Roy Kim says it’s his dream to become an idol star

Roy Kim says it’s his dream to become an idol star

Roy Kim talked about his dreams to become an idol on ‘Cultwo Show’.

On the May 18 airing of the radio show, Roy Kim and VIXX joined as the guests. During the talk, Roy Kim talked about his comeback with ‘Blooming Season’, and said, “It’s my first mini album. I only did acoustic¬†and folk up to my 3rd full album. I tried to switch things up so I tried hard and even bleached my hair.”

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DJ Cultwo commented, “You look like an idol”, and Roy Kim responded, “My dreams are actually to become an idol. My fans are mostly in their mid-20s. I want to attract teenage fans this time. I’m also preparing to rap at my concert.”

Roy Kim then asked VIXX what he needs to have become an idol. VIXX revealed that he needs aegyo,¬†which made Roy Kim say, “Ok, nevermind. I guess there are people who are just meant to be idols.”

VIXX also said that he needs to have a key choreography. Roy Kim responded, “There is no dancing in my album. I suck at dancing..”

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