Album & MV Review Ryeowook - 'The Little Prince'

Album & MV Review Ryeowook - 'The Little Prince'

RYEOWOOK - 'The Little Prince'

Ryeowook, arguably a phase of K-Pop royalty himself, has released his long-awaited debut solo album 'The Little Prince.' He is one of 4 lead vocalists for Super Junior, in addition a member of subunits Super Junior K.R.Y and Super Junior-M.  He also has the respect of having his face on a Chinese postage stamp (along with Kyuhyun, Siwon, and Donghae). Here isthe primaryfree upat the group's newly introduced label SJ.

Opening with a smooth number, it sets the tone for a lot of the remainder of the album. It is a little more stripped down than the alternative ballads in this disc, with just a touch of orchestral grandeur close to the end. It showcases Ryewook's voice rather properly and is a nice listen. The lyrics give an explanation forto a lady that she is his gentle in the world.

is a connection with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's ebook of the similar name. He puts himself within the narrative, and sings about speaking to the Little Prince. It isa just right looking ode to a breakup, the usage ofone of the vital imagery from the book, like the flower. The SuJu singer unleashes his voice about 3 mins in, and his pitch soars high. You'llpractically feel him crying as he sings, giving this musica lot of emotional punch.

cranks things up somewhat a bit, and provides up a section of jazzy R&B for your listening pleasure. There is some Prince influence here, yetor not it's distinctly K-pop, with guitars and a mid-tempo beat this is guaranteed to have your head nodding. This has a uniqueunfashionable feel to the song structure, and it works well. The lyrics are about being satisfiedthat he isin combination amongst her.

Ryeowook dials it backpedal here to bring a ballad swaddled in sweetness. Thankfully, it holds off on the surplus production till the end, and at that time the backup singers come in to keep away from drowning the tune. The song itself is clever, tied to being online, and seeing the images of any person yous broke up with on social media, as sadness casts a dismal pall over your day.

Another R&B offering, this time with the help of rapper Din Din. His rapping offers this tune a distinctly fashionable feel, and he does a hornysensible job, if now not amazing. Once in a while 1 felt like I used to bepaying attention to 70s generation funk (not a bad thing!), a testomony to Ryeowook's songwriting and composing skills. 3 guesses what this song is about.

A beautiful ballad, beginning out reflectively and achieving orchestral serious mass in the chorus, where his voice soars into falsetto. Piano is what drives the melody right throughthe key verses.  The song itself is set motherhood as smartly equally childhood, thanking his mother. The lyrics are steeped in symbolism as well as sincerity.

This EP was once a learn about in contrasts. Immediately mellifluous and melancholy, soul-baring and silky, yet at other times it might bea laugh and funky. Ryeowook has a stunning voice, and this solo EP changed intothe easiestshow off for his vocal abilities. Highly enjoyable, the songs caress you and wash over you, leaving you warm inside. This debut slays!   

This MV has some striking imagery and surprising scenes. Floating objects, rooms with Escherian stairways, and the items he interacts with lead tosuddeneffects (like pouring wine on a rose that briefly turns red or locating sand in a camping flask). The video has much to attract the eye, and it's quite artistic.

The cloth cabinet is fairly classy, as befits a MV of this type. About the best realtrade I see is the sweater, where he is going from one customary crew neck to a full-on turtleneck, and his jacket is at all times red.

He does notin point of fact accept that much of expressive diversity here, but the song itself doesn't lend itself to plenty of expressions in any case, being that it's about a guy in pain. He explores the sector well, not shockedvia anything, like the landscape was carved from his psyche. Entirely appropriate, given the topics in the tale that encouraged the song.

I'm going to head out on a limb and say that whilst I enjoyed it greatly, we don't want more MVs like this. The only explanation why is because I would likethe type of tour de force to be treasured. I'm hoping Ryeowook had some input into this, because this great spectacle felt personal. Two thumbs up, and if I had a 3rd that one would be raised as well.

