Roy Kim Confirms Comeback in May With A New Album

Roy Kim Confirms Comeback in May With A New Album

Roy Kim is confirmed for a comeback this May! It has been more than a year since Roy Kim released an album for the fans.

According to Soompi, Roy Kim’s agency confirmed his comeback this May 16 on Friday, April 28. Roy Kim and his agency are currently finishing up the comeback preparations.

Also, Roy Kim posed for “Dazed Confused” May issue. According to All Kpop, the singer slash radio MC confirmed his comeback in May.

“Compared to the four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter I would say this album is like a tree welcoming the spring season again,” said Roy Kim in the magazine interview. The singer was also asked about what kind of musician he would like to be known as.

“In the future, I hope my music can transcend generations so that many will be able to sympathize with it,” Roy Kim responded. “I want to create genuine music.”

In addition, Roy Kim is set to embark on a countrywide tour in Korea. The singer is set to hold a concert on June 24-25 at the Samsung Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul.

Roy Kim’s will then be in Daejeon City on July 1. The singer’s next stop for his performance will be in Daegu on July 8 and will be wrapping up the tour in Busan on July 15.

Roy Kim first released an album in 2013 titled “Love Love Love”. The album had a total of 9 tracks with 2 super hit tracks.

Roy Kim’s million-selling single “Bom Bom Bom” was included on the album. The album’s title track of the same name also became a hit in the country.

Roy Kim last released an album more than a year ago in 2015. The album was titled “The Great Dipper” that sold 7,000 copies 460,000 digital track downloads.