of dodgeball, the men must protect their respective queens (a randomly chosen Ewha student) to the end. It’s cute how Shinhwa comes up with their own little cheer for their queen, and Dong-wan explains the rules of the game to her in English. Assuming that the members can take it from here, MC Mung moves on. Ha.

As Shinhwa and ZE:A get ready for their first match, Kwang-hee tells his teammates that they have to protect his face. Min-woo is eliminated in the first few seconds, but then gets hold of the ball from the other side of the court when Hye-sung’s attack falls short.

Distracted by Eric, who makes even the small things look cool, ZE:A’s queen gets hit by the ball, thus ending the match. And then Hee-chul gets scolded for trying to avoid the ball instead of protecting his team’s lady. Jae-suk: “You waited 6 years to be on variety, but you couldn’t last for one second?”

So we head straight for the finals with the Running Man Team vs. Shinhwa. Dong-wan grabs for the ball first, which gets passed around between the members before Andy throws… and it bounces over the line.

Haha grabs at the opportunity to attack Jun Jin, who catches the ball that gets thrown right back at the Running Man Team. But seeing as the Running Man members are doing a good job in protecting their lady, the Shinhwa boys pass around the ball in order to confuse their opponents.

It works, and Jae-suk is eliminated. Kwang-soo tries confusing the Shinhwa team on his own, but eventually the ball finds its way into Jun Jin’s hands. He shoots… and it flies past Suk-jin’s head, taking his hat off with it.

Moments later, the ball rolls out of the court and into Jae-suk’s hands. He eliminates Jun Jin, who immediately gets a chance to attack the Running Man team from the other side of the court. He misses, and a few more throws and eliminations later, Gary goes straight to attack Eric…

… who catches the ball. Nice. Only Gary and Kwang-soo are left to protect their team’s lady, and Jun Jin makes a throw that narrowly avoids the Running Man’s lady but sends a camera to the ground. Whoops.

Jong-kook eliminates Eric, then Andy is taken out not long afterwards. Min-woo and Dong-wan remain to protect their queen, and then a minute later, another one of Jun Jin’s shots hits yet another camera.

Eliminating Dong-wan leaves Min-woo as the lone bodyguard twirling around as the ball flies in different directions. But then Gary catches the ball, leaving his team’s lady in the line of fire. Min-woo extends a hand, but it’s too late.

The ladies throw the dice for their teams, and then it’s time for another score check-in: Running Man (190), Shinhwa (140), and ZE:A (100).

It’s nighttime by the time the teams pull up near the Han River in this last game that will test their loyalty. The rules are simple: the first team to climb up the incline will win, but they’ll need to climb over each other’s shoulders to reach the top.

The teams split and strategize, though it helps little in practice: Kwang-hee yelps in pain when Hyung-shik tries to climb over him, then crumbles before slipping down the slope. It turns out that even if one leans against the incline, the weight can sometimes be too much to bear. Like it is for Suk-jin, whom the team decides wouldn’t be fit for the second to lowest spot.

Then it’s time for the Human Ladder game to begin, and everyone has their game faces on. Each team get three men each on the board rather swiftly, but it isn’t until the fourth climbs up that the ones on the bottom can start to feel the weight.

While the fifth member is still climbing, Dong-joon runs up. But uh oh—the added pressure causes the ladder to crumble, and all the ZE:A boys slide off.

Jun Jin realizes that this gives his team a prime chance to win, so he runs up… but then a weak link in his team’s ladder causes him to slide back down. Unable to hold the weight any longer, the Running Man team slide off, too.

So it’s back to square one for everyone, and the teams work speedily to get four men each on the board. It really does look painful, and soon afterwards, it’s up to Jun Jin, Kwang-hee, and Haha to run up and ring that bell for their teams.

It’s Jun Jin who climbs up the ledge and rings that bell first, but Kwang-hee doesn’t give up, peeling off his gloves and socks to get a better grip. He rings the bell for the ZE:A team whereas the Running Man boys all slide back to the bottom.

Despite coming in last, the Running Man team has still got luck on their side in rolling a 60. ZE:A and Shinhwa both roll decent numbers of 70 and 90 respectively.

But this isn’t the end—our three teams climb onto platforms to await a fate left in Lady Luck’s hands: Ji-hyo’s. Aha, so the third game’s score will either be added or subtracted from the teams’ combined score from the first two games.

Nervous, Haha asks if they can press pause so he can face the possible water punishment in commando. Jun Jin: “Rocks won’t come falling out of this, right?”

Ji-hyo chooses a scroll for each team, and then it’s time to hear the results: ZE:A ends up with a total score of 170, giving them a chance to win if the other two teams are stuck with minus signs.

But the Shinhwa gets their scores added too with a plus sign, leaving them with a score of 230. And now the fate of the Running Man team can go either way.

Taek PD unravels the white scroll Haha didn’t have a good feeling about… which reveals a plus sign, bringing up the winning Running Man Team’s total to 250. Our other two teams receive their watery punishment as the victors revel in their gold.

And aww, everyone celebrates Suk-jin, Gary, and Eric’s birthdays in February, wrapping up this manly man race on a sweet note.

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SBS Entertainment Show

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 235 Recap


We start off Part 2 of this cooking battle with Haha kneading his dough for his Korean-Italian fusion dish: curry kimchi jjigae cheese sujebi. I just think it’s funny that he’s continuing to prep while talking to the camera. He adds that should they fail because of their cheesy dough, “the fault lies with Shoo.”

After a lengthy recap of our seven teams and a preview into the intense competition ahead of us, we check back in with Gary and Sung-ryung in Thailand. Sung-ryung slips into Korean in her hurried state, but she finds the coconut ice cream they’re looking for.

With that, they complete their mission, and Sung-ryung says she’s still hungry. Heh. She says in her interview that she loves the idea of eating the same street food the locals enjoy rather than hitting up a fancy restaurant.

Speaking of gourmet, Kwang-soo and Fei get to enjoy a meal prepared by a top chef. There he gets the idea of inserting kimchi into a few dim sum items, an idea that Fei agrees with. Kwang-soo can only stand nearby while Fei jots down recipes.

Somewhere deep in the mountains, Jae-suk and Jung-hoon go searching for mushrooms in order to obtain their ticket to enter the cooking arena. After an arduous 30 minutes, Jae-suk jokingly wonders if there’s a store that sells wild mushrooms nearby.

The trek is tough on the VJs too, and later Jung-hoon reflects on how tiring it was. He didn’t know they’d go that far in, and were worried that they wouldn’t have enough footage since everyone was so exhausted.

Jae-suk mirrors those words — they couldn’t record any footage of them climbing the mountain. Jung-hoon is surprised at hearing that the VJs weren’t warned about their little hike, and only one camera is left after they’ve been climbing for 90 minutes.

They have no video footage recording just how taxing this hike was for them, and they wait until the rest of the cameramen catch up. Over at Jeju Island, Ji-hyo and Taecyeon watch the sunset before trying their hand at catching cutlassfish.

It’s a rousing success for them, and they catch five in what seems like no time. We quickly check in with our other teams as they gather recipe ideas, then it’s back to the mountains with Jae-suk and Jung-hoon.

They find the mushrooms they’re looking for growing on tree branches (sang-hwangmushrooms are treated like a medicinal plant and can be consumed as a tea). Then it’s off to the cooking arena in Incheon for their competition.

In his interview, Jong-kook jokingly names himself as his rival before adding that he’s confident that his team’s dish will be enough for a second-time win. Everyone’s key ingredients are waiting for them when they arrive the next day, and Jae-suk is eager to show off his expensive mushrooms.

Our teams will be given a 100-minute time limit to prepare their dish, to which Jae-suk remarks is just enough time for Jong-kook and Seo Woo to shuck their clams. Today’s judges are an F4 of young handsome chefs, who are looking out for taste, creativity, and appeal—all of which Jae-suk claims his ingredient has.

As previously mentioned, there are five kinds of kimchis to choose from, but only two teams may choose the same type. Nearly everyone has their eye on the over-ripened kimchi, and Shoo can’t fathom the thought of not getting her first choice. Haha: “We’ll just be screwed then.”

An intense round of rock-paper-scissors determines who gets to choose first, and Shoo gets ahead of herself by calling out the shots herself. In the end, Suk-jin and Yoo Sun along with Haha and Shoo get first pick of the over-ripened kimchi.

The rest of the team pick their kimchis, then the race is on. A round of interview snippets reveal that Fei may be the best cook in this competition. Or as Haha puts it, “Why would a pro enter an amateurs’ competiton?”

We get a glimpse of Fei’s veggie chopping skills, but then Gary says in his interview that his partner Sung-ryung’s expression changed when she heard Yoo Sun’s name. Apparently Yoo Sun is quite the creative cook herself, coming up with an idea for a potato-milk-and-honey dressing concoction.

Over at Jae-suk and Jung-hoon’s station, they’re busy doing some mental math in terms of servings. Jung-hoon mentions that he indeed consulted his actress wife, who suggested that he make the buckwheat noodle soup and pair it with mushroom tea.

Gary and Sung-ryung are looking to make pad thai and tom yum soup, using the bowl borrowed from the chef in Thailand. Despite following the instructions, it must not taste the same, and Sung-ryung tries to prevent Gary from tasting their dish.

Adding their white cabbage kimchi turns out to add some depth into the broth, to their delight. Meanwhile, Jae-suk teases Jong-kook and Seo Woo at the next station, making fun of the fan mussel as a ping pong paddle. As expected, all of Jong-kook and Seo Woo’s dishes sound super-healthy, and Seo Woo says there’s a secret dish they’ll be preparing as well.

Jong-kook likens Seo Woo to the tiny clams when they require a lot of prep work. But the tables have turned in the kitchen because now Seo Woo is the one nagging him for spending too much time on the clams.

Over at his station, Taecyeon adorably gets squeamish over cutting up the cultassfish. Seeing as how Ji-hyo’s totally focused on her sauce, it’s as if this duo is working independently at separate stations. However, their choice of using kkakduki as a bed beneath their fish seems to earn some points by the judges.

There’s an hour left on the clock now, and Jong-kook is STILL working on those clams, much to Seo Woo’s annoyance. She, for one, looks pretty comfortable in the kitchen, as she prepares what looks like stuffed mushrooms.

Gary and Sung-ryung work together in synchronous harmony, and Jae-suk is busy dropping by each station to see how he can distract the others. Er, shouldn’t you be worried about your own dish right now? He delightfully reminds Jong-kook of what he said earlier about wasting the whole 100 minutes on shucking clams.

All of Yoo Sun’s ingredients are neatly arranged, while over at Kwang-soo’s station, he’s not having much luck with the dough. Somehow Fei manages to save the batch, and when Kwang-soo offers to take over from here on out, she declines. I have a feeling she’s probably going to make everything herself.

At least Kwang-soo realizes in his interview that he and making dough are not a match made in heaven, and Fei says that while she usually opposes Kwang-soo’s opinions, she feels like he trusts her.

The judges are impressed when Taecyeon gets his own charcoal grill going, though they’re wary about the curry powder covered fish burning to a crisp. That’s exactly what happens, and Taec’s derp facial expression is simply priceless.

He’s still an optimist, and he tries his hand at decorating the plate, only to fail at that, too. Awww.

Jung-hoon runs into trouble when he discovers that all the dumplings are stuck together. So he just drops the whole thing in like a big ol’ brick because… I guess he can? Hehe.

Time has truly zipped by because now there’s just 30 minutes left on the clock. Jung-hoon thinks their stew just needs to simmer, but Jae-suk asks the more important question: “What exactly did we make?”

Seo Woo has multiple pots boiling at her station, with a yet-to-be-revealed seafood dish stewing away. When Sung-ryung comes to visit, Seo Woo asks if she’s here to distract them. They haven’t got much time with ten minutes on the clock, at which point Gary takes to hacking away at a coconut.

Wow, Yoo Sun’s octopus dishes seriously look impressive, but so do many of the other dishes being prepared. All the teams are given a one-minute warning, and everyone rushes to plate their dishes. Everyone makes it in time without a moment to spare.

Now it’s up to the judges to pick the tastiest dish out of the bunch. Ji-hyo and Taecyeon are up first, and Ji-hyo explains that they braised their fish with kkakduki since they could integrate the radish into their dish. The judges comment that while the fish was fantastic, their use to integrate kimchi into the dish fell short of their expectations.

Moving on, Jae-suk and Jung-hoon’s dish isn’t perhaps the most visually appetizing, but at least it gets a laugh out of our judges. Jung-hoon takes over with the explanation of their dish, with Jae-suk agreeing along, even sneaking in a pun (as sang-hwang also means “situation”).

So when Jong-kook asks, “What do you think the situation is like now?” Jae-suk: “The worst. A dangerous situation.”

Jae-suk keeps insisting that this particular kimchi stew holds special meaning with Jung-hoon, whose father would consume this as a hangover soup. One judge asks if the dumplings have any connection to their kimchi them, to which Jae-suk replies, “They’re kimchi dumplings.” Ha.

