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Two Idol Singers Printed on “King of Mask Singer”

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Two Idol Singers Revealed on “King of Mask Singer” On the November 22 episode of “King of Mask Singer,” now not most effective was once a new king crowned, yet two idol singers were revealed to have participated in the contest as well!

First, singer “Top of the World” became revealed to be no other than After School‘s Raina! Raina performed the song “Forgotten Season” opposed to opponent “Rainbow Romance” who performed Yangpa‘s “A Beginner in Love.”

Kim Gu Ra commented that “In the finish it kind of feels like it'll be a close match, the effects will range dependent on the sentiments of the panel. Personally, I actually like Yangpa’s songs so I listened very heavily to ‘Rainbow Romance.’ She sounds like Younha.”

“Rainbow Romance” claimed victory with nine votes over “Top of the World.” After Raina’s identity was revealed she commented that, “During concerts, others are at all times adjusting to my voice. Because other people’s expectations in opposition to my making a song isn’t that high, I sought after to turn a degree where I sang to my fullest.” She added a message to her mother, announcing that, “I will paintings demanding to develop into a daughter you'll be ready to be proud of. Let’s are living healthily in combination for a long time.”

In addition to Raina, singer “Hitmaker Freshman” was unmasked as B.A.P‘s Daehyun! Daehyun advanced to the 2d one circular of the show, where he lost to “Amazon Catch Girl” after singing the song “Empty Glass.”

“This is my first time on stage after a year and a half, so my center was beating and I had butterflies in my stomach. When i used to be resting at home, I was incessantly running on music. My father sang ‘Empty Glass’ and that’s how i stopped up picking the song.”

Check out the performances and divulge of the 2 singers below!

Suzy Talks About Juggling Being an Idol and Acting

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Suzy Talks About Juggling Being an Idol and Acting

--> Suzy unfolded about juggling being an idol and an actress.

Suzy sat down for an interview at a cafe in Seoul′s Samcheong-dong on November 19, forward of the liberate of the movie Dorihwaga, where she answered to the comment, "Maybe it′s because 3 years have passed since Architecture 101, yet you′ve without a doubt matured and your symbol as an actress is more potent than that of an idol," pronouncing "But I′m still overflowing with playfulness inside."

She continued, "On the outside, when i glance a myself too, I do think that I lost a huge number of my little one fats and feature matured. To be honest, my mind were never slanted one way like, ′I would like to be an idol more′ or ′I need to be an actress more.′ And I′m still that way. If there′s a excellent task out there, I act, and if there are plans for a pass over A album, then I go in line with that."

Suzy added, "As I juggle being a singer and acting, I do have the need to do smartly in either things so I don′t fall at the back of in one thing. it can be greed, but if I′m still young, i might be in a position to say that I′m young and take my time and have a look at other things."

Dorihwaga is decided in 1867, right through a time when ladies weren′t allowed to accomplish pansori, and focused on Jin Chae Sun (Suzy), the primary lady to transform a pansori singer in the Joseon era, and her mentor Shin Jae Hyo (Ryu Seung Ryong). The film hits theaters on November 25.

Is EXO The Next Big Acting Idol Group?

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EXO as acting idols. (Photo : SM Entertainment ) EXO has made great strides since their debut in 2011, becoming one of the leading male groups in K-pop. The now-nine-member group continues to blaze a path through music, but establishing serious acting careers appears to be the next goal on their horizon.

It may have taken four years, but EXO is poised to become the next big acting idol group.

While Kai, Sehun, and Chen have yet to fully explore dramatic roles beyond their appearances on the popular Naver TV cast web drama, "EXO Next Door," the majority of the group appears to be smitten with the acting bug.

Baekhyun is rumored to join the adaptation of a hit Chinese series that will be titled, "Moon Lovers. If he confirms his participation, he will join the talented and handsome stars who are also considering the project including Lee Joon Gi (Scholar Who Walks the Night), Kang Ha Neul (Twenty, The Heirs), and Hong Jong Hyun (Dating Agency: Cyrano).

In addition to "Moon Lovers," he will make his film debut opposite acclaimed teen star, Yeo Jin Goo, in "Dokgo."

Xiumin received accolades for his role in the mini web series, "Falling for Challenge," where he appeared with Kim So Eun (Boys Over Flowers).

Chanyeol debuted as a film star in the 2015 romantic comedy, "Salut D"Amour." In the upcoming Korean-Chinese film, "So I Married My Anti-fan," Chanyeol appears opposite Seohyun of Girls" Generation, who makes her cinematic debut as a K-pop trainee signed to the same agency as the EXO star.

Suho will star in the highly-anticipated flick, "Glory Day," with fellow teen heartthrob, Ji Soo, and Kim Dong Wan of the legendary group, Shinhwa.

Lay continues to work within the Chinese market, with two films, "Oh My God" and "To Be a Better Man." He also reached Chinese-speaking audiences through his appearance on the mainland variety program, "Go Fighting!" which features celebrities from the region and Taiwan, including Show Luo.

