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Joo Won Talks About His Kissing Scenes From “Yong Pal”

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Joo Won Talks About His Kissing Scenes From “Yong Pal”

Actor Joo Won gave the impression at the October 19 broadcast of SBS energy FM’s “Cultwo Show” to advertise his upcoming film “It’s Him” (working title). On the show, he had a possibility to reminisce about his kissing scenes from his fresh SBS drama “Yong Pal.”

He noted, “I had fairly quite so much of kissing scenes on the drama. The fanatics spotted that I were given larger and higher with more practice.” He added, “Because we had such much of kissing scenes, we worked on how we can be ready to make every scene unique. Turning our heads this fashion and that way… seeking to be fair with our feelings.” He cracked up the target market announcing that he had to inform himself no longer to get worried on those scenes.

Joo Won’s upcoming motion picture “It’s Him” is a homicide mystery about a guy going after his sister’s killer with the assistance of a lady who possesses a supernatural force to foresee deaths. The movie is scheduled to open on October 28 in Korea.

Check out the video clip of the “Cultwo Show” featuring Joo Won here.

[Featured] 10 unforgettable kissing scenes of idols from musicals

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[Featured] 10 unforgettable kissing scenes of idols from musicals

The first query when our bias nabs a drama role is: "Is he/she going to have a kissing scene?"

Well, because it"s exciting to peer them having skinship in opposition to their co-actor in place of an effortless fanservice on stage. yet kissing scenes in dramas are perfected.

So we bring to mind musical performances in which idols act in front of reside target audience and their kissing scene can"t have a take two! It takes some courage and pastime to give target audience a feeling of delight on how those idols pull off a slightly entertaining yet realistic expression in their intimate scene... whether it turns out awkwardly or impressively.

We make a choice some memorable kissing scenes of your favourite idols from their respective musical performances. have a glance we may come with yours.

Hongki"s so naive yet so candy here! [A Midsummer Night"s Dream]

The prison rail isn't a hassle for Hyungsik and Kahi [Bonnie and Clyde]

"Height doesn"t matter- Ryeowook" either being a basketball player or kissing Oh Yeon Seo! [High College Musical]

That"s a candy bed kiss Junsu! [Mozart]

SM"s maknaes Kyuhyun & Seohyun are too adorable! this type of lovable kiss! [The Moon That Embraces the Sun]

Dracula Sunggyu kisses sexily! [Dracula]

Even with Sunny? Don"t you believe you studied that"s too much Kyuhyun? :) [Singin" in the Rain]

Kahi swoons over  Key that"s why she offers him a kiss! [Bonnie and Clyde]

Not bad for your first time CNU! [Chess]


and just in case that"s no longer enough...

Do you've got your own favorite?

8 K-Dramas With Romantic Springtime Scenes

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8 K-Dramas With Romantic Springtime Scenes

(Photo : SBS ) The spring has finally arrived in Korea and the United States. As the weather becomes increasingly warmer, love blooms along with the flowers and budding trees. Some of the most romantic K-Drama scenes are shot during the spring and summer, as directors capitalize on nature"s bountiful beauty. Here are 8 K-Dramas with romantic springtime scenes.

(Photo : MBC ) One of the most romantic cherry blossom moments was the kiss between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Yoo Bi in the supernatural period drama, Gu Family Book. Lee Seung Gi portrayed Choi Kang Hee, a servants son who is in love with his adopted sister, Chung Jo (Lee Yoo Bi). Chung Jo startles Kang Hee when she kisses him beneath cherry blossom trees, providing a sweet interlude for their forbidden love.

2. That Winter, The Wind Blows

(Photo : SBS ) The final episode of the melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows concludes with a scene that forces viewers to consider whether they are witnessing a dream sequence or an actual event in the drama. Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) is presumed to be dead in a previous scene before he appears in a blurry dreamscape. But he is alive and standing before his beloved Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo). The cherry blossoms serve as a plot device by removing elements of reality from the scene.