It turns out the dumplings that spilled into the rest of the stew added to the overall taste. The chefs agree that it’s not bad, much to the others’ surprise.

Jong-kook and Seo Woo present five dishes in total to the judges, who seem impressed by her cooking skills. When asked where she learned how to cook, she momentarily stumbles over her answer of “an unni I used to live with.” Jae-suk doesn’t miss an opportunity when he sees one, asking, “Are you sure it was an unni?”

As the judges enjoy the dishes, Seo Woo clarifies that she’s currently living alone and jokes that she could invite the chefs over. She even goes as far as almost giving away her number, which is when Jong-kook says they needn’t try so hard to earn points.

But then when one judge says he’d even be willing to pay to eat these foods, Jong-kook gives away the neighborhood Seo Woo lives in.

Suk-jin isn’t so great at the explaining, though it’s hilarious when he stumbles over “dressing” for “dress.” Yoo Sun takes over, and the judges compliment their dish as well. They do add, however, that the potato drink tastes better than the main course.

Chef Heo who specializes in Thai cuisine remarks that Gary and Sung-ryung’s tom yum soup isn’t bad, although he doesn’t know what benefits the white cabbage kimchi gives. Sung-ryung: “It benefits your health.”

In fact, Sung-ryung has an answer for every concern, though she’s left flustered when she and Gary are asked if they made the ice cream for their coconut ice cream. They didn’t, and Kwang-soo holds up the container to prove it.

Shoo starts to tear up as soon as she mentions that this is her first trip on her own in eight years. Her oncoming tears startle everyone, and Haha takes over by explaining that she feels sorry for not going to Jeju Island with her family. He oddly ties that heartbreaking story back into their cooking, and then it’s time to taste their curry kimchi sujebi and shrimp nachos.

Shoo and Haha break down in happy tears when their shrimp nachos are a hit, but their curry kimchi sujebi isn’t.

All the judges have been looking forward to tasting Fei’s cooking; evidently, her reputation precedes her among the chefs in Korea, who have heard about her skills. Kwang-soo tries to add that he helped too, but the conversation soon turns back to the food.

As expected, the dishes come with compliments but with a few critical remarks as well. When it’s mentioned that some of the food is a bit dry, the others are eager to suggest their own dishes to quench his thirst.

Before the results are announced, the teams get to try each other’s foods, with compliments pouring in left and right. Then when it’s time, they told that the bottom four team’s nametags will be flipped over.

Taek PD has a slip of the tongue by calling out Jae-suk to take over as host, to which he asks, “Why? Did I not pass?”

Sure enough, Jae-suk and Jung-hoon are eliminated from the running. So are Suk-jin and Yoo Sun, as well as Ji-hyo and Taecyeon. Gary and Sung-ryung are eliminated as well, leaving three teams with a chance at winning.

Haha and Shoo snag third place, and when Kwang-soo is asked what he might do if he wins today’s golden knife, Kwang-soo points at Jae-suk. That gesture gets misinterpreted as, you know, offing Jae-suk, but Kwang-soo replies that he’d give it to him.

Between the two remaining teams, it’s Jong-kook and Seo Woo who come out on top. Jong-kook defends his title and has a new shiny golden knife to show for it.

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SBS's Entertainment

SBS's Entertainment "Running Man" Episode 232 Recap

By: Dramabeans


We start off today’s Best Friends Race with an introduction of our cast’s real-life friends in the biz. First up is Jong-kook’s buddy, singer Hong Kyung-min who recently got married in November.

Suk-jin is quick to point out that Jae-suk didn’t attend (due to a scheduling conflict), but Jae-suk says he gave a larger monetary gift to the newlyweds (a customary practice in Korea, though the amount usually depends on how close one is to the family or signifies greater social status. In this case, Jae-suk would be joking about boasting a fatter wallet, and in the end, likely gave more in apology for not being able to attend).

Anyhow, Jong-kook has some famous friends (Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae-hyun, and Jo Sung-mo, to name a few), and Kyung-min says while the viewers could anticipate that he and Jong-kook are buddies, he honestly had a hard time trying to place everyone else’s guests, all, “Who are you here for?” Ha.

Ji-hyo’s friend is actress Kim Ji-soo (Warm Words), who have known each other for the past decade as they once belonged to the same agency. They became friends over drinks, and Jong-kook remembers that Ji-soo used to be an MC back in his Turbo days.

Jae-suk busts a gut to see singer Kim Won-jun, who’s also a college classmate. Suk-jin also happens to be a mutual friend too, though he’s pulled back every time he tries to brag about their singing days.

Suk-jin’s “friend” is more like a former colleague in actress Oh Hyun-kyung (Legendary Witch) back when they were paired as MCs two decades ago. Hyun-kyung and Ji-soo hail from the same high school (Kaywon High School of Arts) — a name Jae-suk recognizes because he couldn’t snag a group blind date in his day with those students.

Hyun-kyung also knows Kwang-soo (they were former co-stars in the sitcom High Kick Through the Roof), which supports Suk-jin’s earlier statement of: “It seems like all of you are closer to her than I am!”

Brown Eyed Girl’s rapper Miryo is here as Gary’s friend, and Kwang-soo momentarily chokes to see his friend, actress Shin Da-eun (Rascal Sons). She speaks openly, mentioning that Kwang-soo seemed to think there was something going on between them in the past.

That opens a can of worms, and then she adds, “You confessed your feelings to me once.” Oho, did he now? He can’t brings himself to verbally admit it, but concedes a nod as his answer. Aww.

Lastly, Haha’s friend is MC Park Ji-yoon, to whom he refers to as “friend-sshi.” I remember the days when she was an MC with Suk-jin on Star Golden Bell, which spurs the question that Ji-yoon should’ve been paired with him instead. Hyun-kyung (to Kwang-soo): “Then YOU should have been the one to invite me!”

Today’s race is to find the bag that contains a golden key by acquiring hints after completing their mini missions. Ji-soo lights up at the thought of money and gold. Ha, just like Ji-hyo would.

Newlywed Kyung-min urges his friend Jong-kook to hurry up and get married already. When Jong-kook says he still has to focus on work, Kyung-min doesn’t buy it: “You’ve been working for the past twenty years.”

In their car, Won-jun and Jae-suk reminisce about eating street food during their school days. Won-jun admits that he auditioned to be a comedian the same year Jae-suk did; he failed the first round, but recalled seeing that Jae-suk had passed. Jae-suk remembers how over-confident he was back then, bringing up a story of how he picked his ear when receiving his participation award.

But Won-jun sweetly says even that contributed to Jae-suk’s fame now, adding that he’s the friend all their fellow classmates brag about. He’s their biggest star, Won-jun notes. Awww.

Suk-jin and Hyun-kyung arrive at the snack food restaurant first, and their politeness towards one another only solidifies how awkward they feel around each other. That’s how Won-jun and Jae-suk finds them, and everyone’s a little wary about being allowed to eat before being told what their mission is.

Comparing each other’s zodiac signs has Hyun-kyung jump to say that she and Suk-jin’s signs are compatible. Using jargon like zodiac signs and compatibility dates herself, though she also says that Suk-jin’s the only one born in the ’60s.

Both teams finish their food, only to learn that they must perform the right action while sharing their food in order to succeed. Hyun-kyung wonders if they’re supposed to share the ddukbokki à la Pepero Game style, and then immediately puts the rice cake in her mouth. And Jae-suk has to stop Suk-jin from biting the other end.

Ha, it’s pretty great how proactive and shameless Hyun-kyung is, biting into half a kimbap and immediately feeding Suk-jin the other half. Meanwhile, Kwang-soo and Da-eun get scared by a pigeon, then sit down for some bbopki (a traditional candy of caramelized sugar and baking soda).

Whereas Kwang-soo tries to set the semi-romantic mood of cutting out the shape without breaking it, Da-eun is busy at work. He says there should be a hint of nervousness and butterflies in stomach feeling in this activity, to which Da-eun basically says she feels pretty comfortable with him. LOL.

Ji-hyo and Ji-soo are surprised to receive sodas instead of the juices they ordered. Ji-hyo has to remind her unni friend not to show her back to the cameras, and tries to decipher the name of the game for clues. The Year of the Dragon ’76 friends Jong-kook and Kyung-min arrive just then, but their cups aren’t as filled as the ladies’.

They’re told to drink first, and I have a feeling that this game involves not burping for a full minute afterwards or something. But no, they’re told to order again.

The guys do a love shot upstairs, and then the ladies’ hear cackling from the first floor. Could they have gotten it right on the first try? They did, and Kyung-min can’t help but laugh at his own genius whereas Jong-kook thinks it’s because his friend drinks too much.

Elsewhere, Haha and Ji-yoon look at old photos of veteran actors, including Lee Kye-in, Shin Gu halbae, and Lee Deok-hwa. The two take a series of adorable photos together, but none are the pose they need to succeed. When their human pyramid pose doesn’t work, Haha jokes that she should be on the bottom this time.

He guesses it might be a piggyback ride, and immediately Ji-yoon offers to carry him. It turns out to be right, and omg, they look so cute. The pair receive their one character hint too and head out.

Gary and Mi-ryo stop at a stationery store and take a stab at the coin-operated toy vending machines inside. Miryo worries about using up all their cash here, but Gary says it’s too early to get truly annoyed on this show yet. But a series of capsule duds later, Miryo jokes to Gary: “Is your life a dud?”

They give up on the machines, then Gary realizes that the keyword is highlighted. Turns out finding a highlighter is the correct answer, and he and Miryo leave with a hint card.

Back at the restaurant, Jae-suk and Won-jun watch as Suk-jin and Hyun-kyung feed one another until Suk-jin concedes the last piece to his friend. That happens to be the right thing to do, and so Jae-suk and Won-jun follow suit. Then Jae-suk has to flag down Suk-jin to pay for the bill.

Meanwhile, Kyung-min guesses correctly again when he climbs onto Jong-kook’s back for a photo. Da-eun oh-so-casually completes the mission at the stationery store on her own, and by the river, Jae-suk and Won-jun along with Ji-hyo and Ji-so try their hands at bbopki.

Each pair keeps cracking their designs, and Ji-soo keeps cracking hers either with the first attempt or even before she starts. They all know that licking the sweet helps, though there is a slightly disgusting quality to it. When Ji-soo points out as much, Jae-suk says they’re freezing out here—one has to do what they must.

Won-jun is so close to cutting out his heart shape, and when Ji-soo says he won’t succeed, he asks that she set him up with someone if he does. That spurs a small exchange about whether Ji-soo doesn’t want to meet up with Won-jun sometime. She’s game and Won-jun shyly hides beneath his hood.

Won-jun succeeds anyway, and with some encouragement, he hands the candied heart to Ji-soo. And then Jae-suk breaks it in half, saying that they can put it together when they meet up next time. Aw, you just (literally) broke Won-jun’s heart!

Jae-suk and Won-jun stick around until Ji-soo completes her heart. She gives it to Won-jun in the same manner. In the car, Ji-hyo asks if Ji-soo isn’t interested in the ageless singer, and the latter does seem interested.

The other teams continue to complete their missions, and Haha and Ji-yoon realizes that the hints add up to Yeouido Park. The others pick up on the same, but Won-jun points out that the bag they’re looking for could be anywhere in the vast park.

Jong-kook and Kyung-min are the first ones to discover the bags that await them in the park, and as a reward for arriving first, are told that Bag Number 2 contains the golden key. They have the choice of either defending that bag or try and steal it away later.

Jong-kook feels that it’s better to keep the truth to themselves and chooses a different bag, so that another team can believe that they came across the real one by pure luck.

And that’s exactly how Gary and Miryo react to the bag containing the golden key. Gary says they have to keep cool—and this coming from the man whose face cannot hide the truth on his face?

On the bus, the group teases Won-jun and Ji-soo for their blossoming loveline. Haha adds fuel to the fire, saying that Hyun-kyung had mentioned that a woman needs a man. The conversation turns to Kyung-min’s blissful married life, though Jae-suk outs him by saying that the new husband asked if they don’t have a team dinner after filming wraps.

Haha turns to the camera and addresses to Kyung-min’s wife that there is no dinner, hence there will be no reason for him to stay out late. Suk-jin shushes Jong-kook for mentioning that his wife still doesn’t know what time he gets off work. Suk-jin: “I filmRunning Man for four days out of the week.”

Gary and Miryo have been trying to act cool during this entire exchange. But the others are quick to notice that they haven’t said a word. Whoops.

So everyone knows who’s in possession of the golden key by the time they reach their final mission location. Jae-suk says it definitely isn’t Ji-hyo, since she made him carry her bag. Hahaha.

Here, the bags will rotate in whichever direction the winners from each game chooses. Once the three-hour time limit is up, the teams will check their bags, and the team in possession of the golden key will become today’s victors.