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Hong Jong Hyun Received Drama Love Call from the Writer of

Hong Jong Hyun Received Drama Love Call from the Writer of "Rooftop Prince"

Actor Hong Jong Hyun, who is currently starring in variety show "We Got Married" has received a love call for "Sense of Men and Women" male lead!

On February 10th, Hong Jong Hyun′s agency rep told Newsen, "His appearance in SBS′ Sense of Men and Women is being discussed internally. Nothing has been confirmed yet."

Hong Jong Hyun Received Love-call For New SBS Drama Sense of Men and Women

SBS′ new drama Sense of Men and Woman is being written by Lee Hee Myung, who wrote Rooftop Prince starring Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min, as well as Yawang starring Kwon Sang Woo. The drama′s title was recently changed from The Girl Who Sees Smells.

To be broadcast following the conclusion of Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Sense of Men and Women is about a man who loses his sister through a murder case and a woman who miraculously survived the same incident.

Park Yoo Chun is currently being considered for the lead, as Hong Jong Hyun is looking into rivaling Park Yoo Chun′s offered character.

Photo Credit: Newsen


Gentle But Powerful Glow:

Gentle But Powerful Glow: "Rooftop Prince's" Park Ha - Han Ji Min

By: Soompi

Woman Crush Wednesday: “Rooftop Prince’s” Park Ha

There’s nothing I love more than a woman capable of being independent and strong. Although there are plenty of characters that come to mind when I think about who applies, Park Ha from “Rooftop Prince” always makes the list. I might be cheating a little bit, but when you add in Park Ha’s past life, Hong Bu Yong, then she’s even more ideal of a woman.

For our Woman Crush Wednesday this week, we’ll be focusing on both aspects of Park Ha – her present day self and her past self. I mean, haven’t you ever wondered how much of yourself was influenced by your past life? Interesting to think about, isn’t it?

But let’s take a look at Park Ha, shall we? (Spoilers ahead.)

 1. Park Ha doesn’t take anyone’s attitude.


Lee Gak certainly has an attitude and temper befitting of a Crown Prince, but no matter his status in Joseon, Park Ha is boss in Seoul. That means butting heads so much, they might as well have been glued together. When Park Ha isn’t busy exchanging commands and showing Lee Gak who the real leader is around here, she’s also constantly warding off Hong Se Na‘s devious schemes. Seems like the poor woman could never get a break!

2. She’s intelligent.


Whether as Park Ha or Bu Yong, her brains are always on display. No, not literally! As Bu Yong, she was clearly the smarter of the two sisters who could always answer the Crown Prince’s riddles and playfully banter with him in poetry. She had even saved her sister, Hong Hwa Yong, from shame and embarrassment on multiple occasions by engaging Lee Gak in distracting conversation when it was clear her sister had no idea how to respond to the Crown Prince’s apparent adoration for poetry and literature. In the present day as Park Ha, she has been independent practically her entire life and knows how to take care of herself. If something is fishy, Park Ha can usually tell.

3. She’s strong.


It takes a lot of courage and guts to team up with Lee Gak in order to draw out criminals, Hong Se Na and Yong Tae Mu, but Park Ha does it with fierce determination. She willingly dives into danger to bring justice and help Lee Gak solve the mystery of why he was transported to the modern times and figure out what really happened to Yong Tae Yong, his present day self. As her past self, there is no better sign of inner strength than to willingly eat dried permissions that have been sprinkled with poison, knowing that she’s, not only saving her evil family, but the Crown Prince as well.

4. Park Ha is influential.


How much influential power does it take to make a Crown Prince lose his composure and participate in childish pranks? How much influence must he be under in order to squeal and prance around after realizing how fun the modern times can be? Enough said! Haha.

5. Park Ha always maintains a sense of positivity.


She’s been through a lot, both as a child and as an adult, but Park Ha is always seen with a smile on her face, a bright, upbeat attitude, and a positive outlook on life. She doesn’t let anything kick her down for long and she knows how to get revenge when it counts. (How many times did Park Ha prank Lee Gak over his holier-than-thou attitude? Haha!) She knows to never give up because, only then, is there still hope. It’s not to say that Park Ha doesn’t feel negativity, because she does, but she does not allow it to control her. To me, that is a great quality to possess!