(Photo : MBC ) Chang Jung Woo (Joo Sang Wook) confesses to his ex-wife Na Ae Ra (Lee Min Jung) beneath a flurry of cherry blossom petals in Cunning Single Lady. While she is initially reluctant to return to his side, his springtime kiss has an impact on his former love interest.

(Photo : SBS ) The Scheduler in 49 Days is a harbinger of doom shared some romantic scenes with the dramas heroine, Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yeon Won). Jung Il Woo, who portrayed the dual roles of The Scheduler and Song Yi Soo, kisses Yi Kung on the forehead after proposing to her beneath the cherry blossoms. The scene was filmed at the Jinan Cherry Blossom Festival, as many onlookers admired the chemistry between the actors.

(Photo : SBS ) Before viewers grew tired of hearing Changmins Love Is The Moment, they were drawn in by the compassionate California scene between Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang for the hit 2014 drama, The Heirs.

(Photo : SBS ) Gong Ah Sung (Yoon Eun Hye) and Hyun Ki Joon share a touching moment beneath the cherry blossoms for the 2011 SBS series, Lie to Me.

(Photo : SBS ) Warm weather brings out the desire to take bike rides through the countryside. The tragic high-school love story of Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) and Song Jae Hee (Jin Se Yeon) plays out through a biking scene in Doctor Stranger. The innocence of their relationship is punctuated by the spring flowers and their carefree expressions.

(Photo : MBC ) One of the best musical dramas to capture the romance spring is Heartstrings. Park Shin Hye (Lee Gyu Won) rides tandem with CNBLUEs Jung Yong Hwa (Lee Shin).

KBS Drama "Unkind Women": Song Jae Rim & Lee Hana's Crazy & Romantic Scenes, + Episode 7 Preview

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KBS Drama

Jung Ma Ri has chemistry with both of her male leads, and probably during the first two weeks of the show, I would say it was a toss-up between the two as far as her romantic inclination was concerned. That might still be the case now, as Jung Ma Ri has been resistant to reciprocating any interest Lee Roo Oh and Lee Doo Jin have shown her. However, Lee Roo Oh has also been more aggressive in shaking her up, and things between him and Ma Ri intensify some more this week. In one scene, Ma Ri walks barefooted on the street, still dressed in her kendo uniform. Roo Oh seems to have followed her and surprises her when he carries her. At his kendo studio, she startles him, too, when she lands on top of him, both their hearts likely fluttering in this scene.

The physical contact isn’t limited to romance, though, as Jang Mo Ran incites a ruckus at an event, violently grabbing Na Hyun Ae’s hair after seeing the former educator insult Cha Hyun Seok. Bwehe.

Episode 7 Video Preview

Ji Chang Wook Talks About His Man-On-Man Kissing Scenes with Kang Ha Neul in "Thrill Me"

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Ji Chang Wook Talks About His Man-On-Man Kissing Scenes with Kang Ha Neul in

In a recent interview with Section TV, the star of "Healer," Ji Chang Wook talked about his kiss scene with actor Kang Ha Neul in "Thrill Me."

Recently, Ji Chang Wook gathered much attention for his kisses with Park Min Young in the KBS drama, Healer, but it turned out that he′s had even more passionate kisses with Kang Ha Neul.

"Before, when I was in the musical Thrill Me, I kissed Kang Ha Neul a lot," shared Ji Chang Wook. "We kissed a lot. And it′s not just any kiss. They were all very deep kisses. During the three months of performances, we kissed more times than I could count."

Kang Ha Neul has also previously shared on KBS′ Entertainment Relay that he′s kissed Ji Chang Wook through the musical, catching attention then as well.

Thrill Me is a musical based on the Leopold and Loeb case. It was based on the Chicago murder case in 1924 about one young genius′ harship. The musical came to Korea in 2007 and has starred many actors, including Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Moo Yeol, Kim Jae Bum, and Oh Jong Hyuk.