First, the teams are sent out to retrieve two towels. Kwang-soo finds two right away, and then runs back with Da-eun to receive their first mission: one member will keep their head submerged underwater while the other runs up to tear off the tape from three balloons (carefully!) and run back.

Da-eun volunteers to hold her breath while Kwang-soo runs. The other teams’ remarks on how Kwang-soo is and the sound of balloons popping makes her give up.

When it’s Jae-suk and Won-jun’s turn, the others worry that Won-jun’s larger lung capacity as a singer gives him an advantage. Won-jun admits outright that there’s aheodang quality to him, then submerges his face into the water.

But then Won-jun pops right out even before Jae-suk gets to the balloons. Haha keeps popping all of the balloons he comes in contact with while Ji-yoon stays submerged. But she can hear the popping sound and then pops out herself, enraged.

Jae-suk attempts to be a source of distraction to Jong-kook, only to find him with his eyes firmly shut. Kyung-min slowly but surely gets all three balloons, then runs back down. Panicked, the others try to block him, but Kyung-min touches his teammate for the win.

Everyone else complains that the swift win denies them of the opportunity to see other actresses get a little wet. Hyun-kyung jokes that she was looking forward to showing the world her bare face, but the two winners denied her of that chance.

The staff takes their time to set up the exchange while the clock ticks away. Jong-kook and Kyung-min choose to move the bags just once over, which means Ji-hyo and Ji-soo now have the golden key.

There’s still a little less than two and a half hours remaining for their following game: Trampoline Karaoke. Jae-suk and Won-jun steal Suk-jin and Hyun-kyung’s song choice and start whooping as soon as the song starts.

Everyone gets into the song, singing and dancing together. It’s a quick win, too, as Jae-suk and Won-jun win with a 92 on their first try. Jae-suk climbs onto the railing in victory, and the Easy Brothers each pull down on his leg to bring him back to Earth. Owwww.

I certainly hope the staff has enough games lined up if the teams will succeed this easily, and Jae-suk chooses to move the bags five times so that he and Won-jun have the golden key. Now four teams know exactly who has the bag, and Won-jun has to bite down on his excitement.

We skip ahead to the two and a half hour mark, after Jae-suk and Won-jun win the third game (which honestly looks like it’d be fun). Another transfer would mean that Jong-kook would have possession of the key, which would have to be transferred again regardless of whether Jong-kook would win the next game or not. Or that’s Jae-suk’s strategy anyway.

Ji-yoon has to leave early for another schedule, and now there’s less than 25 minutes on the clock. Their next game involves jumping on that dreaded acupuncture mat to stick a hat onto the ceiling. Haha has to stick two on his own, and our guests get their first taste of the prickliness under their feet.

Won-jun thinks of jumping off the table to help him reach the ceiling. It almost works… and then he lands on the mat. Hard. Oww. The other guys follow suit, but then Gary slams his head onto the ceiling instead. Owwwwwww.

Suk-jin and Hyun-kyung end up winning the fourth game, and with fifteen minutes left, they all hurry to make another switcharoo. The bags get moved once, and they move on.

There’s just ten minutes remaining for their next game, which involves catching at least ten hula hoops by the neck from the second story within thirty seconds. Just like before, Kyung-min stays calm as he catches each hoop, but the others can’t afford to let this team win that easily, lest it gives the strongmen the opportunity to take the golden key for themselves.

Thankfully for them, the whistle blows and Kyung-min fails to catch the last hoop. At first, Hyun-kyung takes her time tossing the hula hoops, then throws them in quick succession. It’s hard to tell whether Suk-jin is trying to catch any or avoid them all, and needless to say they don’t succeed.

Suk-jin yells to his teammate that they only need to bear through three more minutes in order to win (since they have the golden key). Not if the others can help it, as they hurry to complete the game.

With one minute remaining, victory is within arm’s reach for Suk-jin. Kwang-soo and Da-eun fail, and Kyung-min and Jong-kook are ready to use those final thirty seconds to their advantage.

One by one, Kyung-min catches all ten hula hoops. But as it turns out, Jong-kook celebrated just a few seconds too early. Which means Suk-jin and Hyun-kyung snag the win and come out on top with a golden friendship.


SBS Entertainment Show

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 231 Recap

By: Dramabeans

SBS Entertainment Show Running Man Episode 231 Recap

After a lengthy recap of the success of Yoomes Bond’s first two missions, we begin Jae-suk’s latest adventure today in Muju. He’s led, blindfolded, into a secret meeting with Taek PD, which can only mean one thing in Jae-suk’s head: he’s reassuming his role ofYoomes Bond.

However, today marks the beginning of the end: Jae-suk will pass on his trademark water gun to his successor whom he’ll train today. When Jae-suk starts to protest, Taek PD simply ignores him to finish his spiel that it’s Jae-suk’s job to teach the rookie Bond all of his tips and tricks. Ack, you can’t just bring back Yoomes Bond like that and then take his title away!

Even if Jae-suk could be upset at this turn of events, he takes the news in stride. He, for one, is more worried by how his fellow cast members are too quick to notice any sign of suspicion and betrayal now. Even this morning, Ji-hyo had asked him if he was a spy today.

Jae-suk runs through the list of possible candidates, although unable to pinpoint who might walk through the door. He’s told to welcome his apprentice warmly, yet should he feel that the rookie isn’t fit for the job or puts him at great risk, Jae-suk may eliminate the recruit himself. So at least the new Bond must be Yoomes Bond-approved?

That meeting took place at 1pm, so we need to turn the clocks back to 8am to wake our still-groggy Running Man cast. Anyone else surprised that Gary actually wore clothes to bed for once?

Each of them are given a mission card that explains today Find Myself Race. They’ve currently lost their own selves, as indicated by their outlined nametags. Jae-suk wonders, “Am I a spirit?” and approaches his human VJ Kwon-ryul, and Suk-jin takes his puffy face as a sign that he really has lost himself.

Aha, so a little digging on the Internetz reveals that today’s race is very loosely based off of the Korean title of the book and movie Gone Girl. Or maybe the episode title just shares the name since the phrases “find myself” and “gone girl” don’t convey the same meaning.

Anyhow, Suk-jin chuckles in disbelief that their all-white attire is to represent that they are all currently spirits without bodies. We see Ji-hyo bring up the possibility of a spy, arguing that the movie had a big narrative twist, too. Gary seems too tired this morning to add anything to the conversation, and Jae-suk remarks that Kwang-soo would be a poor spy.

All of our cast members are blindfolded as soon as they arrive and dragged away to individual rooms. It’s there they’re told (by white-haired professors) that they must recover their own bodies before they disappear. In order to do that, they must complete a series of missions in different-level rooms that will eventually lead them to where their bodies are kept in a cryogenic state.

A helpful animation shows what needs to be done: find the right room that matches their key, complete the mission, use the acquired key to find the next room, and so on. The first person who recovers his or her own body is today’s victor.

If this race wasn’t complicated enough as it already is, our cast will be betting a gem at each mission station. Losing all five gems will mean automatic elimination. Then Jong-kook’s faceless professor hilariously wheezes and collapses to the ground after relaying the mission.

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll tackle each level by color, and Jong-kook quickly finds out that his yellow-colored key doesn’t work on any yellow-colored door.

Somehow we skip a few hours to that secret meeting between Jae-suk and Taek PD in the early afternoon—and aha, I’d wondered how the show would manage to outdo the awesome revolving wall weaponry display a few years ago. This time, Jae-suk waits behind the revolving wall to make his grand entrance to his apprentice.

Remember when Jae-suk mentioned that Kwang-soo would make a terrible spy earlier? His successor is none other than Kwang-soo himself, who grins from ear to ear upon entering the secret room.

So Jae-suk makes his dramatic (albeit jerky) entrance and makes sure to remind Kwang-soo that he is nothing until Jae-suk approves of him. “You’re just a tall… worthless-looking guy.”

Jae-suk would also like to remind him that Yoomes Bond is an iconic character in the show’s history. Kwang-soo will be firing this water gun today, Jae-suk explains, then gets annoyed when Kwang-soo asks why he’s calling him “you” like a wise sage speaking to his pupil.

Kwang-soo first test will be to eliminate the other five cast members in secret. Once he succeeds, he must complete another test before he can be rightfully acknowledged asYoomes Bond’s successor.

Jae-suk can pick up on the distrust and betrayal in Kwang-soo’s eyes right away, because what else would you expect from the Betrayal Icon? He does, however, throw in the caveat that they must both be present when Kwang-soo carries out the hit.

Jae-suk knows better than anyone that Kwang-soo’s a clumsy spy when he’s left to his own devices, which is why he’s going to teach the Giraffe everything he knows. It’s not a hero-sidekick pairing like Batman and Robin, but more like Don Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza. Or as Kwang-soo puts it: “Young-gu and Ddaeng-chil-ie.”

Meanwhile the other members are still looking for a match. When Ji-hyo says their keys will wear out at this rate, Gary automatically responds, “Like my heart?” It occurs to Suk-jin that the different colors corresponds to taekwondo belt ranks (the building they’re in belongs to the larger Taekwondo Park in Muju).

The secret room is more like a decked-out museum dedicated to Yoomes Bond. Jae-suk promises to autograph one of the photos for his recruit, who’s told to choose his weapon of choice.

Kwang-soo looks as happy as a kid on Christmas morning, and breaks the first rule of a covert operation by initially choosing a large water gun. After handing him a palm-sized one, Jae-suk shows off his ammo: a blue-ish liquid that disappears on contact. Which Jae-suk then uses as an example that these up-and-coming agents have it so easy nowadays.

Kwang-soo will also need a new code name should he pass today’s tests. Jae-suk suggests “Kwang Bool-am” (like the veteran actor Choi Bool-am), and when Jae-suk accuses his recruit for being disappointed by the name (“You think only foreign names are cool?!”), Kwang-soo backpedals and says he’ll graciously accept it when the time comes.

There’s one more finishing touch: the gold ankle bracelet. When Kwang-soo asks if he still continues his mission should Jae-suk’s cover blows wide open, Jae-suk glares back at him: “What is it that you want to do?”

Our two secret agents are off to a shaky start when Kwang-soo whispers that his gun is leaking. At the same time, Haha finally finds the right yellow-colored room. His mission is to catch five ping pong balls within 30 seconds… with a pair of tongs. How random.

Jae-suk happens to arrive just in time to watch as Haha grows increasingly annoyed by the task. As expected, Haha fails his first attempt, and Jae-suk asks if he can’t attempt this mission here in an effort to buy some time.

Not that it matters since Haha succeeds in a flash the second time around, even getting a knack for it. Jae-suk has to keep his word and is downright terrible at it. He keeps up the frustrated act until Haha leaves, then wonders where his recruit is.

Kwang Bool-am is busy talking with Suk-jin and Haha, and when Jae-suk joins them, he follows his master into the bathroom. Jae-suk whispers that he mustn’t hesitate when the opportunity is in front of him, then advises him to always keep his weapon loaded to take out his target with the first shot.

Kwang-soo is still on his training wheels when it comes to water gun elimination, asking the master to give him a signal at the opportune moment.

Gary succeeds in his Spot the Difference mission, and Jong-kook completes his Matching Game. Poor Suk-jin has to sift through hot stones to find his blue key. All four boys move on while Ji-hyo is still looking for her Yellow Zone room.

Jae-suk pulls Kwang-soo aside again for his second lesson: How to Not Arouse Suspicion. Kwang-soo’s at a disadvantage since anything he says (or doesn’t) can be used against him. So what he has to do is act like he’s following along with the mission and stop thinking about their own mission.

That’s easier said than done of course, since Kwang-soo looks pretty nervous. He’s not as nervous as Jae-suk, who’s totally on edge, wondering where his apprentice has run off to.

Jae-suk gets dragged into a 1:1 mission against Gary, where the person who withstands being tickled longer, wins. We already know that Jae-suk’s pretty ticklish, but as it turns out, Gary is too. Hahaha, I love how we hear the squeak of the recorder almost immediately.

Jae-suk squeaks at a record 0.18 seconds, but Gary manages to endure it for a second longer. Pretending to be upset, he congratulates Gary for moving on to the Red Zone.

Yoomes Bond takes a quick second to relay to Kwang-soo that they have to hurry before stepping out to talk to Suk-jin. Kwang-soo joins them moments later, acting shocked that Gary has advanced so far.

Jae-suk is called out to a 1:1 Blue Zone battle against Haha, then he suddenly breaks into girl group EXID’s “UpDown” dance. It’s really just an opportunity to call over Kwang-soo while Haha’s distracted, but when it takes Kwang-soo a seemingly forever and a day to get ready, Jae-suk turns his head, and so does Haha…

… who then twirls around to check his bag in case Jae-suk tried to steal his gems. That’s a seriously close call, and Jae-suk uses the excuse that he doesn’t have that many. Kwang-soo’s water gun is somewhere down his pants now and he can’t get it out.