Soompiers, was Park Ha ever one of your favorite characters? What are your thoughts on her being our Woman Crush Wednesday this week? Who are you looking forward to seeing next? Let me know in the comments below! Until next week!



Transformation of Park Yoo Chun In 'Rooftop Prince' Drama

Transformation of Park Yoo Chun In 'Rooftop Prince' Drama

Man Crush Monday: “Rooftop Prince’s” Lee Gak

This week’s episode of Man Crush Monday, we will welcome our dreamy prince, Lee Gak of “Rooftop Pince”, who comes from the Joseon dynasty.

His story is certainly a rather strange one, but Lee Gak tugged on the heartstrings so much, we just went with the flow and found ourselves enraptured by his exciting journey. After the unexpected death of his Crown Princess, Hwa Young, Lee Gak secretly assembled a team to do a little detective work. He was keen enough to suspect foul play, rather than an accidental death as everyone believed, and it was for that specific reason, that Lee Gak found himself in the modern times, falling in love with Park Ha, the reincarnation of Hwa Young’s sister, Bu Yong.

Let’s take a look at the five reasons that makes Lee Gak so crush-worthy (spoilers ahead):

1. He’s a fair and kind Crown Prince.

MCM_Lee Gak_Crown Prince

Due to their privileged lives, royalties can be arrogant, conceited, and downright mean sometimes, especially to those of a lower status than them. With Lee Gak; however, that is not the case at all. He’s constantly bright, friendly, and pleasant. He has a love for poetry and simplistic beauty, such as his Crown Princess and nature in general. He treats others with respect and even when he was a child, he was well-behaved rather than mischievous. In the end, although he dealt out a harsh death penalty for the perpetrators of the crime, it wasn’t unwarranted. He even, despite his reluctance, showed Hwa Young and her mother mercy because it was what Bu Yong wanted.

2. Lee Gak is hilarious, even if it’s often unintentional.

MCM_Lee Gak_Unintentional Humor

I think there’s something just so amusing and endearing about his childlike innocence when it comes to discovering something new. Of course, it’s understandable that he would be absolutely mesmerized by all the modern day items and technology, but it doesn’t make it any less comical to see his face light up in pure delight or to see the wits getting scared out of him by moving images on a television. His sidekicks make it even more hysterically funny, but Lee Gak is always at the center of their shenanigans. Spending time with him would never be a bore because there are too many things in the world to show him and, more often than not, he loves them! What’s truly amazing about this particular trait though, is that Lee Gak adjusts pretty quickly and even turns situations around to suit his needs. Remember when he called a tow truck to take him and his vehicle to the park so Park Ha could teach him how to drive? Ha! Talk about clever!

3. He has a teasingly playful nature.

MCM_Lee Gak_Playful

When Lee Gak isn’t busy trying to figure out the modern world and trying to calm his racing heart due to sheer terror, he actually already has his own playfulness. His carefree attitude is nicely countered his by dedication to his duties – like tracking down the ones responsible for his Crown Princess’s death. He certainly knows how and when to be serious, but he also knows very well when to kick back and enjoy himself. He finds amusement in teasing Park Ha, but she always returns the favor with equal fervor, making them the perfect match. I dare you not to smile when you watch their antics, especially that one time where he pretended to have another allergy attack and demanded Park Ha give him CPR again! HA! Lee Gak is really the best of both worlds and he is honestly such a sweetheart now that he knows what true love really is… without all the saeguk restrictions! He he!

4. Lee Gak can be fierce.

MCM_Lee Gak_Fierce

Don’t let his laid back demeanor fool you though, because when Lee Gak roars, even the lions might tuck tail and flee the scene. He can have a short temper, but they honestly don’t last long if it’s completely unreasonable – only because he was raised to have a full staff waiting on him hand and foot. Now that he doesn’t have that luxury, it took him a bit to adjust, although he does pretty well for himself. That kind of short-temper wasn’t the fierceness I was talking about though. No, I’m talking about the unforgiving side of him. The side that goes head to head with those trying to take him – or his reincarnation – down. Lee Gak constantly tries to stay one step ahead of the game and carries the burning negativity in his heart as fuel to defeat Yong Tae Mu.

