"I Need Romance Season 3" Kim So-yeon takes off her clothes

Kim So-yeon seduced Seong Joon.

On the sixteenth episode of the tvN drama "I Need Romance Season 3", Sin Joo-yeon (Kim So-yeon) told Joo Wan (Seong Joon) that she was going to sleep with him.

He refused, saying that he had the energy but was too busy.

She kissed him on the neck and asked, "Well? I'll stop if you tell me to stop". Then, Joo Wan gave up and carried her in.

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Geun Seok- Yoon ahs Romance at Risk, Increasing Interest in Worrisome Bedroom Scene

Geun Seok- Yoon ahs Romance at Risk, Increasing Interest in Worrisome Bedroom Scene

Drama viewers are interested in Love Rain more and more every time with increasing their interest on Jang Geun-seok and Yoon Ah’s worrisome bedroom scenes in the KBS drama "Love Rain" on every Monday and Tuesday night. While Seo - Jeong (Seo Joon and Jeong Ha-na) couple confessed their love in sweet romance in the scene, the 11th episode of "Love Rain" scheduled to be aired on Monday in which Jun (role of Jang Geun-seok) falls in sleep next to sleeping ‘Hana’ has been previewed and amazingly, it has exploded viewers’ interest in "Seo- Jeong" couple’s romance dramatically.

Geun Seok- Yoon ah’s Romance at Risk, Increasing Interest in Worrisome Bedroom Scene

Joon‘s face and neck have been injured but what the viewers are concerned abut is his sorrowful look that makes people feel something serious has happened to him.

What’s more noticeable about "Joon" is his unexpected appearance that is quite different from his usual charismatic regal behavior with sharp tongue. This moved people to be more emotional and sympathetic toward him.

Geun Seok- Yoon ah’s Romance at Risk, Increasing Interest in Worrisome Bedroom Scene

While Seo- Jeong couple’s sweet romance is playing, Jang Geun-seok’s sorrowful look and Seo- Jeong couple’s worrisome bedroom scene foretells the crisis in their romance raising the curiosity of the viewers. One person related with Yoon’s color, the production company of "Love Rain" said there would be a big change in Seo Joon’s character from the unexpected situation that happens to the couple in the upcoming 11th episode on Monday.

Geun Seok- Yoon ah’s Romance at Risk, Increasing Interest in Worrisome Bedroom Scene

And he asked for more favor and concern from the viewers about Jang Geun-seok’s emotional performance in the popular drama. The KBS Monday and Tuesday drama, "Love Rain," which depicts exciting and dramatic love story among the four lovers, In HaYoon Hee and JoonHa Na with their interrelated and complicated relationships, is aired at 09:55 pm on every Monday and Tuesday night.


I.O.I Unearths Out Which Member Has The maximum productive  Good fortune In Romance In line with Face Reader

I.O.I Unearths Out Which Member Has The maximum productive Good fortune In Romance In line with Face Reader

I.O.I Reveals Out Which Member Has The maximum productiveSuccess In Romance Consistent with Face Readerleonid July 23, 2016 0 I.O.I Finds Out Which Member Has The precise Luck In Romance Consistent with Face Reader The women of I.O.I have had their fortunes told through a face reader!

On July 22s episode of Mnets LAN Cable Buddies I.O.I, the womancrewcontributorshunt down the opinion of a face reader.

Kim Doyeon lighting up when the reader tells her that her face is an excessivelyexcellent blessing and that no longer only does she resemble actress Jun Ji Hyun, yet she also possesses an identical physiognomy with her as well.

The face reader tells her, You simply take after Jun Ji Hyuns assets.

Feeling positive close to her results, she inquires about her luck in love, when her close friend Choi Yoojung reveals insider data about her love life.

Choi Yoojung divulges, Kim Doyeon hasn't ever dated or maybe touched the hand of a man.

The face reader also publicizes that the I.O.I member with the absolute best fortune with love is Im Na Young, prompting Jeon Somi and Choi Yoojung to cheer in excitement. Glad about Lim Nayoungs sensible fate, Choi Yoojung exclaims, We could send her off to marriage!