Kim Jaejoong's Kissing Scenes Sometimes Require Several Takes

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Kim Jaejoong's Kissing Scenes Sometimes Require Several Takes

Even though filming his latest kissing scene was a chilling experience, Kim Jaejoong felt that it went well.

At the press conference for his new drama "Spy" he spoke about the chilly conditions he endured while filming a kiss scene with co-star Go Sung Hee.

"It was extremely cold," he said.

While the snowy day made for a romantic scene, it was an unpleasant work environment as the scene took three hours to shoot.

"The wind chill was almost negative 20 degrees Celsius and it started snowing all of a sudden," he said.

The director could not have asked for a prettier setting but the conditions made it harder to focus.

"The picture was really pretty," said Kim Jaejoong. "The snow fluttered as if we had planned it. Then huge snowflakes started to fall, followed by rain and then it turned to hail."

Although the scene took three hours to film he described the scene as "natural and touching.

"I am usually left still emotional for a while after filming a kissing scene or after scenes with affectionate touching," he said.

And that was the case with this scene.

The JYJ singer and actor was asked if he had any special techniques for filming kissing scenes. He says he does not.

"I don"t have any tricks as to how to act in kissing scenes. It"s true though that how I approach the scene changes depending on the partner."

He"s kissed a few beautiful co-stars and the list grows longer as he adds to his acting resume. One of his early notable kisses was shared with Wang Ji Hye in "Protect The Boss." That kiss scene took some practice.

"I put a lot of effort into the kiss scene with Wang Ji Hye," he said when he appeared on Choi Kang Hee"s radio program "Night Flight. "It took over 50 takes. If there ever was a NG award, it would definitely have been awarded to us."

He had memorable kiss scenes with two actresses in Triangle. There was the racy kiss scene when Kim Hye Eun"s character impatiently pulled him into her hotel room. the actress said it made her real-life husband jealous. Then there was his sweet kiss scene with co-star Baek Jin Hee. There"s no word on how long either of those kissing scenes took to film but they were both cinematically effective.

In "Spy" Kim Jaejoong plays a genius intelligence analyst who does not know his mother is a North Korean sleeper spy. His love interest, played by Go Sung Hee, is a seemingly innocent girl with a secret.

Are you excited about this new drama? It starts January 9th.

The Most Romantic K-Drama Scenes In 2014

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The Most Romantic K-Drama Scenes In 2014

Now that 2014 is drawing to a close, it may be time to consider the year"s most romantic k-drama scenes.

What follows is just a summary of some of the aw-that"s-so-sweet scenes that moved us to get mushy inside. They are not the conventional fireworks, champagne and moonlight scenes, but some just a little more unusual.

Feel free to respond with your favorite scenes.

"You Who Came From The Stars:" This drama had so many romantic scenes it is hard to narrow them down. But one of our favorites is the time-freeze kiss-scene on the frozen lake. Kim Soo Hyun said it was his favorite too. Part of what makes it special is that she does not even realize it happened.

"Fated To Love You:" This drama was also full of sweetness, with plenty of conventional romantic moments but the quirkiest and most endearing involved an adhesive bandage. When Jang Nara is hurt, her neighbor Choi Jin Hyuk applies an adhesive bandage. When Jang Hyuk notices the bandage on his sleeping wife, he jealously declares it tacky and replaces it with one of his own. The bandage winds up in their baby scrapbook. It"s a sign that he claims her as his own.

"Empress Ki:" Costumes and stunning backdrops aside, the rose petal bathtub scene was our favorite. That"s where Ji Chang Wook"s Emperor Ta Hwan hides Ha Ji Won"s character Seungnyang under his rose-petaled bathwater. If she"s found she will be killed. She"s under the water for way too long so he dives under to give her a kiss that is really CPR but also powerfully romantic.

