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Rookies & Idols Collaborate – The Way To Being Number 1?

(Photo : N.A.P, Starship Entertainment)

Singers" joint projects and collaborations are establishing a new type of strategy. Skills are always praised, but musicians who aren"t well known are getting their names out there through collaborations with popular idols.

IU"s duet with rookie group HIGH4 "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" was released on the 8th, and as of the 22nd it"s still gaining popularity. After its release it took an all kill on music charts, and as of the 22nd it"s number 1 on Mnet, Naver Music, and Monkey3. Even on Korea"s largest music source site MelOn it"s going steady at the top ranks.

IU and HIGH4 members directly worked on writing the song and participated in the duet as well as the music video. Even the song title has a spring feel to it, and is quite popular, not unlike Busker Busker"s "Cherry Blossom" song

IU and High4 Takes Three Music Charts, Becoming This Year’s Spring Song

Rookie group High4 took three music charts with their new track "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms", featuring IU.

Released on April 8, High4"s "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" ranked #1 on Melon, Naver music, and Daum Music.

IU and High4 member Kim Sung Gu had been close friends before debut; IU has not withheld support for her friend by writing the lyrics and featuring in the the music video of his new song.

IU introduced each member of High4 and aided in their promotion, listing their positive attributes on her fan cafe.

High4"s debut song "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" starts with an acoustic guitar sound and features a funky groove sound with real instruments. The song carries the fresh beginning of Spring, and the harmony created by IU and High4 simply captures all ears

Amber and So Ryong Hang Out with GOT7 on “WGM TV” Episode Five

Amber of girl group f(x) and So Ryong of male duo Tasty, who also happen to be the hosts of “Global We Got Married Season 2,” have been spending time with rookie group GOT7.

A teaser clip of the upcoming episode of “WGM TV,” an online show giving you access to backstage clips and exclusive material of the program, shows Amber and So Ryong hanging out with the boys of GOT7. In a casual and friendly manner, they reveal their thoughts on dating and marriage at a recording studio, and while we hear bits and pieces of their discussion, there is a lot of be revealed in the full episode!

Check out the teaser below, and make sure to watch episode four featuring GOT7 as well!

Akdong Musician belatedly win first place on ‘Inkigayo’

Despite the cancellations of music programs in respect for the ferry incident, the broadcasting companies still revealed the winners of their shows. It turns out that Akdong Musician proved their popularity by winning on this week"s "Inkigayo" for catchy tune "200%".

"Inkigayo" updated their official homepage with the rankings as they could not air a new episode. Akdong Musician took first place with "200%" and was also fourth with another title track, "Give Love."

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IU and HIGH4"s "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" placed second while A Pink"s "Mr. Chu" came in third as you can see in the picture below.

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician also won on the "M! Countdown" on April 17

K-Pop Surpasses The Hallyu And Becomes A Culture Enjoyed All Over The World

K-Pop and the hallyu has surpassed Korea and has become popular all around the world.

Many K-Pop idol groups that release albums and hold showcases also have these events streamed live in many different countries.

K-Pop has become a culture that people from all over the world can enjoy. Korean idol groups and songs are fun and light and can be listened to by almost anyone.

Many foreign broadcasts have created their own "K-Pop corners" in which they teach Korean and promote K-Pop idol groups.

Many idol groups also have foreign members as well and have contributed to the global popularity of K-Pop.

New rookie group, JJCC, which was created by Jackie Chan, has a mix of members from different parts of the world.

Other groups similar to this include f(x), miss A, EXO, TASTY and more

JJCC talk about being produced by Jackie Chan and their debut track ‘At First’

In a recently released interview, rookie group JJCC talked about various topics such as being produced by a top world star like Jackie Chan and why they chose "At First" as their debut song.

In relation to being connected to Jackie Chan, SimBa said, "He is like an older brother and father to us. There aren"t that many opportunities for us to see him in person, but he gives us a lot of advice through videos. When he visited Korea recently, he took care of us, taking us everywhere along with him for his schedule except when he was sleeping."

nce, but they instead released a mid-tempo song, "At First." San-Cheong said, "I think a lot of people were surprised at our performance. However, we thought it"d be too obvious, so we used our brains a bit

GOT7 cancel first airing of new reality show ‘I GOT7′ #PrayForSouthKorea

Rookie group GOT7 cancel the first broadcast of their newest reality show on SBS TV' I GOT7' which is supposed to air on April 22 at 7:30PM.

In this reality show, the seven boys are going to complete seven missions by undergoing challenges which will test their teamwork and determination. Several guests and labelmates are going to appear as guests.

GOT7 are also mourning for the Sewol tragedy and ask for your understanding. Fans could patiently wait for further notice of new premiere date.

Akdong Musician – From Music Chart Sound Monsters To National Siblings

(Photo : OSEn)

Sibling group Akdong Musician swept the number 1 spot on music charts after their album release, and is showing off their musical strength. They"re currently racing nonstop since their debut album, and have gone from being music chart sound monsters to Korea"s "national siblings."

What"s so impressive is the fact that member Lee Chan Hyuk himself wrote, composed, and produced all 11 songs on the album Play. Their songs "200%," "Melted," "Give Love," Artifical Grass," and more each talk about ordinary concepts, but the songs are far from mediocrity. Akdong Musician"s unique perspective and unadulterated purity, as well as their crisp refreshing voices and youthful colors all come together in building a world just for Akdong Musician fans. Their fanbase is growing more and more as days pass

Winner to Make Debut Soon? Music Video Schedule Confirmed

Looks like Winner’s debut may be just around the corner!

The possibility is high that the YG group to follow Akdong Musician is the male rookie group Winner. OSEN recently confirmed that Winner has a music video filming scheduled with the music video production team.

Winner’s debut music video will be directed by Seo Hyun Seung, who also directed Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby,” which currently has over 100 million views, and 2NE1’s “I Am the Best,” which, with almost 90 million views, is the group’s most-viewed music video on YouTube. Director Seo Hyun Seung has directed some of YG’s most important music videos, and that Director Seo is at the head of Winner’s new video is representative of the great care and focus that YG is putting towards the rookie group

HIGH4 dish on their debut in “I’M” video

IU stepped up to interview rookie group HIGH4 for 1theK“s “I”M: Introducing Myself” series!

IU featured in HIGH4″s debut track “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” and wrote the lyrics to the song as well.

In the “I”M” video, HIGH4 reveal the meaning of their group”s name as well as a little bit about each of the members.

Check out more in the video above!