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Tae Rin Chooses EXO’s Kai Over Her Dad Ricky Kim on “Oh! My Baby”

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Tae Rin Chooses EXO’s Kai Over Her Dad Ricky Kim on “Oh! My Baby” On October 17′s episode of SBS‘ “Oh! My Baby,” Ricky Kim‘s adorable four-year-old daughter Tae Rin gets installed a troublesome state of affairs when she’s asked to come to a decision between her cherished dad and none rather than EXO‘s Kai.

Kai is visiting their house to fulfill Tae Rin’s more youthful brother, Tae Oh, who’s referred to as Kai’s lookalike. Tae Rin turns out to fall for Kai to get started with sight, and she fortunately joins Tae Oh and Kai in their living room to play. in an instant she wraps her hands around Kai, which makes him burst out laughing.

As Tae Rin then rests in his lap, Kai asks her, “Who’s more handsome, your dad or me?”

“Dad and you,” she replies with a smile. Kai tries to get her to select just one, yet she insists that they’re either handsome.

“She doesn’t most often say that,” says Ricky Kim. “Usually she selections me for first place.”

“What about Tae Oh or Kai, who’s cooler?” Ricky Kim asks Tae Rin. This time she doesn’t hesitate a bit of and picks Kai!

Later on, the circle of relatives sits down to devour some red meat that Kai brought for Tae Oh, as he’d once promised him in a video. Ricky Kim asks Tae Rin to feed either himself or Kai a work of the meat, and Tae Rin looks utterly torn.

“I wish to give it to either one of you, so I don’t know what to do,” she says adorably. Kai says, “Who do you want to give it to first, then?”kai tae rin 5

After some more convincing, Tae Rin consents to give just one of them a piece if Ricky Kim and Kai close their eyes. She then smiles shyly as she feeds Kai her piece of meat.

Check out the clip below!

Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Ju Welcome Third Child

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Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Ju Welcome Third Child

Ricky Kim and his wife, musical actress Ryu Seung Ju welcomed their third child into the world on September 19.

On September 20, the Korean-American model-turned-actor posted photos of his newborn daughter on Instagram. Her name is Kim Tae Ra, although she will probably also be given a more western-sounding name. His older children are known as Taylor Tae Rin Kim and Asher Tae Oh Kim. Informally they are referred to as Tae Rin and Tae Oh.

One Instagram photo shows the happy father looking at his daughter and another shows the siblings studying their new little sister.

On Instagram Kim wrote, "Thanks for all the prayers."

Ricky Kim and his wife appeared on the SBS variety program "Oh My Baby." Earlier in the year, when Ryu was about three months pregnant, the program showed the family going for an ultrasound. At the time the actor expressed his enthusiasm. He was so enthusiastic he might have been a first time dad.

"There is a saying that the second is better than the first and that the third is better than the first or second," he said. "I wanted to see Tae Rin and Tae Oh"s reaction to meeting her for the first time."

Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Ju married in May 2009. They met while doing charity work for an international nonprofit named Compassion. They dated for about two years before marrying.

Ricky Kim was born to a Korean mom and an American dad and grew up in Kansas and Hawaii. He didn"t plan on becoming an actor but after teaching English in Korea, decided to pursue a modeling and acting career there. It took a while to launch his career but he was not easily discouraged.

"If you do good things, keep smiling, and if you are happy and enjoying what you are doing work will come some day," he said in 2010 interview with the Korea Times.

He had his Korean acting debut in 2006 when he appeared in the drama "Miracle." Since then he has been seen in "On Air," "Jejungwon," "Midas," "Athena: Goddess of War," "Midas," "I Need Romance" and "The Queen"s Classroom." His most recent roles were in "Cunning Single Lady" and "Falling for Innocence."

In the fourth episode of "Falling for Innocence," also known as "Falling For Soon Jung" he surprised some viewers by playing a character that was supposed to be European but spoke impeccable Korean.

Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo Welcome 2nd Daughter Into the World

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Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo Welcome moment Daughter Into the World Ricky Kim and his wife Ryu Seung Joo welcomed their 3rd child, a beautiful baby girl, into the world yesterday!