Jae-suk turns to Kwang-soo to question him about the stolen gem, though his real message is this: We nearly lost our chance! Get that water gun out! You better fire it this time! With that, Jae-suk creates another opportunity for his newbie, and this time Kwang-soo fires on target.

Yoomes Bond and Kwang Bool-am make a quick getaway afterward, and Jae-suk puts his apprentice straight once more. As for Haha, he’s led by one of those white-haired professors to jail.

Ji-hyo finally gets to move on to the Blue Zone after unlocking a safe with the key inside. She runs into Kwang-soo and Jae-suk, who sees this as a prime opportunity to eliminate her.

As promised, Jae-suk gives Kwang-soo a little nudge. Kwang-soo slinks over and hits the target with his first shot… though he’s still not stealthy when it comes to stowing his weapon away. So Ji-hyo joins Haha in jail, and the latter realizes that Jae-suk must be behind this, but he doesn’t know how he was ousted.

Elsewhere, the water gun accidentally drops to the ground from Kwang-soo’s belt. Thankfully, Suk-jin doesn’t turn at the sound and Jae-suk sends his recruit another death glare. He mouths to Kwang-soo that he’ll do the deed himself and takes the water gun.

Kwang-soo manages to pin Suk-jin to the ground, allowing Jae-suk to fire at Suk-jin’s nametag. Kwang-soo even wins against Suk-jin in the wrestling match, and Big Nose Hyung is led away, none the wiser.

Which leaves Jong-kook and Gary, the two toughest opponents in the game. Kwang-soo makes sure to reload his water gun, then walks around to where Jae-suk is currently playing against Jong-kook in a tile-flipping game.

As expected, Jong-kook uses his brute strength to pick up Jae-suk while flipping the tiles (the one with the most tiles in their color after the time limit wins). It’s a pretty funny sight as Jong-kook carries Jae-suk around, then squats down to calmly flip over a tile.

If you can believe it, Jong-kook manages to flip alllll the tiles to show his color. After acquiring his red key, Jong-kook wonders where Suk-jin has disappeared off to. Oh, he’s in jail. Furthermore, Jong-kook thinks Kwang-soo’s been acting strange today too. Uh-oh.

Kwang-soo stammers his way through his answers, and the conversation thankfully cuts short when Gary appears. As Kwang-soo walks away, Jong-kook wonders, “He’s really strange. Or is he always strange?”

Jae-suk does a good job of defusing the situation, then he and Kwang-soo follow Gary and Jong-kook into the Red Zone room. Jae-suk gets yelled at for wanting to participate when he hasn’t completed his Blue Zone level yet (supposedly), then the three start their game of trying to tear off their own nametags.

And while Kwang-soo gets close, it’s Jong-kook who comes out victorious by doing the smart thing of trapping one end in between the sliding door then tearing it off. It’s certainly more effective than trying to rub a nametag off, and so Jong-kook obtains the black key. Our spies will have to hustle if they even have a chance at winning.

Seeing as we’ve got about 20 minutes left, we’re bound to get a twist soon. Jae-suk and Kwang-soo trail behind Jong-kook, who immediately catches on that something’s off. He searches Jae-suk’s pockets and checks his nametag.

Jong-kook had noticed the momentary flinch in Jae-suk’s behavior, and now both his and Gary’s suspicion radars are on high alert. Again, Jae-suk defuses the situation by lying that he was trying to steal one of Jong-kook’s gems.

So Jae-suk just asks outright for a gem since he’s running low. Jong-kook replies apologetically that they can’t just give away gems to one another, to which Jae-suk retorts: “But they said we could steal them!”

Jae-suk walks next to Jong-kook down the halls, allowing Kwang-soo to get ready. And at the opportune moment, Kwang-soo fires his gun at Jong-kook’s nametag, then runs. Jae-suk sticks around to say goodbye to Jong-kook, and the caption reads: How mad will he get later?

That was another close call for our spies, and Jae-suk asks again why Kwang-soo keeps being so hesitant. He explains that gem-stealing incident with Haha earlier aided in downplaying the encounter with Jong-kook, but the point is that they need to be careful.

Kwang-soo sneaks into a Red Zone auditorium, where he gets caught up in reenacting asYoomes Bond Caption: You must’ve been jealous at the time, weren’t you?

He has to quickly stow the gun away when Gary shows up, and thankfully Jae-suk joins them soon afterwards. In order to avoid suspicion, Jae-suk brings up how they haven’t seen their fellow cast members for a while now, and Kwang-soo starts to suspect Gary.

The trio must participate in a chair race where they literally have to scoot towards the finish line without letting their feet touch the ground. Jae-suk starts getting into a rhythm, but then Gary starts scooting sideways and gains a lead.

Kwang-soo needs to catch Gary before he can win and acquire that black key. He lunges for Gary’s chair… but Gary crosses the finish line. Once he leaves, Jae-suk asks why Kwang-soo didn’t fire at Gary, only to hear the excuse that his water gun is leaky.

The truth is that Kwang-soo used up all his ammo while playing Bond, and Jae-suk sighs in frustration. Jae-suk has had enough and quietly gripes that he would’ve already finished the mission half an hour ago. At least Jae-suk won’t abandon his recruit, even though he adds the warning: “The moment you waver, you’ll die.”

Meanwhile Gary opens up a Black Zone room, where he’ll have to memorize a sequence of steps from start to finish. The order flashes on and off pretty quick, but Gary get about six steps in before getting it wrong.

Jae-suk and Kwang-soo search the building until they find Gary, who’s still trying to figure out his board. With no time to waste, Kwang-soo takes out the water gun and is just about to fire… when Jae-suk falls into one of the squares.

But the chaos only makes Gary more flustered and Kwang-soo takes the next opportunity to fire his water gun and eliminate Gary. It’s a total mess as squares break through left and right and Gary yelps, thinking that he’s won.

Gary thanks them for helping him out, but they’re the ones thanking him… and that’s when Gary finally sees the water gun. Gary: “Again?!”

All that’s left is Kwang-soo’s final test before he can be named a true secret agent. Kwang-soo’s told to rip off Jae-suk’s nametag, and then he’s given a choice: either fire at Jae-suk’s nametag and assume his role as the new Bond…

… but even before Jae-suk gets to the other choice, Kwang-soo reaches for the water gun. Hahaha. The other choice is to not fire at Jae-suk’s nametag, and they’ll go forth as a spy duo. It’s a test of trust and respect for the teacher who taught him everything, and still Kwang-soo makes for the water gun.

Jae-suk tells Kwang-soo to think it through (several times, ha), then hands him the gun. Will Kwang-soo make a name for himself and walk the road alone or continue down this path with the master? Jae-suk: “I trust your judgment.” Kwang-soo: “I don’t wish forYoomes Bond to disappear.”

… Then Kwang-soo shoots, but the water shoots back at his face. HA, this was Jae-suk’s doing, wasn’t it? The answer is yes — 30 minutes ago, Jae-suk picked up that water gun himself to test Kwang-soo’s loyalty.

As expected, Kwang-soo chose to betray him, a choice that totally backfired on him. Not only did his betrayal cost Kwang-soo a super-cool code name, but also the win. Which is why Yoomes Bond will live on now and for all the days to come.


SBS Entertainment Show

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 229 Recap

By: Dramabeans

SBS Entertainment Show Running Man Episode 229 Recap

It’s a blustery cold morning as Day 2 breaks in Incheon. Prior to the opening, Seung-gi meets with Taek PD alone to receive his own secret mission: eliminate Chae-won and the Running Man cast members undetected. “This smells of betrayal,” Seung-gi breathes.

He’s at a clear disadvantage since the cast members know every in and out of nametag ripping in their four and a half year experience—thus, his special guest will be helping him out today. Enter Lee Seo-jin affectionately known as Seojinnie, whose first words are, “Why are there so many cameras in here?” and then “I really didn’t want to come.”

Not thrilled about having to physically exert himself, Seo-jin shifts all the responsibility to Seung-gi: “…you run,” “…you rip off their nametags.” He’s already aware that Jong-kook isn’t easy to take down, adding, “Just tear my nametag off first.”

They’re given a heads-up about the opening mission that will keep the other eight occupied; should they complete this nametag mission, they’ll acquire a special bonus. Catch is, they must both be present for any eliminations to count. Seung-gi to Seo-jin: “Hyung, I think you’ll have to do some running.” Seo-jin: “Are you out to make me hurl?”

They’ll have to be extra careful since any bit of suspicion will count against them. Seung-gi wonders if he should pull the members aside in a room to get the job done, and Seo-jin says that’s where he’ll be waiting. Hahaha.

The official opening takes place half an hour later, and while the atmosphere is warm and lively despite the cold, we see Seo-jin (who’d been all grumpy about this mission) keeping close watch in the lobby.

Seung-gi tries to keep his reactions in check as the others receive their opening mission to find the hidden cards and use them to figure out a puzzle. It sounds pretty mathy, and when Chae-won inadvertently knocks knees with Jae-suk in an effort to copy his comic “Let’s go!” pose, the guys congregate around her to check if she’s okay.

It appears the others have already read the news about Seo-jin’s guest appearance today, much to Seung-gi’s surprise. His voice falters as he searches for a good explanation, and Taek PD swoops in to answer that Seo-jin will be joining them later since he’ll be coming straight from the airport.

Seung-gi plays dumb at the half-truth (apparently Seo-jin was traveling overseas; he just came in earlier than the others think), and those words are legit enough for the others.

With that, they head out, and Seung-gi hangs back to text Seo-jin that he’ll be bringing in people soon. The response? “I got it, so let’s finish this up quickly so we can go and eat.” Ha.

Ji-hyo finds a number card right away and so do a few others. Seung-gi is in total panic mode and he’ll have to hurry if he even has a chance of completing this mission. Of course, Seo-jin has no idea as he yawns in boredom-jet-lag.

As soon as Jong-kook disappears, Seung-gi draws attention to Seo-jin’s presence to Kwang-soo. Our giraffe steps inside to say hello, which is when Seung-gi rips off his nametag. It doesn’t even register to Kwang-soo that he’s been eliminated at first, as he’s told to take a seat.

It’s only when Seo-jin matter-of-factly tells him that he’s here to yunno, oust everyone in a nametag mission does Kwang-soo realize that Seo-jin and Seung-gi are in cahoots with each other. Kwang-soo points out that their separate mission is meaningless then, to which Seo-jin says he couldn’t care less about that.

Chae-won fortuitously walks into the same room a little later. She’s startled to see her actor sunbae casually sitting there, and has a belated response to her nametag getting torn off. When Kwang-soo teases her for being super dense just now, she returns, “…what about you, Oppa?” Ha, true—she certainly has a point there.

Seo-jin is encouraged to move to a different location, since it’s only a matter of time until the others catch on and suspect. Chae-won worries that Seo-jin won’t get any airtime at this rate, but that’s honestly the least of his worries: “I don’t want to be on air. I have no selfish desire [for airtime] on this show.” Pfft, how is everything that comes out of his mouth so hilariously grumpy?

Chae-won: “We have to promote our movie, go on.” Seo-jin: “I’m a special guest! Why would I promote anything?”

Interestingly, Chae-won makes sure both Seung-gi and Se-jin have left before talking to Kwang-soo in hushed whispers. What’s more curious is that Suk-jin points out how flustered Seung-gi looked earlier, and looks up to see Kwang-soo and Chae-won signal that they’re both eliminated. Oooh, there’s another secret mission, isn’t there?

Two hours earlier. The Running Man cast and Chae-won are told of Seung-gi and Seo-jin’s spy mission, which elicit a laugh out of the all-too experienced Jong-kook: “How embarrassing.” Their mission is to be eliminated without arousing suspicion, and in practice, it also takes a few awkward seconds for Chae-won to realize that she’s already been eliminated.

Ha, so that explains why Kwang-soo had to stifle his laughter, remembering how her reaction was a beat too late then too. It actually makes this mission a lot more amusing as Jong-kook points out Seung-gi’s odd behavior.

Our experienced cast has already caught on to the idea that the “spies” are pulling them aside one by one, so they decide to humor their guests. Jae-suk heads up as the sacrificial lamb, playing his part to a T in front of Seo-jin.

I love how Jae-suk calls Seo-jin “Three Meals Hyung” (a reference to the just-completed cooking variety show Three Meals A Day) and again, Seo-jin says matter-of-factly that he’s just doing as he’s told.

Haha’s surprised reaction is spot-on, as well as Ji-hyo’s. She remarks on how Seo-jin gives off airs like a man born of privilege—someone who doesn’t like getting sweaty or the cold. He wouldn’t be the least bit sorry if someone else is freezing next to him, rather boasting about the many layers he’d wear to keep warm.

Now only Gary and Jong-kook remain, and the two barely get to work out a strategy before they’re approached by Seung-gi and Seo-jin. Gary makes a deliberate show of stepping aside, and Seung-gi’s doesn’t pick up on why.