D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) is one of the most recognizable members of EXO for Korean drama and film buffs. He continues to receive accolades for his notable roles including his cinematic debut in "Cart," followed by his phenomenal portrayal of a schizophrenic delusion in "It"s Okay, That"s Love."

D.O. is the star of two highly anticipated films, "Pure Love" and "Hyung." In "Pure Love," he appears opposite teen starlet, Kim So Hyun (Who Are You: School 2015) and he joins Hallyu star Park Shin Hye (Pinocchio) and Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghost), in "Hyung."

Regardless of the lineup changes they may have faced, in the past year, EXO appears to be unstoppable, as top K-pop stars and emerging actors.

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTVIggyand other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

N.Flying's Jaehyun honors his older sister Jaekyung on 'Weekly Idol'

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N.Flying's Jaehyun honors his older sister Jaekyung on 'Weekly Idol'

N.Flying"s Jaehyun carried out a Rainbow song at the November 18 broadcast of "Weekly Idol" honoring his older sister Jaekyung!

Jaehyun danced with all his would possibly to "Sunshine," a song with a choreography that comes to a excellent deal of bouncy movements. He"s sensible adequate to be the 8th member of Rainbow. You can watch Jaehyun"s dance round the 19:25 mark in the clip equipped above!

After the dance was once over, the MCs asked him, "Do you introduce the brothers-in-law to your sister?" Jaehyun joked, "There are over three hundred hundred those that call me brother-in-law. perhaps I will have to grasp a contest." 

The participants also discussed the entire love they get from their firm sunbaes, corresponding to F.T. Island and CNBLUE!

When Defconn remarked, "We heard that your sunbaes shower you guys with love," Jaehyun said, "The sunbaes who are like us that make band music deal with us the most. F.T. Island"s Minhwan proficient me with a drum set and CNBLUE"s Minhyuk purchased me cymbals." Kwangjin added, "Jungshin gave me a high-end bass and Yonghwa gave me cash," eliciting the envy in their bandmates.

Defconn then grew to become to Seunghyub to ask, "You are accountable for vocals, right? Isn"t there anything else from Hongki?" Seunghyub replied, "Hongki and Yonghwa say things on level or right through their performances." 

Jung Hyung Don quipped, "So they just made do with words." Cha Hun chimed in, "We are receiving the unending love of Jonghyun and Seunghyun," placing their sunbaes on blast for now not proving their love for them with gifts like the alternative CNBLUE and F.T. Island members.

Get in a position for a hilarious 'Weekly Idol' with EXID next week!

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Get in a position for a hilarious 'Weekly Idol' with EXID next week!

Ahahahaha. The ladies of EXID are simply too funny, and you"re going to get to experience some more in their humor on next week"s "Weekly Idol"!

If you"ve been having some "EXID"s Showtime" withdrawal, this will have to be the therapy as you"ll get to look them gambling games for pork and going all in - regardless of how red they get from slapping each and every other at the back of their hands. Ouch... surely turns out like it"ll hurt. They also promise a plethora of amazing reactions - you'll be able to at all times be expecting some just right ones from Hani!

Watch the preview above to get hyped for their upcoming episode!

VIXX's N touches hearts with his hardworking, exhausted appearance on 'Weekly Idol'

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VIXX's N touches hearts with his hardworking, exhausted appearance on 'Weekly Idol'

VIXX"s N has been running incredibly difficult as of late, so it"d be great to turn some appreciation for his hard paintings and fierce work ethic!

On "Weekly Idol" on November 18, he arrived past due on set as one of the most idol MCs because of his filming for KBS 2TV"s drama "Insolently, Cross Go" (keeping in mind, those are all recorded early on).  He arrived on set taking a look all tired appropriate when his corner ended and stated apologetically, "I"m truly sorry.  I won"t let this take place again."

Of direction the sort MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn showed no concern, declaring relating to him, "We heard he used to be to your 5th day filming all over the night.  Now, he has to head back to Pyeongtaek," expressing their sadness at his disturbing schedule. He usually did now not get to completely leisure for 5 days straight, which is craziness...

On this day, he fundamentally arrived and had to leave instantly afterwards without getting to movie much for "Weekly Idol."  You would hope he may get sufficient rest now that the drama is complete, yet VIXX is these days promoting!  Hope you get rest soon, N.

Poll Which Idol Would You Enlist to Whip Up without equal Holiday Feast?

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Poll Which Idol Would You Enlist to Whip Up without equal Holiday Feast?

--> From Thanksgiving to Christmas, the vacations are upon us, which method that there’s much to be wolfed earlier than we vow to lose weight when the hot Year comes around.

As we stay up for the season of feasting, let us know which idol you have faith you studied would cook up an ideal holiday meal by way of voting!

THe mom chicken of f(x), Victoria knows how to cope with her own.

Victoria also proved she′s overall wifey subject material all the style through her stint on We were given Married and appearances on quite so much of cooking programs.