Furthermore, the head3women of I.O.I with the simplest luck in cash according to the face reader are Jeon Somi, Zhoi Jieqiong, and Kim Sohye, whilst Choi Yoojung stands as first position in success, followed by Kim Doyeon and Kim Sohye.

Watch the members obtain and speak about their fortune below!

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9 Techniques y'all Felt Like You Hit The Jackpot With “Lucky Romance”

9 Techniques y'all Felt Like You Hit The Jackpot With “Lucky Romance”

9 Tactics yous Felt Like You Hit The Jackpot With Fortunate RomanceRaine0211 July 22, 2016 0 9 Ways You Felt Like You Hit The Jackpot With Lucky Romance Popular webtoon-based MBC drama Lucky Romance has ended yet we just cant let it pass without reminiscing over some of its perfect moments. Answer 1988 heartthrob Ryu Jun Yeol joins rom-com queen Hwang Jung Eum for an adorkable romance that assists in keeping the feels and the laughs coming. Soompiers, please sign up for US in indulging in our favourite Lucky Romance moments to lend a hand U.S.A.deal with the finish of the drama. Dont fail to remember that Viki is there to permit you to indulge back and assuage your drama woes!

Funny hallucination momentsep1_horang

Episode 1 graces us with our first funny hallucination. Leading woman Shim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is told by capability of her trusty shaman that she wishes to spend the evening with a guy born the year of the tiger. When she discovers that genius Je Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) is a 1986 tiger, her liquor-fueled mind's eye drums up a roaring tiger of a man.

Soo Ho does some hallucinating of his own in episode 3 after a under the affect of alcohol Bo Nui vegetation a hearty kiss on his lips. How is a programmer meant to come again to work when his game characters stay jumping out to kiss him?

Moments of visual intellectual gymnasticsep2_equationep3_bikemath

Soo Ho is a genius — an awkward, no nonsense genius. He thinks in directly lines with out a fluff. Creators of Lucky Romance display his abilities by the use ofsuave graphics which areadorable and, at the similar time, entirely representative of our nerdy hero.

What are bromantics? While youmix bromance and antics of course! There is de facto no way that Soo Ho will let his new love Bo Nui fashion with Gary (Lee Soo Hyuk), so he is takingat the role in the maximum fabulous of ways. What is born is a fit made in heaven.

Soo Ho and Bo Nui are a forged couple because they see every other clearly. He loves her unconditionally and needs her to like herself in an identical way. She sees him as a lot more than just a genius — he'sa typeguy who thinks of others and does correct by them. That being concerned manifests in the sweetest onscreen moments.

What do you get when two socially inept people fall in love and get started dating? The cutest, most endearingly awkward interactions stuffed with giggles and not-so-subtle flirting.

Second lead syndrome momentsep9_mothep5_GWCryep3_thedipLR_ep16_AmyCute

Lee Chung Ah as Amy and Lee Soo Hyuk as Gary are stunning seconds who refuse to take no for an answer. As a result, we get a massive number of beginning and second lead pairings and lots of emotional have an effect on and feels.

Spazzing in the call of love momentsep5_couchdiveep7_couchdropep7_blanketep10_goofsooho

Sometimes when in love, one would possiblyto find that gross motor keep an eye on fails and an building up of tripping, babbling, falling, spontaneous smiling, and crashing into gadgets and folks occurs. Soo Ho, while a genius in math and programming, is a newbie in love; this very lovely homo most without a doubt spazzes in the name of love.

Never too much romance momentsep10_DNandCoffeeWakeupLR_ep15_DNRHFlirtep8_coffeeanddalnimLR_ep15_DNRHFlirt

In case the loves of first and second leads didnt satisfy you, there is plenty to head around with Ryang Ha and Dal Nim. They are in whole denial in theiremotions which lead them to even more endearing. Also, in position of flat characters, they are true supporters of their major lead friends, which rounds them out somewhatwell and makes them even morea laugh to cheer for.

Parting and Reuniting momentsLR_ep15_goodbyehugLR_ep16_YeahrunLR_ep16_jumpingrain

Our major couple has been via a lot. Getting in combinationwas once rough. Staying together changed into bliss. A being wrenched aside was torture. When they in the end become back together, we have a good time with them in the precise same spot in which they first parted. Oh how candy information technology is!