"Pinocchio:" The chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk so sparkles that the simplest back hugs between their characters are super-charged. And that bread kiss they shared could make people see breakfast in a more romantic way.

"My Spring Day:" Before seeing the drama the idea of Kam Woo Sung and Choi Sooyoung as a couple did not excite the imagination, but they were so sweet together that the scene of their hospital wedding was a tearjerker. They may not be together forever, it said, but forever can be found in a moment.

"A Secret Love Affair:" Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae playing the piano together was electric. And although the music genius and his much-older piano teacher go on to have a more physical and forbidden affair, their musical duo summed up the reasons they had to be together, no matter what it cost them.

Which romantic k-drama scenes did you love? Let us know.

Zia Lured Viewers Into Romantic Scenes In Teaser Video For "Rumor"

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Zia Lured Viewers Into Romantic Scenes In Teaser Video For

Vocalist Zia provokes curiosity with a sentimental teaser video for her forthcoming single, “Rumor.”

Zia’s manager posted on her facebook that, “Zia’s remarkable voice mixes well with its beautiful music and scenes in cinematic music video! Zia will be back with her new song "Rumor" on December 2.”

10 embarrassing kissing scenes of Park Shin Hye in Korean drama

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10 embarrassing kissing scenes of Park Shin Hye in Korean drama

Park Shin Hye is  the main character in the drama Pinocchio which was made it first appearance today. Although we can not wait to see the her coordination with  Lee Jong Suk in "Pinocchio", let's count her kissing scenes. When you've got K-drama's hottest men making a move, there's no excuse to stand there like a petrified doll!

Basically, when PSH kisses, she thinks she's like

...but the guys are really like

To show you what we mean, here (in no particular order) are Park Shin Hye's 10 most awkward kissing moments:

2. This one is cringe-worthy...because she is literally cringing.

3. She's surprised; he's surprised; everyone's surprised!

4. Bracing for impact in 3...2...1...

(From So Ji Sub's music video with Yoo Seung Ho  via)

5. If kissing Lee Min Ho is that painful, I guarantee we can find a few willing stunt double to take one for the team!

6. Poor Yong Hwa, forced to do all the work! The series of behind-the-scenes shots makes it look even more awkward.

See Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung make beautiful music together in Tomorrow’s Cantabile

7. You were so close, PSH, then you had to go and open your eyes.

(From Flower Boy Next Door)

8. "Ack, he's coming! Quick, what do people do when they kiss? Should I smile? Yeah, this looks totally natural, right?"

(From Heirs, the ultimate goldmine of awkward kissing)

9. Nothing says "romance" like an accidental lip bump!

(From Flower Boy Next Door)

10. Wait, no, I take that back. Nothing says "romance" like vomiting during an accidental lip bump.

Dear PSH, if you need a tutorial, here's how it's really done:

We love Park Shin Hye, but here's hoping Lee Jong Suk has some better luck! To see how her kisses fare this time around, sign up for new episode alerts of Pinocchio HERE and tune in today!

Gong Yoo Shows Off His Romantic Image Behind the Scenes of His Advertisement Filming

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Gong Yoo Shows Off His Romantic Image Behind the Scenes of His Advertisement Filming

On August 12, Gong Yoo’s agency, Soop Management, revealed behind the scenes photos of Gong Yoo’s new CF for the furniture brand, Iloom, on their official Facebook page. They included a caption that said, “Updating you on actor Gong Yoo’s whereabouts. It’s been a while since he’s filmed a CF. In his plain white shirt and his calm but firm expression, he makes us all want to embrace him. He will return to the big screen through his next film, ‘Man and Woman.”

In the photos, Gong Yoo is also showing his irresistible smile that melts girls’ hearts. Behind stories claim that he even made the female staff members nervous to be near him.

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo will soon start filming alongside Jeon Do Yeon for “Man and Woman.