So while our spies think that they’re being covert, our cast finds their behavior just plain funny. Seung-gi’s practically giggling with “victory” so close at hand and Gary runs around for him before pretending to be scared to greet Seo-jin.

Seo-jin goes ahead to rip off Gary’s nametag, saying that they can go and eat now. “So you eliminated me like this because you wanted to eat?” Gary asks.

Seung-gi is totally pleased with himself, thinking that he was an admirable spy. Gary lets him believe it, and it’s only when the eight are declared the winners does Seung-gi believe the truth. “I knew it was too easy!”

Seo-jin’s face is neither excited nor disappointed, just, So what? Then it’s time to announce teams, and Seo-jin looks super uncomfortable despite Jae-suk’s insistence that they’re friendly. The Today’s Love costars are paired together, and then Seo-jin gripes over the overacting between Kwang-soo and Jong-kook.

Haha isn’t all that excited to be teamed up with Suk-jin, and lastly the Monday Couple are paired off together.

All of our couples are given small pouches to wear for today’s Couple Race. Seo-jin looks even more hilarious when he wears his off-the-shoulder instead of like a crossbody, but he’s most uncomfortable about Jae-suk’s constant efforts to look chummy together.

There are 15 pairs of different number and operation cards randomly divided among our five couples. The team that gets rid of all their cards the fastest at the final mission station will be declared today’s victors. In order to that, the top three teams from each games may trade cards with other teams to create pairs which in turn will cancel the other out.

Everyone heads out and the Haha-Suk-jin couple stop Jae-suk and Seo-jin to share a name acrostic: “Hey there. Seojinnie. We really love you!” Seo-jin just tells Jae-suk to drive away, and Haha remarks that Seo-jin really didn’t enjoy it.

In his car, Jae-suk offers to return the favor to Haha, an idea Seo-jin flatly turns down. But they end up pulling up to Haha and Suk-jin’s car and Jae-suk starts, “Hahaha,” then nudges Seo-jin. He ends up yelling, “Don’t do that!” (the phrase “Hajimah“). Heh, a perfect fit.

Once they all gather at the ocean shore, our teams are informed of their first game: My Love Piggyback Ride. Here, one person will crawl under a net, jump to grab a sandal in a pouch and climb onto their teammate’s back. From there they’ll be carried and must successfully kick the shoe into a basket.

The first place team that completes this mission needn’t participate any further (in this game). Jae-suk tries that line to appease Seo-jin, who then whispers at him to go be their runner. Hahaha, he really doesn’t want to work up a sweat if he can help it.

I do realize that a viewer who’s not familiar with Seo-jin’s grumpiness that Korea now knows him for (from Grandpa Over Flowers) could possibly find him off-putting. Despite his outwardly crankiness, he’s already shown that he works hard once he decides to do so. He doesn’t, however, seem to enjoy the acrostic of his name any better when Jae-suk repeats it.

Haha crawls through the net first—when he plucks off another team’s pouch, he cleverly tosses it far away. He tries again, but his short stature works against him. Seung-gi and Chae-won are the first ones to kick their sandal… that lands inches in front of them.

All the couples try to kick their sandals in, and Ji-hyo gets pretty close… until Seo-jin interferes and kicks it out. That’s a pretty accurate interference attempt—look who wants to win now. But Jong-kook and Kwang-soo are the first ones to succeed.

Chae-won and Suk-jin cheer their teammates on (“I’ll treat you to a meal!” “I’ll buy you a house!”) which spurs Jae-suk to ask for some encouraging words. “Do a good job, do a good job,” Seo-jin returns.

Since Haha is too short to reach his pouch, he tosses a shoe at it. That’s smart, and the others copy that same method. And as expected, Seung-gi lives up to his heodang status by overshooting his first shoe, then the second wraps the pouch around the pole even further. LOL, what luck.

The Monday Couple nearly gets their sandal into the basket. They try again and snag second place. Jae-suk has to remind Seo-jin of their promises to switch places for this upcoming round, and when Seo-jin threatens to leave, Kwang-soo envelops him in a backhug. Aww.

Jae-suk has had enough of Seo-jin’s prickly personality, finally letting his pent-up rage burst: “Who’s the one that casted him?!” All arrows point to Seung-gi, who’s flanked on both sides by men in their forties.

Jae-suk momentarily slips up by calling Seung-gi as Seung-jin (a combo of Seung-gi and Seo-jin), blaming the mix-up on his frustrations at Seo-jin. Seo-jin get called out for not looking like he’s ready to run, and then when the whistle blows, he moves at a pace of a brisk walk.

It’s great how the captions would like to point out that this is the first time Seo-jin is crawling under a net on a variety show. He knocks down the pouch, and Jae-suk promises to get it on the first tray. He doesn’t, and Seo-jin immediately drops him.

In the time Jae-suk outs Seo-jin for his peeved state, the young’uns score third place. First place gets to switch two cards while second and third places can exchange one. While the teams are busy going back and forth about their stash, Seo-jin tells them to just get it over with already.

Jong-kook and Kwang-soo are overtly pleased to end up with a pair that third place Chae-won gives them. So the Monday Couple attempt to break up that pair, only to fail in doing so.

Kwang-soo inadvertently ends up giving up a card that helps out Jae-suk and Seo-jin, but unlike the tight hug between the Tiger and Giraffe, Seo-jin just pushes his teammate away, uncomfortable by the proximity. Another switch still has Seo-jin and Jae-suk end up with one pair anyway.

In the car, Jae-suk says that Seo-jin’s poker face confused everyone else. But Seo-jin isn’t all that interested in winning today (or so he says), wondering what all the fuss is about in exchanging some cards.

Kwang-soo deduces that the other team must have another 7, judging from their expressions from when they both received and lost that card. Kwang-soo passes by Haha’s car, saying that he doesn’t see Suk-jin. Eep, they didn’t leave him behind, did they? HA, nope—he’s just snoring peacefully in the car.

So it appears that Seo-jin and Ji-hyo are former costars from the historical dramaGyebaek. When she gets teased for something she allegedly said back then, Ji-hyo threatens to out his secrets. Unperturbed, Seo-jin counters, “Who do you think will have more secrets—you or me?”

Jae-suk takes it upon himself to invite Seo-jin’s niece to watch them film. Aw, she’s a fan of Kwang-soo’s. Seo-jin finally cracks a smile in front of his niece.

This second game is entitled Lovey Dovey Backhug, where they’ll have 60 seconds to move five of a selected object while handling large poles in a backhug position. Jae-suk and Seo-jin are up first with plastic shower seats, and it almost looks like Seo-jin is enjoying himself.

But when the seats keep slipping out of his grasp, Seo-jin resorts to pushing the seats under the table. They manage to get one before time is up. Haha and Suk-jin are worse off with having to deal with lipsticks, but at least Suk-jin keeps a smile on his face despite his growing annoyance. Caption: My name is Big Nose. I’m a man who doesn’t know what it means to give up.

And that when the tide starts to turn because Suk-jin gets a good grip on the lipsticks as the others cheer him on. Although he gets all five on the table, he’s way over the time-limit. Seung-gi is chosen to take the lead after some back and forth, though the others doubt that he’ll do a good job.

To their surprise, he picks it up, his face totally focused. At the last moment, Chae-won feigns a fainting spell to try and be funny; I feel like intentional humor just doesn’t land the same way unexpected variety moments do, and she’s fortunate(?) enough to fall back onto the ground moments later.

Switching places doesn’t help, and when none of the other couples succeed, it’s back to Jae-suk and Seo-jin. They pick another relatively easy item (pots) and the others are quick to point out the competitive and focused look in Seo-jin’s eyes.

Seo-jin kicks Kwang-soo away when the latter attempts to interfere. And despite Kwang-soo’s efforts, Seo-jin and Jae-suk succeed. Seung-gi and Chae-won grab second place, and Kwang-soo tries to put a positive spin on their item: lipstick.

Suk-jin offers some advice from the sidelines—not that they need it because the pair succeed in moving all five mere seconds before time is up. Suk-jin stays positive, though, telling the viewers that today’s just not his day and they can tune in next week.

Jong-kook is displeased with the card he and Kwang-soo acquire from Seung-gi and Chae-won. The latter two end up with a pair after their switch, and the others catch a nervous-looking Seo-jin trying to sneak a peek. Jae-suk, however, is pleased by the Bo-chun Hyung (an abbreviation of “Dimples Angel,”) and does a good job preserving his delight at getting another pair.

Taek PD announces that two couples have a matching pair and that one couple has two pairs. In their respective cars, Jong-kook and Kwang-soo believe that they’re tied with Seung-gi and Chae-won, and the Monday Couple guess that the team that’s gotten the most chance at switching cards — Jae-suk and Seo-jin — are currently the ones in first place.

Jae-suk and Seo-jin take a trip down memory lane by listening to ’90s club hits. Seo-jin says their generation refer to the nightclubs in their day as “night” with their rock and blues music while the young’uns go to “clubs” with their electro dance music.

Our teams arrive at their final mission location, where they’re told to hand over their matching cards and yell “Clear!” Jong-kook asks if they have to, and Kwang-soo requests a nice CG effect to accompany it.

Jae-suk makes Seo-jin redo the action when the latter tosses his cards in. Kwang-soo and Jong-kook get the CGI smoke effect they’re looking for and wonder where their cards have gone.

Here, our teams will be ripping off the numbers or signs of operation they need to create a match, exchanging it for another card. Those matches will only be acknowledged if they place both cards and announce the particular card “cleared.” Again, the team that clears all their cards the fastest, wins.

Seung-gi and Chae-won circle around the Monday Couple, who try to keep their own numbers hidden. It turns out the Monday Couple is a primary target for Jong-kook as well, and when Ji-hyo asks if she has something Chae-won wants, Chae-won cries that she didn’t even get to see yet.

Seung-gi tries to sneak up on Gary and Ji-hyo, only to find himself targeted by Jong-kook.Spartakooks grabs the number he needs. Elsewhere, Jae-suk finds himself trying to fight off Suk-jin and Haha alone (because Seo-jin is sitting around somewhere else).

Haha rips off the 5 off Jae-suk’s back to get the first match, leaving Jae-suk with a division sign. Seo-jin lets out a dry laugh when he hears that he must enter the arena now. He saunters down the room, stopping to comment when Jong-kook runs down the escalator to catch someone: “He’ll win, I guess.”

He peeks around the corner to see Chae-won lying on her back (to protect her numbers) and somehow sits back down to remark how the kids are running around for nothing. Ha.

After Jae-suk fails in grabbing the 4 on Chae-won’s back, they’re joined by a few others who realize that the 4 is the last card Jae-suk needs. She manages to get away. Not too far off, Seo-jin is targeted by Haha and Seung-gi—his attempt to pull rank is futile in this 2:1 attack and gets his 4 card taken away by Haha.

Now Seung-gi has reason to go after Haha and tries to employ Seo-jin’s help. Seo-jin walks away, all, You guys figure it out.

He and Jae-suk approach Jong-kook and Kwang-soo and break up into 1:1 battles. The others use this distraction as an opportunity to attack one another, and then Jae-suk grabs the division sign he and Seo-jin need for the win.

Once everyone gathers together again, Jong-kook points out that Seo-jin didn’t join in with his teammate to dramatically “clear” their last card. Seo-jin isn’t interested in sticking around for the closing, but gets dragged back to do it.

He raises his arm without making the sound effect, and then says a dull “clear,” to Jae-suk’s disappointment. He gets wrangled to at least do the booming aftereffect, and then takes his gold ring prize. In fact, he swipes Jae-suk’s portion, pocketing one and giving the other to Chae-won.

The others tell Seung-gi that he can come collect his goal next time, to which Seung-gi jokes: “Give me my backlog of gold.” After he and Chae-won offer some final words, Seo-jin says he didn’t like this show already, but now “I hate it even more.” I’d say those dimples of yours appear betray those words, good sir.


"Running Man" Episode 227 Recap

By: Dramabeans

Running Man Episode 227 Recap

Our cast is looking spiffy this morning as they’re asked to share their most memorable moments of 2014. Jong-kook says he and Haha just returned from their U.S. Tour (they stopped by New York City and Dallas, TX), and when the question turns to Ji-hyo, Gary answers for her: “Me?”

Ji-hyo says Gary had suggested that they try dating for a month (for the show, of course!), and then there’s an intro reel for their guest: Ryu Hyun-jin, joining them for the Foreigner Club Race today. In the spirit of nine innings, our cast has just nine hours to complete their missions.

Although of course, they take this to mean that filming will end in nine hours’ time, and joke that they should go out to eat afterwards. In truth, there is a final mission, which means our cast members must complete their tasks in order to look forward to a present later on.

Their first mission is to get Hyun-jin to say an assigned phrase (written below delicious steamed buns) within fifteen minutes, word-for-word. Some statements are harder than others, like Gary’s “I’m really, really cute,” or Jae-suk’s relatively simple “hyung, don’t touch me.”