What were your favorite Lucky Romance moments, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!LR_ep15_SHsmile

If you havent watched Lucky Romance already, commencelooking at here!

Raine0211 is a lover of all things Korean, especially K-pop, K-drama, and Korean food. When she’s no longer writing for Soompi, she’s gambling the cello and singing. She fortunately indulges in a wide variety of K-pop, but her biases are SHINee, Infinite, and VIXX. She lives with her sister, her friend Elsa, and her two cats, Timmy and Momo, all of whom also love K-pop and K-drama.

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Interview "Lucky Romance" Ryu Jun-yeol, "I am lucky to be successful"

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol debuted closing year. He ishandiest been at this for two years yetthe velocity of his enlargement is "Lucky".

He's change into one of the ones actors who 'starred in the tvN "Respond" series and turned into a star'. Many of us had doubts about Ryu Jun-yeol who had no oldreports in dramas but throughthe primary and 2d episode, he was once 'it'. Later, he landed himself in the leading role of a ground-wave drama.

In "Lucky Romance" Ryu Jun-yeol played Je Soo-ho, a genius who lacks social skills. He looks logical and cool-headed but most often he's clumsy and immature. Issues went up for Ryu Jun-yeol for his romance with Hwang Jeong-eum.

"In "Lucky Romance", there were numerouscandy scenes so it was fun. We had some just right times and at all times gave comments to each and every other".

Thankfully, he were givenwith reference to Hwang Jeong-eum. She was a hardconsumerin the beginning to him but now they are closer.

"I was very careful round her at first but now I am alright. We were in combination for many years and we shared many ideas".

Ryu Jun-yeol evenly delivers the sentiments of his character. His speeches and expressions are flawless and he's so smart amongst details.

"I do not like the term 'bored'. I truly liketo stick low once in a while just 1love to exist active more. So I meet so much of other folksand i've stories to tell. I believethis is what reflects in my acting. I also don't tell myself to have a look atanything for a scene. I you need to be equallyherbal as possible".

Ryu Jun-yeol was a guy in love with Hwang Jeong-eum in the drama.

"The fascinating act got some perfect response. I'm actually not a charming person so I did not know what to do but Hwang Jeong-eum worked neatly with me. Having the actress cooperate with you is every other thing that girls like. I assumedtough roughly Je Soo-ho's feelingsthat vary when he meets Sim Bonnie. The transition between ahead of and after he meets the lady he loves had to appear natural".

Ryu Jun-yeol attempted out his first kiss scene in "Lucky Romance". He thinks it was more amusing to do justmild kisses in position of a deep one.

"I did notwould like to make it appear awkward but it was. I used to be and so shy. My pals say it is like they are spying on my love lifestyles and gave up gazing the drama. However, Hwang Jeong-eum was a veteran and helped me with my first kiss scene".

He had to do many of thinking and reading to take on the kind of long drama but the percentage didn't turn out to be as sensible as the beginning. Ryu Jun-yeol is now getting ready for a film called "The King" and "Taxi Driver".

"I did my best possible but if that didn't bring out the maximum productive of the drama then I just take that as an indication to paintings harder. Still, I enjoyed the set. Je Soo-ho is wealthy but he stills works hard. He's like me in that part. We are never happy with what we have got and are continuallyrunning for more. Being in a drama is like going on a trip. Assemblyindividuals and expressing my emotionsshall we me mature. Also, I'm exactly really lucky to be in non-stopa hit dramas".

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Ryu Jun Yeol Says Good-bye To “Lucky Romance” Fans

Ryu Jun Yeol Says Good-bye To “Lucky Romance” Fans

Ryu Jun Yeol Says Good-bye To Fortunate Romance Fanatics JiwonYu July 21, 2016 0 Ryu Jun Yeol Says Goodbye To Lucky Romance Fans Ryu Jun Yeol did a wonderare living broadcast to mentionhi to his fans!

On July 21, Ryu Jun Yeol did a Facebook live broadcast where he mentioned wrapping up his drama Lucky Romance.

He starts off, Lucky Romance has done instantly and I just were given done with an interview. Im satisfied and unhappy at the similar fourth dimension thinking that I need to let pass of Su Ho now. I did such so much of interviews after being done with Answer 1988 that it took me some time to let go of Jung Hwan, yet Im sad that the interview for Lucky Romance is handiest one take. I am hoping y'all guys take into accout him for a long time.