He can be scary, cunning, manipulative, threatening, and strategic. He’s also a mega talented actor with the way he pulled off being Yong Tae Yong. It’s such a big contrast to his usual attitude, but it fits him and his status of Crown Prince so well! I loved watching him surprising the living daylights out of Yong Tae Mu and Hong Se Na on a normal basis, all in the name of protecting, not just himself, but Park Ha as well.

5. He’s a fantastic mystery solver.

MCM_Lee Gak_Mystery

Hide all the crossword puzzles and Clue games! Lee Gak has a brain for solving mysteries! I will never know how he managed to connect the dots so completely from his Joseon era to the modern times simply by living with Park Ha for a short period of time, falling in love with her, and realizing that Hong Se Na was almost completely devious, especially with Yong Tae Mu planting ideas in her head. Still, the man managed to do it, much to the surprise of everyone back in the palace (of course, the fact that only a day had passed there might have added to the surprise factor…). But not only that, Lee Gak also displayed his amazing talent numerous times when unveiling both Hong Se Na and Yong Tae Mu’s individual and combined schemes and catching Hong Se Na, with evidence, as the culprit behind the death of Yong Tae Yong’s grandmother. Sometimes, you just have to wonder if he’s got eyes and ears everywhere…

Do you approve of Lee Gak from “Rooftop Prince” as this week’s Man Crush Monday? On our scale of 1 to 10, how does he rank on your crush list? Let us know in the comments below and remember to keep nominating those crushes for our December Mystery Reveal!


JYJ’s Yoochun cast for SBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Rooftop Prince’

JYJ’s Yoochun cast for SBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Rooftop Prince’

JYJs Yoochun cast for SBSs upcoming drama, Rooftop Prince

JYJs Yoochun has announced that hell be making his small screen comeback through SBSs Rooftop Prince!

On January 10th, SBS revealed, Weve decided on Park Yoochun as the leading male role for Rooftop Prince.

This will be his first comeback in eight months since the conclusion of MBCs Miss Ripley, which ended back in July. Attic King is scheduled to begin airing in March, and Yoochun will be playing the role of Lee Gak.

SBS continued, He hasnt signed the contract yet, but both sides have agreed upon the casting. We have not yet decided on who will play the leading female role.

Attic King will be the work of writer Lee Hee Myung and PD Shin Yoon Sub.

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul


JYJ Park Yoochun to Appear on SBS Drama Rooftop Prince

JYJ Park Yoochun to Appear on SBS Drama Rooftop Prince

JYJ Park Yoochun to Appear on SBS Drama Rooftop Prince?

Currently JYJ’s Park Yoochun is considering whether to appear in the new SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” that will broadcast on March 2012. A representative of Park Yoochun stated, “Currently Park Yoochun has received an offer from ‘Rooftop Prince,’ to appear in the drama. It appears that he is looking at the script with a positive light.”

If Park Yoochun decides to appear in this drama as well, that would mean that he has now appeared in a drama of all the big three broadcast companies! (He has appeared on KBS “Sungkyungkwan Scandal” and MBC “Miss Ripley”)

The basic synopsis of “Rooftop Prince” is this: The Joseon prince Sejah loses his wife and he ends up in the 21st century with his loyal followers. He falls in love with somebody that looks exactly like his wife in the past. The drama will jump back and forth between both time periods. 

(Remember nothing is set in stone for Park Yoochun deciding whether to appear in the drama or not)


'The Rooftop Prince' actress signs with global talent agency

'The Rooftop Prince' actress signs with global talent agency

'The Rooftop Prince' actress signs with global talent agency

Actress Han Ji-min of the SBS drama "The Rooftop Prince" has chosen to sign with BH Entertainment as her new management agency.

"We will provide support for Han to further develop her career as an actress through many good works", the agency said yesterday.

