Rumors Surrounding BTSs BBMA Win Media Blackout Are Fake

Rumors Surrounding BTSs BBMA Win Media Blackout Are Fake

After BTSs BBMA win, rumors started to spread suggesting that certain companies have been blocking Korean media from reporting on their landmark achievement.

The rumors began when some fans searched Korean media websites for articles on BTSs win but failed to find anything.

so apparently the most popular korean news sites are blacking out BTSs achievements at Billboard?? disappointed but not surprised

Fans started trending the hashtag #BTSKmediaBlackout, hoping to gather attention on this issue.

better make it right k media before agustD start dissing you #BTSKmediaBlackout

HOWEVER, these rumors have been proven to be false as several articles about BTSs win have been featured on Navers main page, as well as many others.

@kinqjeons @wxnhimin BTS was on NAVER though ~

#PrayForManchester (@BTSGuardianARMY) May 24, 2017

On top of this, BTS was the second highest trending topic on Daum, one of Koreas biggest news sites.

BTS are trending #5 on Naver and #2 on Daum rn

daniela (@jjkglow) May 22, 2017

In fact, the words BTS and Billboard Music Awards were two of the top most searched words when they won.

bts is at the top naver articles and naver real time search ♡ #BBMAs

One explanation why some couldnt find any mention of BTS could be the sheer amount of news that came out around the same time.

News about SISTARs disbandment, Jung Da Euns pregnancy, Moon Hee Jung, and Baek Ji Young all broke just after BTS won the award, making the stories harder to find.

Articles about BTSs win soon got bumped down to #12 and #22 on the Daily article rankings of the day.

But a media blackout is far from the truth, as news of BTSs achievement even interrupted TV news broadcasts.

they deadass stopped the news just to announce bts won legends only

— lmao 🌱 (@hqhoseok) May 22, 2017

News articles were written about BTS meeting Halsey and Steve Aoki

Articles about BTS meeting American stars Halsey and Steve Aoki were featured on Naver.

While one article about their win even received over 2,900 comments.

Many sites wrote about BTSs historic BBMA win, and they received a lot of attention.

Chosun News also talked about the win as well!

ARMYs dont have to worry about these rumors, as BTS are indeed gaining lots of recognition for their huge achievement!