The big name wrote on his Instagram on September 20, “Kim Tae Ra, 2015 9. 19 thank you for the entire prayers,” along with two footage of the adorable newborn.

In the first photo, the proud father is gazing lovingly at his tiny little daughter while gently holding her in his arms. the second one photo shows Tae Ra surrounded by way of her sister Tae Rin and brother Tae Oh, who look like moderately observing their new younger sibling.

Meanwhile, Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo tied the knot in 2009. They are these days performing on the preferred SBS’ sort show “Oh My Baby.”

Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo say hi to their 3rd child!

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Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo say hi to their 3rd child!

Celeb couple Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo are about to welcome some other package deal of joy into their family!

Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo"s 3rd child, whom they've endearingly nicknamed "Jjoo Jjoo" become once offered to the arena for the primary time on SBS"s "Oh! My Baby"! Ryu Seung Joo, who is recently 8 months into her pregnancy, visited the doctor"s workplace for a 3-d ultrasound to peer the face of the kid who can be joining the Kim-Ryu family soon. Ricky Kim, Taerin, and Taeoh were all correct by way of Ryu Seung Joo"s aspect as they looked on at the ultrasound, admiring the miracle of a living, respiring lifestyles inside of some other life.

Ricky Kim said, "There is a announcing that the 2d one is greater than the primary and that the 3rd is greater than the primary or second. I sought after to peer Taerin and Taeoh"s reaction to assembly Jjoo Jjoo for the primary time." Taeoh, who couldn"t take his eyes off the face of the baby who can be his little sister, adorably burbled, "Pretty~!"

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Ricky Kim Introduces His 3rd baby To the Tae Siblings on “Oh! My Baby”

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Ricky Kim Introduces His 1/3 baby To the Tae Siblings on “Oh! My Baby” Actor Ricky Kim these days printed his third child’s face on “Oh! My Baby.”

On August 22, on SBS “Oh! My Baby,” Ricky Kim offered the latest addition to the circle of relatives to the 2 Tae siblings.

Ricky Kim’s wife Ryu Seung Joo recently made an appearance on “Oh! My Baby” as she said that “After being 8 months pregnant, the time has come for me in an effort to turn my kids the face in their latest sibling. That’s why I may be taking them to the health facility with me.”Ricky Kim

Tae Ran and Tae Oh followed their folks to the gynecologist hand in hand with their father. They were in spite of everything ready to satisfy their latest sibling, JooJoo (a nickname for now) via images of the ultrasound. Interestingly enough, JooJoo changed into once observed in the ultrasound responding to the voices of her older brother and sister.

Ricky Kim changed into once not able to conceal his happiness whilst gazing his kids engage with each and every other. However, the father discussed that “Now that I have 3 children, I am relatively worried about money. Despite the fact that I am happy, as a father, it’s inevitable that I fear about monetary problems.” Ricky Kim changed into once ready to precise his true emotions throughout the interview portion of the episode.

Are you guys excited to peer JooJoo on “Oh! My Baby” as well?

Ricky Kim’s Son Tae Oh Differentiates Between Shoo’s dual Daughters on “Oh! My little one”

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Ricky Kim’s Son Tae Oh Differentiates Between Shoo’s twin Daughters on “Oh! My baby way of” on the July 18 broadcast of SBS’ kind program “Oh! My baby way of,” Shoo and her twin daughters took a travel to Ricky Kim’s geographical region house to consult with their circle of relatives.

all over the episode, Ricky Kim’s son, Tae Oh (Asher), displayed passion in one of Shoo’s twins.

After Shoo and her youngsters arrived at their house in the geographical region, the 2 families sat down to assist the youngsters grow to be more acquainted with one every other.

When asked if the Ra-twins, Ra Hee and Ra Yool, are lovely, Tae Oh pointed at Ra Hee and acknowledged, “She’s lovely.” however, when asked back about Ra Yool, Tae Oh didn’t display much reaction; as an alternative, he emphasized that Ra Hee is lovely once back.