But Suk-jin has the hardest one of them all: “Ryu Hyun-jin is a pitching monster.” How is one to get a guy talking about himself in the third-person. There’s a punishment for the one who comes in last—stuck without a jacket in these below-freezing temperatures.

So they’re off to find Hyun-jin, and thankfully they only have to head into a nearby building. After learning where Hyun-jin is, Kwang-soo tries passing off generalized directions to Jong-kook two seconds after he announces what floor their guest is on. So they all travel up as a group together—apart from Jae-suk, who’s already climbing up the stairs.

They all rush in to greet Hyun-jin in his office, bombarding him with compliments and food. Needless to say he’s pretty confused and draws away from Jae-suk who picks his nose and tries to touch him with that finger. And then Haha puts that finger back into Jae-suk’s own mouth.

Even in the frenzy, Hyun-jin is pretty quick on the uptake to realize that there’ssomething going on, if only the cast members would let him think for a moment. But what our cast doesn’t have is time because they’re already drawing near the ten-minute mark.

Kwang-soo tries telling Hyun-jin how upset he is (in order to get him to say, “Are you mad at me?”), though Hyun-jin replies that he did try calling—it’s just that Kwang-soo didn’t pick up. Haha (to Kwang-soo): “Are you nuts?!”

Ji-hyo takes a stab at her own mission, though the others are no help since they’re busy trying to fish for their own statements. Haha drops a huge hint by ending his sentence with “–rong,” to which Hyun-jin replies something-but-not necessarily in kind.

Jae-suk’s efforts pay off when Hyun-jin guesses his phrase first, and Hyun-jin teases Haha some more before correctly guessing his next. There’s less than four minutes left on the clock now, and the others line up for their turn.

Hyun-jin guesses Kwang-soo’s adorable peeved act by the two-minute mark, leaving theMonday Couple to try and drop more hints. Unfortunately, they run out of time, which means they go jacket-less—something Gary sees as an opportunity to get close to Ji-hyo.

Another guest will be joining the line-up today: Kang Jung-ho who currently is the shortstop for the Nexen Heroes, but heading to the MLB soon. Aw, that’s nice of Hyun-jin to give a fellow player a chance to appear on this show like he once did.

Our resident strongman Jong-kook does look pint-size standing next to these two pro baseball players, as Jae-suk is quick to point out. Today’s filming is the day Jung-ho will find out which team will win the bidding process, though I’m sure it’s safe to say now that the Pittsburgh Pirates are looking to negotiate a contract with him.

Our group must choose between two locations for their training, but beware—choosing the wrong destination means doubling back and wasting valuable time. It’s either Korea University or Dongduk Women’s University, and the obvious choice is the latter for the guys.

That is for everyone, except Jung-ho, who thinks they should be going to Korea University instead. In the car, he admits to being an avid Running Man viewer himself, adding that he wanted to be part of the Superpower Baseball Match, but he wasn’t quite as up-and-coming as Hyun-jin was then.

Hyun-jin shares a little bit of Suzy’s visit to LA to throw the first pitch at an LA Dodgers game back in May. Evidently his teammate Yasiel Puig was super friendly from the start, which Hyun-jin says may have left Suzy pretty flustered.

They finally arrive at Dongguk University, only to learn that no one on campus heard news about filming on campus. Also, the students are on break. So they pile back into the car, and after initially blaming Kwang-soo, Hyun-jin admits that he just wanted to stop by a women’s university for once.

A fan recognizes Jung-ho, who whips his head around to wave hello, which makes for great fodder to tease the pro major-leaguer-to-be. They arrive at Korea University about a half hour later with seven hours left on the clock.

A talking baseball informs them of the first step in their training that tests their teamwork. Here they must each find someone of the opposite sex with a surname of one of the characters that make up our guests’ names. The problem is finding the super rare last name “Ho.”

I love how they all cheer for Jong-kook to be stuck with the dreaded “Ho” character, though he ends up with Jin. Hyun-jin draws his own surname “Ryu” and tries to argue that the similar “Yoo” works, too. The others are quick to shut that down, especially Jae-suk… who also draws a “Ryu.”

With that, everyone disperses and although Haha has trouble finding someone with his uncommon last name, even Jung-ho has trouble finding anyone with the more common “Jung.”

It looks like the Monday Couple has hit jackpot in a roomful of students, only to hear that they’re high-schoolers, not university students. Jae-suk tries pleading with the staff after finding someone with the surname Yoo, though he’s reminded that he was the one who wanted to stick to the rules.

Hyun-jin almost seems to be in luck when one of the student’s classmates happen to be a Ryu. But that friend turns out to be a guy, which is no good. So close, and yet so far. Hyun-jin busts a gut when he overhears a student blurting out that there’s a Ryu in Sweden.

Kwang-soo momentarily interrupts a lecture to find a female student with the surname Hyun, and Gary luckily finds a female student by the name of Kang. Slowly but surely, our cast members find the students they need one by one, and Jung-ho’s student mistakes him for a movie star.

Soon enough, both Jae-suk and Hyun-jin find their students too, and then it’s time to introduce the students. Suk-jin takes keen interest in how the female Kang is involved in the stocks clubs (“Let’s meet up later”), and then speaks in Spanish to the one studying Western LanguageCulture.

The male Kang is a self-professed bookworm who enjoys spending time in the library, though Ji-hyo caught him playing games on his phone. Seeing how pretty Hyun-jin’s partner is, Jae-suk sends both silent and verbal hints that they look good together: “How do you like LA?” (The student, however, is taken.)

Here, our nine couples must jump together and rack up at least 150 jumps. Completing the task in fewer attempts will result in a better hint, and Gary adds six jumps before slipping up. Unfortunately Kwang-soo’s attempt to be considerate but slow doesn’t add any jumps to the board.

Jung-ho seems pretty confident about putting up some numbers, only to whip the rope against his partner. LOL. You and your bravado are most welcome here.

Haha seems to have found a good partner, jumping in sync even though his mic falls to add 27 jumps. Then Jae-suk and his partner surpass that record by adding another 49 jumps.

When Suk-jin’s partner keeps her eyes on the rope, Suk-jin says that she won’t look at him. Her recent break-up mentioned during the intros, Jae-suk asks, “Does he resemble your ex-boyfriend?”

They get caught up on the first skip, and Ji-hyo gets two skips in before accidentally wrapping her partner with the jump rope. Hyun-jin gets a good start, but then trips up, thus using up their first attempt.

So they decide to be more strategic and push the weaker jumpers to the front. When Kwang-soo and Jung-ho try moving to the end of the line, they get pushed back. Suk-jin and his partner surprisingly pick up 14 jumps, though Ji-hyo’s nervous teammate trips up on his second jump.

Kwang-soo’s slow jump gets him and his partner shunted to the front. This time Jung-ho vows to put 50 on the board, which Hyun-min just cackles amusingly at. Jung-ho gets one speedy jump in.

After five teams, the total is still at 24. Haha calls Gary’s teammate stubborn for insisting on jumping with heel boots (though he makes sure to relay to her that he was merely joking). But when she trips up right away, Haha explodes, “Take them off!”

And then Haha finds it utterly ridiculous when Jong-kook tells his teammate to jump like he isn’t even there. “How can she that? You’re staring right at her face!” Jong-kook doesn’t even get past the first jump which puts him at the front of the line, too.

That leaves the remaining two couples to complete at least 60 jumps each. Haha and his teammate rack up 42 jumps, which leaves Jae-suk and his partner with the remaining 84 jumps. Needless to say, they don’t come close.

So it’s back to square one for their third attempt. Although Kwang-soo gets teased for his puke-green-colored socks, it looks like the quick practice paid off—this time, he and his partner clock in 39 jumps.

Gary’s partner finally takes off those heel boot which pleases Haha, and later on when Suk-jin only gets two jumps, he blames everyone for not counting out loud. Jae-suk points out that the only thing Jung-ho says is “are you ready?” so he encourages Jung-ho’s shy partner to grab onto the baseball player’s jacket.

Surprisingly, it seems to help, as the pair puts in 64 jumps alone. Things are looking good with a present total of 139 jumps, and Haha and his partner cleanly finish out the remaining jumps. Again, they must choose between two locations—a bowling alley or a gymnasium—with less than four hours to go.

Since Jung-ho was right the first time, they leave the decision to him in the car, to which the baseball player replies they should head over to the gymnasium.

It seems like Hyun-jin’s a bit jealous by the shower of praise Jung-ho’s getting from the cast, defending the idea that he has to stay fit as a pitcher. Jung-ho labels Hyun-jin as more of a natural talent whereas he’s a product of hard work, and when he admits how that does annoy him sometimes, Hyun-jin tells him to quit the pity act already.

Jung-ho says while it might seem like he doesn’t work all that hard to the other teams, the Nexen Heroes acknowledge that he does. Hyun-jin chimes in that they’re in the same boat then, but then Jung-ho replies that he asked Hyun-jin’s former team (the Hanhwa Eagles) already and they didn’t agree.

There’s an R flag waiting for them at the gymnasium, and once they’ve changed, our group gathers together again at the pool for a round of Human Bowling.

The rules are simple: our members will become human bowling ball to knock down the giant pins. Seven or more strikes will get them the best hint available. I’m just amused at seeing everyone in their skin-tight outfits—is it the shockingly white color or the neon orange pants? Whatever it is, it’s hilarious.

In fact, Jae-suk has trouble climbing back on, so Kwang-soo slides down to help… only to fall into the water with him. Hee. He helps Jae-suk out a second time, but then pushes him back into the water.

Jong-kook starts things off with a lucky strike, and then Jae-suk slicks his hair back with an 80:20 part. He slides into the pins head-first at top speed, which oowwwww. Still, I’ll have to say it’s Kwang-soo’s “gutter ball” that has me in giggles as he slides off the lane and into the water. And the slo-mo replay is just fantastic.

Apparently this slicked back hairstyles is going to be a running gag, as Haha’s styling looks just like his brief stint as Gary Oldman in the alien special. He makes sure to twist his body at the right second, but only manages to knock down nine pins. Caption: His body was a bit short…

Suk-jin gets a clean strike using both arms, and a little later, Jung-ho follows up with a powerful strike. Then it’s Hyun-jin’s turn, and I’ll laugh if he ends up just falling into the water.

He gets a perfect strike, and now our cast must choose between three baseball stadiums. Hyun-jin immediately chooses the one in Mokdong, which is the home of the Nexen Heroes. With less than an hour left on the clock, they grow nervous as they pull up to the stadium. Could they have been wrong?

But the R flag indicates that they’ve got the right place, although the dark baseball field makes them nervous once more. It’s then the lights come up and the cast is greeted by a group of Wondong Junior High School students.

It turns out that these 46 students are the entire student body—their school face threats of closing down when the student population dwindled to a mere 20 students. However, the baseball team went on to win the national baseball champions two years in a row, and it was their wish to meet Hyun-jin and Jung-ho in person. Aww.

Both Hyun-jin and Jung-ho offer some warm, encouraging words to the kids, and Jung-ho adds that he hopes the students will become products of hard work. Heh. It’s a meaningful experience for both cast and students alike, and they all huddle in for a group photo.

And if that’s how we ring out 2014, it looks like 2015 will start with a bang: Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won will come to play next week.


"Running Man" Episode 226 Recap

By: Dramabeans

We start off this Christmas special by introducing our three guests who are here to promote their upcoming film How to Steal a Dog: actress Kang Hye-jung, Chunderella—… I mean, Lee Chun-hee and Korea’s “Mother” Kim Hye-ja.

We’ve seen Chun-hee here on this show before, although this would be a rare, if not first variety appearance for Hye-ja. If the preview clips are any indication, she ought to be a hoot and game for anything. Always a good indication in my book.

Anyhow, Hye-ja has such beautiful sparkling eyes that just pull you in, and a soft voice that still commands your attention. She’s adorably worn sneakers for today’s appearance, too, and Kwang-soo makes his first misstep by suggesting the veteran actress wears sneakers all the time. I love how Haha whispers, “You’ve met her for the first time today…”

Jae-suk recalls Hye-jung as the wife of his insect cousin, Tablo aka the bush cricket (If I recall, Tablo appeared in the radio show special on Infinite Challenge). And of course, Chun-hee is best known as the original klutz.

Hye-ja recognizes Ji-hyo as co-stars on Goong, remarking on how pretty she was then. When Jong-kook tries to play off the statement (“She was pretty then,”), Hye-ja firmly clarifies that Ji-hyo’s still pretty.

She’s definitely witty—at Haha’s mention that he thought that she and veteran actor Choi Bool-am were a real-life couple back in the day, she returns, “Your words are so old-fashioned.” Lol.

It’s sweet how she asks if she has to run at all today, wondering if she only has to talk her way through today. She seems rather excited about nametag ripping, although she gets confused again when Kwang-soo says she’ll end up in jail if her nametag is ripped off.

