Revisiting K-Pop's Worst Fashion & Outfits

Revisiting K-Pop's Worst Fashion & Outfits

K-Pop is known for having some of the most outrageous styles! From the extravagant and blinged out to the most amazing and complex, the styles and concepts are endless. However, there have been many occasions that left us saying “WTF were they thinking??” Check out some outfits that definitely need to go back into the closet!

The girls of 2NE1 seemed to have a love-haterelationship with their stylist at times. Especially Dara.

Boyfriend seemed to have taken the ‘Flower Boy’ concept a bit too far.e

The girls of disbanded group Chocolate were a total eyesore in the overly cutesy and revealing bathing suits. Perhaps a reason of their early leave?

SHINee’s stylist is known for their disaster-pieces. Here is one of many.

The girls were all smiles but we are sure they were dying on the inside.

Cheetah print is never a good fashion choice. EVER!

It seems SPICA outdid everyone with this fashion disaster.

Unfortunately, this is one of many B1A4 fashion mistakes.

Although the outfits are iconic, it doesn’t mean they aren’t unfashionable.

Although the group are known for being total trendsetters, these outfits are a big no-no from us.

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