Amazed by way of Tae Oh’s talent to inform the twins aside, Ricky Kim and Shoo set out to examine if he may just in reality differentiate between the 2 ladies. whilst probably the most oldsters distracted Tae Oh, the opposite parent switched Ra Hee and Ra Yool’s spots.

in spite of their attempts to trick Tae Oh, he proved so as to distinguish between the 2 twins, as he immediately pointed out Ra Hee, announcing, “Ra Hee is lovely.”

are you ready to tell the Ra-twins aside?

A Pink"s Eunji, VIXX"s N, Ricky Kim and more to guest on "I"m Going To School"

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A Pink

JTBC"s "I"m Going To School" has revealed the guest line-up for its upcoming episode.

According to multiple broadcasters on July 7th, A Pink"s Eunji, VIXX"s N, Ricky Kim, actor Go Joo Won, model Kang Seung Hyun will be guesting on "I"m Going To School". They recording will take place at Ulsan Hyundai Chungwoon High School together with fixed members Kangnam and Kim Jung Hoon.

They will be returning to their school days for 3 days starting from July 7th. This episode is scheduled to broadcast after the Jeju Island special in July. READ MORE

Actor Ricky Kim and Actress Ryu Seung Joo Expecting Their Third Child

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Actor Ricky Kim and Actress Ryu Seung Joo Expecting Their Third Child

The celebrity couple made the iconic announcement on March 9th. Ricky Kim and his musical actress wife, Ryu Seung Joo, are expecting their third child!

On March 6th, artist Kim Tae Woo and his wife, Kim Aeri, confirmed with the media that they are currently 12 weeks pregnant with their third child. The couple has yet to confirm whether or not they will continue filming for the reality show program, Oh! My Baby.

However, on March 9th, a representative of both Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo, another couple appearing on Oh! My Baby, confirmed that the couple is, in fact, 13 weeks expectant of their third child as well.

The representative further stated that Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung Joo discovered and shared the joyous news of being 12 to 13 weeks pregnant during the filming of an upcoming episode with their two other children, Taylor Tae Rin Kim and Asher Tae Oh Kim. Both their daughter and son were reported to have been excited trying to guess the gender of their newest sibling.

Ricky Kim and Family on SBS Oh! My Baby

Many netizens who have heard the pregnancy news have been leaving comments of support, saying, “I can’t believe Ricky Kim is finally having his wish of a third child come true!” “I can already picture Ricky Kim singing a song about having three kids kekeke” “Congratulations! You guys are going to become an even happier family,” and, “Tae Rin and Tae Oh must be super excited… I can’t wait!

Source: OSEN and TV Report

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Boyfriend"s Youngmin & Kwangmin, MYNAME"s Chaejin, C-CLOWN"s T.K, and BTOB"s Sungjae surprise TEEN TOP"s Ricky on his birthday

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95"ers came together to celebrate TEEN TOP"s Ricky"s birthday!

Ricky turned 20 (internationally) on February 27th, and Boyfriend"s Youngmin and Kwangmin, C-CLOWN"s T.K, MYNAME"s Chaejin, and BTOB"s Sungjae all came together to celebrate their fellow 95"ers birthday!

Ricky tweeted a group photo and wrote, "Thanks guys ~~♡♡ Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you".

Chaejin also wrote, "My friend Changhyun [Ricky"s real name] who always worries and supports me, happy birthday. It"s your day today, so I"ll let you go no matter what you say to me.. Happy birthday, Changhyun."

T.K tweeted a funny photo of all six of them except Ricky and wrote, "Loyalty! Keke," implying that they were all making funny faces so Ricky would look good looking.

Happy belated birthday to Ricky!

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[Video] Fans Get the Sweetest Surprise Birthday Video From Teen Top's Ricky

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[Video] Fans Get the Sweetest Surprise Birthday Video From Teen Top's Ricky

Celebrating his birthday on February 27th (today!), Teen Top′s Ricky sent a special present to the fans.

On February 27th, Ricky surprised fans with a special video, thanking them for all the love and birthday messages.

To pay all of the fans back, Ricky presented a 12-month aegyo set, sending his love to fans for each month from January to December.

The special video was created due to the special birthday mission Ricky received earlier.

Which present did you get?