Turns out the trendy SHINee member isn′t just passionate about clothes, he′s a complete foodie.

Not most effective does he post mouthwatering dishes on his Instagram at the normal - among his killer OOTD posts - he displayed his abilities in the kitchen on O′live′s Make an Order previous this year.

We found out Yoona′s pastime in cooking thru her very own cooking segment ′Yum Yum TV′ on Girls′ Generation′s truth display on On Style this year.

Although we can′t vouch for taste, she surely gets an A for effort. And a little effort is going a long way, especially in the direction of the holidays.

Henry knows his way round the kitchen, and he proved it when he seemed on Master Chef Korea.

Although he′s not a qualified chef, what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in personality.

Fei is understood for her excellent talents in the kitchen, having seemed on a lot of cooking presentations in Korea, adding Master Chef Korea.

If Fei ever comes to a decision being an idol isn′t her thing, we wouldn′t be shocked if we discovered her at the helm of a five-star restaurant.

What's to take place to 'Weekly Idol' without Jung Hyung Don?

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What's to take place to 'Weekly Idol' without Jung Hyung Don?

MBC Everyone"s "Weekly Idol" is the following one to talk up about the doubtful prestige of the display following Jung Hyung Don"s hiatus from the industry to cope with himself. He is understood to host the prove with Defconn.

On November 16, the program stated, "We are expecting Jung Hyung Don"s recovery of his fitness as temporarily as possible. We are taking into account whether we will have to lately utterly update Jung Hyung Don with a new host or have a brief guest MC for the various lovers who are used to the combo website hosting of Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

"We movie two episodes around each and every Tuesday for a bi-weekly schedule, so for this Tuesday the 17th, the filming hasn"t been canceled - rather we have got what we filmed final week, so it"s no longer a gigantic problem," saying that they film two episodes each week, so they aren't very in the back of if they don"t film this week.

Stay tuned to look what they'll decide!

K-pop idol stylists who are on most sensible in their type game

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For idol groups, the picture they give off and how they are portrayed on stages are heavily dependent on their non-public stylists. Whether it"s on level or off stage, you'll be in a position to bet a minimum of 99% of the outfits your favourite K-Pop idols are dressed in are moderately crafted creations in their talented stylists.

Here are some examples of when K-pop idol stylists exceeded their expectancies and showcased their perfect paintings thru our favorite groups.

BTS BTS is recently one of the vital maximum hyped teams in the industry and it"s no longer simplest on account of what they bring on stage, yet also how they glance on stage that straight away grabs your attention. From their beyond antisocial schoolboy outfits (casual blazer and white shirt) to present lost, hormonal boy outfits, BTS has controlled to painting their thought perfectly.

two times It"s only been more than one months since TWICE made their debut with "OHH-AHH" and it"s secure to mention that they're one of the rookie feminine groups that experience grabbed the eye of K-pop lovers with their amazing style. Similar, but also different, every lady can also be observed carrying more than a few styles from female to sporty. 

MAMAMOO Rising rookies, MAMAMOO is one female staff that has succeeded in either song and model from the get-go. unfashionable to informal sexy, MAMAMOO"s debut, full of retro themed stripes and neon colors, stood out from the remainder and left the public speechless with their outfits.

Red Velvet Fun and flirty, the ladies of Red Velvet have not begun to fail in their fashion game and it"s all thank you to their hardworking and good stylist. Ever since "Happiness," Red Velvet has made the headlines for their fresh, colorful, and crowd pleasing style and concept.

G-Friend G-Friend"s stylist and her work recently seemed on a viral thread on a web network board. By way of documenting the styles by way of social social media, the netizens showed their appreciation for the quantity of effort that"s put into crafting every one stage outfit. From head to toe, G-Friend"s idea outfits were rigorously decided on by their talented stylist.

SEE STYLE HERE endless Though they"ve had multiple trials and errors, INFINITE"s newest comeback with "Reality" showcased one of their most sensible fashion ideas where every boy used to be dressed in sync with their non-public image. Perfect in combination and alone, INFINITE"s style has advanced significantly over the years. 


WINNER Not only do the contributors of WINNER have remarkable fashion sense individually, but their stylist(s) have never failed when it got here to dressing those nearly-perfect boys to be portrayed in the most efficient mild possible.

VIXX From excessive vampire concepts to industry casual, VIXX hasn't ever failed to seem fashionable and stylish and it"s all thanks to their talented stylist(s). 

CNBLUE CNBLUE has kept their classy, gentleman-like symbol since their debut and it works!

4minute Perhaps the sexiest divas in K-Pop, 4minute"s stylist showed off her most effective work in their current comeback with "Crazy."

SHINee When does SHINee not appearance good? Never, that"s the answer. at all times fashionable and fashionable, SHINee"s stylist(s) have dressed these boys to close to perfection comeback after comeback.

OH MY lady Oh My Girl is #fashiongoals. Period.