In today’s Santa Lottery Race, everyone will work collectively as one team. They’ll draw a ball after each round—succeeding the mission will provide an advantage and failing will provide a disadvantage. And on this joyous special, it sounds like there are big prizes on the line.

I love how Hye-ja waves her hand to indicate the difference between us (the cast) vs. them (the staff). And then Kwang-soo slips up again by referring to the staff as “bad guys.”

Aw, the Christmas animations are adorable. For their first game, they must find items scattered throughout the place and return to complete their mission. Right off the bat, they must find the animal masks and take a group selfie.

The group runs to find a mask for eldest Hye-ja first, though she’s eager to help out and find some more. She asks the VJ for help, and they’ve got less than a minute left once everyone has found a mask. Gary trickles in last, and they all squuueeeezzze together for a photo.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s faces show up in the photo. Hye-ja jokingly asks what took Gary so long. Hahaha.

Next up, the group must find R-stickered items that weigh over a total of 150 kg. But some of the items (e.g. toilet paper, a jug of water) seem rather light, and Chun-hee carries what looks like a heavy blanket. Does that have a R sticker on it?

Hye-ja feels bad about not finding anything, but the other ladies have got her covered. Hye-jung flies down the hall with a planter, and it must be because she’s a mom ’cause she’s incredibly strong, too.

They weigh each of their findings, and Kwang-soo comes yelling that Jong-kook is carrying a person. He means a mannequin, of which the staff surprisingly knows its weight already. Still, you have to give them points for pressing down on the lay figure as if it weighs more than it does.

Unfortunately, their total weight is well below the limit. When Haha gives Kwang-soo flack for not bringing back something heavy enough, Hye-ja points out that Haha didn’t either.

So it’s onto the next round, where the cast will break into pairs and toss dice that make up two-digit numbers. Each pair must roll a number that exceed the pair before them, so basically if anyone “rolls” a 66, they’re done for.

They decide to pair up the unlucky ones together (Chun-hee, Kwang-soo, Jae-suk, and Suk-jin), and there’s this long argument of what order those unlucky couples should roll. Then they decide to pair each Very Unlucky with a Just Unlucky to counterbalance the effect.

That’s how Jae-suk and Chun-hee and the Easy Brothers are paired together. Suk-jin somehow gets the idea that taking the elevator is faster, and then he and Kwang-soo run into Hye-ja, who’s already found a die. So they decide on a practice roll, though Hye-ja just makes the die land on her favored number. Heh.

What’s even better is that she practically throws down her die when they’re all gathered together again so it lands on 1. Too bad it lands on 5, but they hurry so that she can toss again. It lands on 1, and so does Jong-kook’s.

Hye-jung and Ji-hyo get a 25, but then Gary and Haha get a 54. Pointed out as the unluckiest one by Hye-ja, Kwang-soo rolls a 1. He gets chewed out for tossing his die, and he takes it back, calling it a moment to let out his anger.

The pressure’s on for Jae-suk when his teammate gets a 4. He lands a 6, which means the Easy Brothers must roll a 65 or 66. Kwang-soo gets the first 6, and now they need the other one… only that Suk-jin rolls a 1. Aw, that won’t do.

Adding salt to injury, he tosses the die twice for kicks, only for those to both land on 6. Now they’re down to their last attempt, where the cast must find hula-hoops and last for more than three seconds.

Hye-ja is too embarrassed to try and hula hoop in front of everyone. She’s adorably terrible at it too, and even hits herself by accident when twirling the hoop on her arm. They all succeed by a hair, and then run to the lottery zone. It’s cute how Haha and Hye-jung exchange high fives for arriving first (thanking their speediness for having young kids).

Again, the group will have a chance after every round to draw balls towards a seven figure number with a top prize of 9,990,000 won (about 9,990 USD). They’ll start off in the ten thousandth won place (increments of 10 USD) and draw an 8. That’s 80,000 won (80 USD), which isn’t a bad start.

Hye-ja sticks by Jae-suk’s side while they walk towards their next mission. Here, they’ll be playing Bingo Quiz, where they must answer nine consecutive correctly to get a bingo. Some sneaky glances are exchanged, and when Gary is asked what he wants for Christmas, Hye-ja perks up, thinking that the dog Gary is here.

Ha, it turns out that the dog in the movie is also named Gary. What are the chances? Chun-hee mentions that he’d like a laptop, to which Hye-ja asks almost pitifully, “… you don’t have one?”

Just before the game begins, there are some more suspicious glances. Ji-hyo gets her trivia question correct right off the bat—pretty specifically at that, which sets off my suspicion radar. Seeing as Hye-ja is placed last in line, is the cast playing a bit of 1 vs. 9 Hidden Camera with her?

Even Jong-kook gets his question correct and everyone else’s affected reaction and praise is mighty suspicious. Sure enough, we rewind to two hours before the opening where everyone expect Hye-ja is told of the secret mission.

They must make sure that Hye-ja doesn’t catch on or guess the correct answer. Furthermore, they must answer their own questions correctly, lest they fail in this mission. So they get to studying, and Hye-jung admits that Hye-ja likely won’t know any of these answers like a series six-cylinder engine.

Kwang-soo and Jong-kook joke that Hye-ja could have a surprisingly keen interest in cars or sports, but what they need is a plan. Haha gets upset when he doesn’t get heard (“Whodoesn’t have a brain here?”) which sparks a bickering round with Jae-suk.

Kwang-soo gets confused on the rules for their mission, but he isn’t alone because Chun-hee doesn’t know what’s going on either. Jae-suk: “You didn’t know on Family Outing and you don’t know now. When do you wanna know?”

As they study the 81 answers, all I’m thinking is why don’t they decide on a few lines and an order and memorize the answers in that line? Chun-hee looks like he’s legitimately studying, and Jae-suk points out that everyone’s grouchiness suggests that no one likes studying in the first place.

Thankfully, Suk-jin comes up with that very idea. So Haha presents the questions in their rehearsal that looks remarkably like the real thing. Everyone studies on their way to their opening, even writing little cheat sheets on their arms and fingers.

Hahaha, they were even sneaking glances of their sheets whilst Taek PD was introducing the bingo game. With that, we pick back up on the present, where Hye-ja looks amazed by everyone’s knowledge banks. Caption: “To be honest, these guys don’t really know, either.”

Her eyes grow wide as more of the members answer correctly, but the we land on Suk-jin, whose panicked expression suggests that he’s forgotten his answer. He remembers, and I must say it’s pretty funny watching everyone give very specific answers, like Kwang-soo replying that a 25-year-old ginseng from Jirisan is the best.

Gary rattles off his answer, and then it’s up to (or is it down to) Hye-ja. Following their plan to make the question super difficult, Haha tosses out phrases that barely string together. Hye-ja runs out of time to answer and she sweetly says she wouldn’t have known the answer anyway.

Hye-ja remains optimistic though, and the group places her in front of the line. That’s still a part of their plan, and Chun-hee is thrown in to explain the questions. If only he could explain the first one because he stands there staring at the card for a good twenty seconds.

Getting impatient, Hye-ja tells him to skip the formalities, but Chun-hee keeps stumbling over his words. He resorts to just making noises, and then uses these pained facial expressions to indicate syllables. The others yell that he’s horrible at explaining, and either that’s true or Chun-hee’s just really could about making this look real.

So naturally Chun-hee runs out of time, and even Hye-ja admits that the answer was way too hard. If you only knew that that was the point. She pulls Chun-hee aside to whisper that doing it this way is what makes it entertaining on TV.

It’s a comment that has him freeze up, but thankfully Hye-ja is talking about the difficulty of the questions. Phew.

In their next round, Hye-jung rattles off the questions so quickly that you can hardly tell what she’s asking. Nevertheless, the members keep answering correctly, and I swear there’s a little swag in how Gary answers “hybrid anti-aging cream.”

Haha has forgotten his answer, so he bends down to check his cheat sheet right out of Hye-ja’s view. Then it’s back to Hye-ja, who has to guess a standing air conditioner and heater. Hye-jung tries to buy some time and remains vague, but then Hye-ja guesses, “standing air conditioner?” Er oh.

It turns out the crew had practiced with a PD beforehand, though they worried that Hye-ja might be able to guess. To their luck, they run out of time. With one attempt left, Suk-jin remarks that “we’re almost there,” a phrase that sparks Hye-ja’s curiosity once more. Whoops.

Thankfully, Hye-ja doesn’t dwell on the moment and now it’s up to Kwang-soo to bring it home. He gets confused and explains the wrong question at first, much to Ji-hyo’s confusion.

Despite the others putting him back on track, Kwang-soo’s still pretty frazzled. Both Chun-hee and Hye-jung fall to their knees, dying of laughter. Confused about what a buckled cot bed is, Kwang-soo says it’s something from the Joseon era. Thankfully, Jong-kook has his back and points him in the right direction.

I’m seriously starting to think that Kwang-soo’s explanations make no sense, forcing the cast to do this backwards way of feeding him the explanation in their answers. Seeing how everyone gets their answers right ought to raise some suspicious eyebrows, but bascially Hye-ja looks on with an amazed expression her on face.

They run out of time just as Hye-ja steps up again, which means they fail the bingo game but succeed in their secret mission. They all get down on their knees in apology like misbehaved children, showing her their cheat sheets and scribbles.

Through it all, Hye-ja honestly believed that the cast was just that smart and happy that they succeeded in their own mission. That makes them feel even worse, and yet she says, “But it’s entertaining!” Aw, that’s sweet. And then with a wide smile she says she won’t ever be fooled again.

As expected of the unlucky one, Suk-jin draws a 1, bringing their total to 180,000 won (or 180 USD). And as always, Hye-ja says that’s quite all right because life doesn’t always go your way.

For their final mission, Hye-ja must succeed lest the other nine face punishment: a downpour of flour. Here she must send a text message within 30 seconds and it won’t be easy because she’ll need to be exact with adding emoticons and the like. It would be a great twist if Hye-ja is well-versed in the smartphone age.

She is, as she confidently tells Taek PD that she texts all the time. However, she admits that she doesn’t use specific punctuation like commas in her text messages (…and neither do I, I’ve realized).

Still, her thumb’s pretty quick in typing out the characters. She runs out of time for the first round, and down comes the first shower of flour. And although the cast doesn’t mind getting floured upon again and encourages her to relax, they remind her not to relax toomuch since there’s money on the line.

The next text just contains characters, and I’m impressed at how quick Hye-ja is. She has one word left in the final five seconds… and finishes with one second to spare. Woot!

Now they have one last chance at the lottery (with an extra 9 ball tossed in), and Taek PD reminds them that the worst-case scenario would be to draw a 0. Hye-ja squeals with excitement… and it’s a 6, bringing up the total to 6.18 million won, a solid number.

And for this festive occasion, the prized money will be donated to less fortunate children under Hye-ja, Chun-hee, and Hye-jung’s names. Hye-ja offers some final words expressing her happiness to be a part of today’s episode, and then Kwang-soo asks if she could re-enact one of her famous catchphrases for them.

So she rips off Jong-kook’s nametag and says with a wide smile: “This is what I’m talking about!”


Korean Entertainment Show

Korean Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 225 Recap

By: Dramabeans

We open with a solemn-looking Kim Woo-bin (♥) asking someone off-screen if he wants to hear about a big deal that’s about to go down tonight. It involves a noble, ancient script, and he wants to swipe it for themselves. Does he want in?

“Yeah,” a stone-faced Kwang-soo flatly replies. That response has Woo-bin momentarily break character, then resumes to explain today’s “special” elimination method for their spy mission: find blank nametags and write the others’ names on them. None of the others will understand how they’ve been ousted.

After some affected praise about how dignified this method is compared to the traditional system of nametag-elimination, Woo-bin says they’ll be given an implement for their secret mission if they win the other mission today. “Like a pen?” Kwang-soo asks.

Ha, even the production crew is surprised by Kwang-soo’s deduction skills today, given their murmurings. Kwang-soo swears that he’ll break his variety image and impress with his brains today.

Now we get a rundown on our other technicians in this field: human opener Jae-suk, who can open any lock or door using flour, retina scan master Suk-jin (who puts in a contact lens through his lens-less glasses, hee), human tank Jong-kook, who uses his brute strength.

I love how Kwang-soo cracks up at this moment: “So Jong-kook isn’t anything special.” Ha, nope—just your everyday brawny Spartakooks. Moonlight Monday Couple, Gary and Ji-hyo, are exceptional climbers… on a green screen.

Then there’s bomb expert Haha, and last but not least the master of concealment Kwang-soo, who shows off his skills by lying on a table in plain sight when someone walks by. Kwang-soo shows off his skills by flying past just then, and both he and Woo-bin insist that their past babo image is just an act.

With their umpteenth hug, the two seal the deal. And then Woo-bin asks, “…where do we go now?” Oh, these heodangs.

Today’s official opening takes place one hour later, and this is going to sound weird, but I wouldn’t mind opening my safe to find Kim Woo-bin and Lee Hyun-woo inside. It probably goes without saying that these two are here to promote their upcoming film Con Artists.

