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Akdong Musician – From Music Chart Sound Monsters To National Siblings

(Photo : OSEn)

Sibling group Akdong Musician swept the number 1 spot on music charts after their album release, and is showing off their musical strength. They"re currently racing nonstop since their debut album, and have gone from being music chart sound monsters to Korea"s "national siblings."

What"s so impressive is the fact that member Lee Chan Hyuk himself wrote, composed, and produced all 11 songs on the album Play. Their songs "200%," "Melted," "Give Love," Artifical Grass," and more each talk about ordinary concepts, but the songs are far from mediocrity. Akdong Musician"s unique perspective and unadulterated purity, as well as their crisp refreshing voices and youthful colors all come together in building a world just for Akdong Musician fans. Their fanbase is growing more and more as days pass

Winner to Make Debut Soon? Music Video Schedule Confirmed

Looks like Winner’s debut may be just around the corner!

The possibility is high that the YG group to follow Akdong Musician is the male rookie group Winner. OSEN recently confirmed that Winner has a music video filming scheduled with the music video production team.

Winner’s debut music video will be directed by Seo Hyun Seung, who also directed Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby,” which currently has over 100 million views, and 2NE1’s “I Am the Best,” which, with almost 90 million views, is the group’s most-viewed music video on YouTube. Director Seo Hyun Seung has directed some of YG’s most important music videos, and that Director Seo is at the head of Winner’s new video is representative of the great care and focus that YG is putting towards the rookie group

HIGH4 dish on their debut in “I’M” video

IU stepped up to interview rookie group HIGH4 for 1theK“s “I”M: Introducing Myself” series!

IU featured in HIGH4″s debut track “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” and wrote the lyrics to the song as well.

In the “I”M” video, HIGH4 reveal the meaning of their group”s name as well as a little bit about each of the members.

Check out more in the video above!

Big Band Sound: TVXQ, Eric Nam, History, IU

(Photo : SM)

Dance songs and ballad are popular in K-Pop, but the big band sound that has recently been appearing every once in a while is worth taking note of. Some of the biggest acts in K-Pop, like TVXQ and IU, and rookies, like History, have released songs that are infused with old-school jazz elements.

The newest jazz-influenced song was released this past week, Eric Nam"s "Ooh Ooh" featuring INFINITE"s Hoya.

Eric Nam

Not only is the music video adorable, but also the recently released "Ooh Ooh" makes the most of a big bang sound. The musicians actually appear in the song, playing instruments like trumpets and guitars in the background of dance scenes. The song has a very modern feel to it, even featuring a rap by Hoya, but the overlying jazz sounds give the song a smooth, old-time feel to it

GOT7’s First Reality Idol Show – Nichkhun & Suzy To Guest Star!

(Photo : JYP)

Rookie group GOT7 will be appearing on their own first ever real variety program.

On April 11 GOT7"s agency revealed that the first broadcast of SBS MTV"s "I GOT 7" will air on the 22nd. GOT7 will be showing off their fresh and candid image on the show. "I GOT 7" is a real variety program in which the members have to learn 7 different kinds of skills in order to with over their fans.

2PM"s Nichkhun and miss A"s Suzy will be making a special guest appearance on the show. Comedian Kim Shin Young will be hosting "I GOT 7". Kim Shin Young said, "I will have them go through authentic entertainment training for their own sake," and claimed her position as an "entertainment teacher".

"I GOT 7" will also be broadcast simultaneously on China"s biggest video site Youku Tudou

IU features in HIGH4′s album jacket for ‘Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms’

HIGH4 and IU unveiled the album jacket to go along with their upcoming collaboration song ”Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms“!

The group shared the album jacket on their Twitter and Facebook which shows the rookie group”s four members Sunggoo, Myunghan, Alex, and Youngjun posing on a bench surrounding IU, who not only featuring in the song and music video but also wrote the lyrics as well.

HIGH4 will release their BTS video from the studio on the 7th and will make their debut with “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” when it drops on the 8th!

EXO and JJCC Pose Together for a Large Group Photo

EXO and rookie group JJCC (Double JC) posed together for a very large friendly photo in China.

The two K-pop groups shared the stage along with other popular Asian artists for the “2014 Peace & Love & Friendship” concert held at the Beijing National Stadium. “2014 Peace & Love & Friendship” is an annual benefit concert hosted by Jackie Chan, and this year was held to celebrate the entertainer’s 60th birthday.

EXO and JJCC were both there at the concert, and took one large group photo backstage. JJCC’s official Facebook shared the photo and wrote, ” A photo with our seniors we met at Jackie Chan’s birthday party, EXO!” In the photos, the members of JJCC is surrounded by the members of EXO, and both groups are wearing their stage outfits

SoReal covers One direction’s ‘Story of my life’

On April 9, SoReal's official youtube uploaded a new video showing SoReal's cover of One Direction's popular track, 'Story of my life'. The rookie group ‘SoReal’ of Star Empire entertainment debuted last month with 'My Heart Says' and quickly got public's attention with their ballad sound as well as their cover songs. The recent cover of Busker Busker’s 'Cherry Blossom Ending', and a new cover of One Direction’s 'Story of My Life'. showed their vocal talents and good harmony.
Listen to their cover and tell us your feelings:   Jenny@dkpopnews

IU Interviews Rookie Group HIGH4 for “I’M” Series

Singer IU recently interviewed rookie group HIGH4, who released their music video for “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” on April 7. In the interview, the boys explain the meaning behind their group name, “HIGH4,” which stands for reaching the top as a four-member group in various fields such as singing, acting, dancing, and also in musicals. IU also sang a duet with the group to highlight their vocal talent.

Another fun fact revealed in the interview was that MBLAQ’s Thunder, Fiestar’s Hye Mi, IU, and HIGH4’s Kim Sung Gu used to hang out in their trainee days, calling themselves the “Jjuguri” group.

For their individual interviews, HIGH4 leader Kim Sung Gu attempted to list nine charismatic points about himself

IU Brightens Up Recording Studio with Rookie Group HIGH4 for “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms”

Young music veteran IU brightens up the studio with rookie group HIGH4 during their recording session for their upcoming single “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms“. The ‘making story’ video of HIGH4′s debut single shows IU’s musical talent and easygoing personality as she works with HIGH4.

IU and HIGH4 member Sunggo have been good friends since their training days, and IU pulls out all the stops in supporting HIGH4′s debut single “Not Spring Love, or Cherry Blossoms.” IU not only composed the song, she also wrote the lyrics and made appearances in their music video.

HIGH 4 consists of four members: SunggooMyunghanAlex and Youngjun. 

The ‘making of’ video show the musician having a good time while also producing a relaxing song