He continues, I can beready toaccept as true with that you guys will don't forget Su Ho and let him go comfortably. If any of you meet me in the streets, dont be afraid to assert hi. Please remainpleased and thank you such a lot for loving Lucky Romance. I used to becapable ofend information technologyneatlythank you to you.

He also hints his fans of his next works, saying, My next movieis known as The King (working title). At the moment Im filming Taxi Driving force (working title). You will have tonow notomitthose two films. Please be patient and be excited for it.

Lastly, he ends with, I admire you~ and says goodbye to his fans.

Meanwhile, Lucky Romance finished its run on July 14. You'll watch the remaining episode below!

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"W" starts off upper than "Lucky Romance"

The new MBC drama "W" had a just right start.

According to Nielsen Korea, "W" rated 8.6%. Here's 2.2% upper than the general episode of "W".

"W" is a romantic suspense drama about a resident physician named Oh Yeon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) getting sucked into the web-toon global and assembly Kang Cheol (Lee Jong-suk).

The components of the drama being fantastical and realistic would possibly have brought aboutsensible results.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV "Uncontrollably Fond" and SBS "Wanted" rated 12.9% and 5.4% respectively .

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"Doctors" Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye romance all of the way

SBS "Doctors" experienced a upward thrust in percentage thank you to their simple romance.

According to Nielsen Korea, "Doctors" rated 19.4%.

This is 0.2% more than the former episode.

Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye) unfolded her middle to Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won). The fairwaygentlebecame on for Ji-hong with Hye-jeong yet the red palegot here on for his father Hong Doo-sik (Lee Ho-jae).

Meanwhile, MBC "Monster - 2016" rated 9.9% and KBS "Beautiful Mind" 4.4%.

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How Will Namgoong Min And Minah’s Romance Lead to Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim Finale

How Will Namgoong Min And Minah’s Romance Lead to Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim Finale

How Will Namgoong Min And Minahs Romance Lead to “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Finale?notclaira July 17, 2016 0 How Will Namgoong Min And Minahs Romance End In “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” Finale? On July 17, the SBS drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” aired its ultimate episode.

SpoilersIn the general episode, Kong Shim (Minah) and Junsu (On Joo Wan) get into a vehicle accident. Junsu effectively recovers after surgical procedure and reconciles with his grandmother (Jung Hye Sun). He also makes up with Dan Tae (Namgoong Min), calling him hyung and giving up his love for Kong Shim.

However, Dan Tae comes to a decision to head over to the U.S. without Kong Shim, after seeing her satisfied at her company. Despite the reality that Kong Shim tries to move later him, she arrives at the airport too overdue and it gave the impact of all was once over between the couple.

The drama ends with a scene twelve months later. Kong Shim has advancedeither her occupation and appearance when she is stunnedthrough Dan Tae’s unannounced go back to Korea. The couple argue a little yetafter all he proposes to her and she accepts with a kiss.

Gong Mi (Suh Hyo Rim) and Junsu’s courting as well ends well, creating apleasedfinishing for the drama as a whole.

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Next Story Kim Jong Kook And Song Joong Ki Are Overflowing With Brotherly Love

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Spoiler Added ultimate episode 16 captures for the Korean drama 'Lucky Romance'

Spoiler Added ultimate episode 16 captures for the Korean drama 'Lucky Romance'

Added ultimate episode 16 captures for the Korean drama "Lucky Romance" (2016)Directed by way of Kim Kyeong-hee-IIWritten by Choi Yoon-gyoNetwork : MBCWith Hwang Jeong-eum, Ryu Jun-yeol, Lee Cheong-ah, Lee Soo-hyeok, Kim Ji-min, Kim Jong-goo,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA romantic drama about a lady who believes in good fortune and fortune-telling and a guy who lives on his own accord.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/05/25

#Choi Yoon-gyo #Hwang Jeong-eum #Kim Ji-min #Kim Jong-goo #Kim Kyeong-hee-II #Lee Cheong-ah #Lee Soo-hyeok #Ryu Jun-yeol #Lucky Romance #news