Has it really been a year and a half since Hyun-woo’s last RM visit? It must be, and then it’s time to announce teams: Black (Woo-bin, Kwang-soo, and Jae-suk (the latter of whom coins themselves the “handsome trio”) versus Blue (Hyun-woo and SpartAce) versus Red (Haha, Suk-jin, and Gary).

Entitled ‘The Technicians Race,’ our cast must located an ancient script—the same one Woo-bin and Kwang-soo are looking for. The others also have the same opportunity to acquire a handy tool to find that script by winning today’s mini-missions.

In a quick flashback, Kwang-soo says that their third team member will be totally fooled today. Cut to: Jae-suk, who asks outright if Kwang-soo’s a spy. Woo-bin plays along so that the moment passes.

Our teams gather at Myung-dong for their first mission: a member from each team must hang on a high bar until their teammates complete their mission. The first team to strike the bell to finish will receive a hint and move on.

Everyone is rarin’ to go, and the first mission is a coffee run with verrry specific preferences. Thinking of their greater mission at hand, Woo-bin wraps his legs around Suk-jin for support. So does Jong-kook, and all Taek PD says that falling off the bar results in elimination.

While Jae-suk and Kwang-soo run a good distance looking for a coffee shop, the other two teams discover the closest one. Ji-hyo and Hyun-woo recite their order in verbatim, and Gary and Haha whisper to the cashier if their drink can come out first.

Unfortunately Jae-suk and Kwang-soo leave with a hot drink instead of iced, hurrying back to Woo-bin. Ji-hyo and Hyun-woo believe they’re in first place, only to see Jong-kook on the ground. It looks like Suk-jin’s the only one still hanging on, but then Taek PD confirms that all three teams failed.

It turns out Woo-bin’s dragged both Suk-jin and Jong-kook down, and then slipped off not too long afterwards. And then they had Suk-jin jump back onto the bar. Heh.

The teams will have to pick up the pace, and as soon as the next round starts (find someone whose nationality exceeds three syllables in Korean), they start yelling in English, “Where are you from?”

Kwang-soo and Woo-bin keep running into tourists who are from two-syllable countries (when translated into Korean), but then eventually run back with someone from Bajamia? That’s not a country, Kwang-soo.

Too bad Jae-suk has already fallen, and Kwang-soo belatedly learns that his new friend is from Belgium instead. Despite finding someone from Singapore, the Red Team fails too because Suk-jin had fallen off moments before they rang the bell.

So it’s onto Round 3, and while the others are away, Hyun-woo adorable squeals when Woo-bin wraps his legs around him. Hyun-woo hangs on for a good long while until he finally falls off.

While Hyun-woo and Suk-jin try to convince Woo-bin to come down already, his teammates are busy buying a packed lunch. They seem pretty far away, but Woo-bin manages to hang on until Kwang-soo and Jae-suk make it back and secure their win.

They open up their hint in the car—it’s a bagful of writing implements. I wonder if we’ll keep seeing that same opening conversation throughout the episode, but Kwang-soo is surprised to find that he guessed right.

Their second mission is a staredown contest, and Haha tests Kwang-soo’s claim that he hasn’t blinked in the past twelve years with a sudden fist towards his face. Kwang-soo blinks. Hehehe. Haha: “Today must be the first in twelve years.”

Jae-suk shares a story of how Jong-kook’s small eyes give him an advantage, because there was a time on the plane when a stewardess covered him with a blanket while he was watching a movie, thinking he was asleep.

Kwang-soo puts an end to Haha and Jae-suk’s bickering about who’s uglier between them by saying they’re both ugly. Haha (to Jae-suk): “You should remain silent about your ugliness, like Gary does!” Gary’s all, Why’re you dragging me into this?!

Both Haha and Jong-kook wear similarly scary-looking stares, and it isn’t long before both start tearing up. Haha blinks first, and Jong-kook comes at him about the question he asked during the game (“Do you like Yoon Eun-hye or Moon Geun-young better?”).

Jae-suk brings up the concept of a “squid” puzzle, which is basically compiling a group of good-looking men in the edges, and the one unfortunate man stuck in the middle is the squid. The results are pretty funny, and then Jae-suk asks the resident squid-of-the-day Kwang-soo to speak.

Gary looks like he’s going to break right at the start, so he desperately calls out Yoon Eun-hye’s name, which causes Jong-kook to blink.

Then it’s the Monday Couple’s turn, and hahahaha—they start making kissy faces at each other. Gary’s the one to blush though, and then Ji-hyo ups the ante by licking her lips seductively. HAHAHA, this is great.

Ji-hyo blinks at least twice afterwards, but this exchange is too funny to cut away from because Gary legit cannot handle himself. But Ji-hyo gets caught the last time, giving Gary the win.

So the Red Team move on to take on the Black Team, the latter of whom take up their pens for a makeover. But two can play at this game and Suk-jin asks for some tape. Omg, they start taping up Suk-jin’s entire body from head to crotch. And yes, you read that sentence correctly.

It honestly looks like Suk-jin has a wedgie, but Jae-suk won’t lose as he tapes up his face. THIS is what variety is all about—it’s going to be fantastic, innit?

OH. MY. GOD. It’s even better than words. I… I… honestly don’t know how to describe this. Jae-suk ends up losing the battle due to pain.

Aw, it’s too bad that both the show and the cast are trying to preserve Woo-bin’s star image today, because we all know it’s a helluva lot funnier when an actor will throw that right out the door (Exhibit A: Jung Woo-sung). But to Woo-bin’s credit, he asks for his face to be taped up, even giving them ideas.

Then at the reveal, Woo-bin goes for it, rolling his eyes backwards to make himself look even stranger. Gary ends up losing. The Black Team wins after another round (picking up more hints), and Kwang-soo jokes that his whole family played this game together earlier. The winner? His mom.

Then it’s to their final mission location where everyone is separated and it’s every man or woman for themselves. They change back into their original black attire, then told of the mission: Find the Ancient Script.

In order to do that, our cast members must search the place for clues (parchment papers) and find the script. Only one name can be written inside, and that person will be the winner. Great secrets are hidden within the hints, which can be stolen away from each other.

Of course Woo-bin and Kwang-soo are well-aware of this mission, but this name-writing mission has a catch: They’ll need to eliminate the other seven cast members, but each nametag corresponds to a certain type of pen. Only by matching these together will they be able to oust the others, and getting it wrong (i.e., writing a name with the wrong pen) will result in their own elimination.

Kwang-soo notices that the word “pen” is written differently, and he wonders if it’s the calligraphy pen in his pocket. It is. Eureka!

Kwang-soo makes sure to tuck that calligraphy pen away before pulling Jong-kook aside later to show him the caseful of pens. A smiling Hyun-woo joins them and his aegyo attempts at trying to get Kwang-soo to open the case are downright adorable.

Even though this is an individual mission, Jong-kook and Kwang-soo convince Hyun-woo that three is a perfect number for an alliance. Aww, Hyun-woo just eats it up excitedly, and Jong-kook warns Kwang-soo against betraying them.

Woo-bin meets up with Kwang-soo after discovering a blank nametag. After reiterating the warning that they run the risk of their own elimination, Kwang-soo tells Woo-bin to try first. He isn’t readily willing to give up information, and when Woo-bin asks why they have to use a calligraphy pen, Kwang-soo sighs, asking if he has to teach him everything.

Kwang-soo offers him a tip: hide the calligraphy pens, but leave the others in the open to confuse the others. A little while later, Kwang-soo tattletales on Jae-suk to Jong-kook, claiming that the grasshopper wanted to steal his case.

Hyun-woo places a hand to Jae-suk’s arm in warning, only to remove it seconds later. Jae-suk is offended being treated this way by his former teammate, giving him a mini-slap in return.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyo discovers a scroll informing her that there’s a spy among them. She’s mighty cautious around Woo-bin, offering that they exchange hints. Once they do, Woo-bin realizes that the parchment scrolls let on about their secret mission. Looks who’s going to have to get a move on.

Woo-bin discovers another blank nametag, in a different color this time, then steps back out to meet Haha and Ji-hyo. As expected, they think the pens Woo-bin has on his person are the pens they need. After distributing bogus pens, Woo-bin’s figured it out: the colors corresponds to the color of the cast member’s buttons.

Wow, that’s super specific, but it turns out to be true, as both Haha and Ji-hyo’s shirts have different-colored buttons. So Jae-suk is wearing green buttons and Jong-kook is wearing red.

It just so happens that Woo-bin has found a blank nametag with a red border already. He writes Jong-kook’s name, and moments later, the speakers blare his elimination.

Haha suspects Kwang-soo, and it’s then he reads his scroll to discover that he must eliminate the spy to learn of the ancient script’s location. The clue doesn’t specify how, but it confirms that spies are afoot.

Suk-jin has discovered the same clue, and so Jae-suk decides to have some fun by checking their surroundings and writing Suk-jin’s name on his palm. Suk-jin does the same, and both argue that the protagonist (meaning themselves) can’t be eliminated so easily.

Elsewhere, Kwang-soo writes down Ji-hyo’s name to eliminate her. She hands over the case to Gary, telling him to remember that there’s a spy among them and not to go wandering around. Our spies’ clues add up to the following so far: “The star…”

Now everyone knows about the spy, but none know how to eliminate them. Until Jae-suk finds a scroll describing how, that is: find the colored nametag that corresponds with the spy to write their name down and eliminate them.

It doesn’t take long for Jae-suk to realize that the spy has the same mission, running around trying to eliminate them via the same method. That’s how Jong-kook was eliminated. Smart, smart.

Haha finds a blank blue-colored nametag (Gary’s), and elsewhere, Hyun-woo shows off a sky-colored nametag to Woo-bin. Little does Hyun-woo know that he’s holding his own elimination in his hands, and Woo-bin quickly checks their surroundings.

Aww, Hyun-woo is so wonderfully naive with the biggest smile on his face, so proud of himself. He doesn’t even mind Woo-bin writing his name on it… until his own elimination is announced. Aw man, I actually feel kinda bad for him.

Unfortunately for our spies, Jae-suk has caught the tail-end of this exchange, and Woo-bin claims that Hyun-woo wrote in his own name. Jae-suk is still suspicious though, and Kwang-soo whispers that they have to eliminate Jae-suk ASAP.

Haha finally figures out the colored buttons-nametag connection and hears Suk-jin’s elimination moments later. It seems Kwang-soo wrote down Suk-jin’s name in secret, and when Woo-bin asks if they’re also at risk, Kwang-soo says no…

…though their black and white buttons indicate yes, their nametags are out in the open, too. Woo-bin casts a suspicious eye on Kwang-soo.

Haha discovers another hint scroll that indicate “baduk” (the pieces are black and white). After sifting through the case, he realizes that Kwang-soo’s pen is the only one that works. So he turns out Kwang-soo’s pockets and takes a handful.

He hands off a pen to Kwang-soo upon his request, but seeing as Kwang-soo asks for one more, Haha deduces that the calligraphy pen must be the one. He starts running with Kwang-soo hot on his tail, then a little later, Jae-suk is eliminated.

Now it’s down to Woo-bin and Kwang-soo vs. Haha and Gary, the last of whom has yet to figure out the rules of the game. Gary shows him a nametag he’s been hiding in his cap—it’s yellow, aka Haha’s. Aw, it’s cute how Gary’s like, “Did I do well?” With a little kiss, Haha tells him: “Yeah, you did.”

Haha hands over Gary’s nametag to him, and elsewhere, Kwang-soo deduces that the others must have one nametag on their person. So Kwang-soo and Woo-bin approach Haha and Gary, to find a nametag.

Haha runs off, allowing our spies to pin Gary to the ground. After discovering Gary’s nametag in his hat, Kwang-soo starts writing his name. And to make things extra cruel, Kwang-soo places the pen in Gary’s hand to write the final character by his own hand.

Gary makes sure to tell the spies that Haha’s basically figured everything out, and Woo-bin figures that Haha must be protecting his own nametag.

Haha and Kwang-soo cross paths and are busy searching each other’s pockets… when the speakers announce Kwang-soo’s elimination. HA, did Woo-bin do that? Oh snap, theBetrayal Icon just got betrayed.

Hahaha, he did. Woo-bin: “Sorry, hyung. I learned this from you.” Truth is, Woo-bin had found Kwang-soo’s nametag a while ago, and he just needed one more clue (via one more elimination) to know where the ancient script is located.

Of course neither Kwang-soo nor Haha have any clue as to what just happened, but now Woo-bin has figured out the clue: the second-floor library. Nothing else matters now as he chucks the scrolls behind him like a boss and shouts into the air: “There’s a spy amongst you! I’m the spy!”

So Woo-bin heads over and writes his name in the ancient script, giving him the win. When everyone gathers together again, he admits that he’s learned one thing in his four RM appearances: betrayal. Well, it sure comes in handy.