The agency is known for its global network and has successfully helped Lee Byeong-Heon of "Red 2" spread his name in Hollywood.

It also houses actor Ko Soo of the SBS drama "Empire of Gold", actress Han Ga-in of the MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon" and Han Hyo-joo of the SBS drama "Shining Inheritance".

For the first time in three years, Han will star in the movie "Plan Man", which will be released in Korea next year.

By Lee Sun-min


Rooftop Prince Han Ji Min Films Commercial With Super Adorable Nephew

Rooftop Prince Han Ji Min Films Commercial With Super Adorable Nephew

“Rooftop Prince” Han Ji Min Films Commercial With Super Adorable NephewCollective “awww’s” are all around.

Actress Han Ji Min participated in a commercial with her adorable nephew.

On September 16, total body care brand Happy Bath unveiled an advertisement photo of Han Ji Min with her nephew.

A representative from the filming set revealed that Han Ji Min was very attentive to her nephew and did various things like putting some lotion on his skin to help him adjust to the new environment.

The once shy nephew warmed up to the staff and started showing his aegyo-filled expressions to the camera. By the end of the filming, most of the staff fell in love with the little guy.

The advertisement with Han Ji Min’s nephew will be revealed later in September through the brand’s official homepage.

“Rooftop Prince” Han Ji Min Films Commercial With Super Adorable Nephew


Review: With A 1980s Synth Sound Reminiscent Of Prince, Baek Ji Young's 'Reminded Of You' Is Tons Of Fun [AUDIO]

Review: With A 1980s Synth Sound Reminiscent Of Prince, Baek Ji Young's 'Reminded Of You' Is Tons Of Fun [AUDIO]

Baek Ji Young, Reminded Of You

Review: With A 1980s Synth Sound Reminiscent Of Prince, Baek Ji Young's 'Reminded Of You' Is Tons Of Fun [AUDIO] Listening to the squealing retro synth sound of Baek Ji Youngs Reminded Of You, one cant help but be reminded of the 1980s, in the best possible way.Listening to the squealing retro synth sound of Baek Ji Young's 'Reminded Of You,' one can't help but be reminded of the 1980s, in the best possible way.

For all the nods to 1980s east coast urban fashion in music videos from artists like 4Minute or G-Dragon, the musical sounds of that decade are oddly absent in K-pop.

Instead, K-pop producers seem to favor a sound that only looks far back as the boy band-heavy sound of 1990s in American pop or simply chases the dance craze of the current moment (reggaeton, dub step).

This is a mistake.

When it comes to pop music, you'd be hard-pressed to find an era more fun than the 1980s.

This is the decade that brought the world INXS, Crowded House, Tears For Fears-- bands that didn't just write catchy songs.

They wrote great songs.

Although in their quest to separate themselves from the guitar-laden power rock of the 1980s, some producers pushed studio perfection to nauseating heights, it also brought us a new generation of production wizards.

And no one epitomized this type of 1980s sonic exploration more than Prince.

Master of guitar pyrotechnics, studio technique, songwriting craft, the midwestern mystery man could do it all.

Baek Ji Young's "Reminded Of You," harnesses the power of some of Prince's sonic achievements to great effect, particularly the classic synth sound he used in his classic hit "1999."

The melody also has a bit of a throwback feel-- a nod to 1980s songstresses like Annie Lennox or Pat Benatar.

The song was reportedly a wedding gift to Baek, who married actor Jung Suk Won on Sunday, from producer Brave Brothers.

Brothers has produced hits for K-pop acts Son Dam Bi, Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, After School, U-KISS and Sistar.

In returning to the dance music of the 1980's he has wandered into fertile ground.

The result is a dance floor mover that sounds fresh even though it's a throwback.

Maybe it's just that "Reminded of You" sounds like it was made by a human being instead of a computer program.

With "Reminded of You," debuting this week at number 12 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100, Brothers has given Baek the best gift a K-pop artist could ask for-a chart-topping single that is surprisingly funky.

Check out Baek Ji Young's new 1980s-infused hit "Reminded Of You" RIGHT HERE