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Yoon Kye Sang considers to reunite with the other g.o.d members for a 15th anniversary album

It might soon be time to take out your sky blue balloons because Yoon Kye Sang has said he is in talks to join the other g.o.d members for a possible reunion album!

As you know, rumors have been going on since the end of last year about a g.o.d reunion and each time, it was said that it was too early to confirm. However, recently talks of a g.o.d anniversary album and a concert have been brought up again. And it seems likely we really will be seeing this happen according to several insiders in the the industry. There have even been some producers and other professionals who mentioned that the members are also planning a concert to coincide their album release announcement.

Regarding this, Yoon Kye Sang”s agency Saram Entertainment stated on the 15th, “Yoon Kye Sang hosted OliveTV”s “Yoon Kye Sang”s One Table” last year and invited the g

Legendary Idol Group S.E.S Members Show Off Their Strong, Lasting Friendship in Recent Reunion

Legendary idol group S.E.S members Eugene, Bada, and Shoo reunited, and pictures of their reunion was posted by Bada on April 15 through her Twitter. Alongside the pictures, the singer wrote, “We are three…we still look good together. Life is beautiful.”

The girls look very happy in the pictures and it is nice to see that even through all this time, the friendship shared among those three has not changed. It has been more than 17 years since their debut, yet they still look young together.

Netizens’ comments included, “S.E.S, my childhood heroes,” “S.E.S are my sisters forever,” “Their friendship is so beautiful.”

Bada is currently starring in her own musical productions, and Eugene is working as a full-time actress. It has been reported that Shoo will be making her official acting debut very soon

Super Junior-M’s Henry Joins Instagram, Kim Heechul Plays with His Wifey and More

preview nextview 1/12 preview nextview From girl group reunions to romantic dates, the stars were all about spreading the love. Flip through for more in our Twitter Roundup.

Super Junior-M’s Henry made his Instagram debut on April 15 with a series of photos, including the one above, writing “magazine photoshoot with my cute lil friend!”

After playing with his friend, Henry cleaned up nicely in a suit, writing “suit n tie suit n tie.”

Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo, who also joined Instagram recently, posted a photo from his recent visit to Las Vegas on April 15.

SNSD’s Hyoyeon took a pet selfie, posting this photo of her dog with the message, “Hi~^^.”

Yuri posted a solo selfie during her downtime.

Meanwhile, this skull got some face time on Taeyeon’s Instagram

Yoon Kye Sang Makes Official Statement on Pending Participation on g.o.d Album

Regarding Yoon Kye Sang’s participation in g.o.d’s upcoming album, Yoon Kye Sang’s agency officially spoke up.

On April 15, Yoon Kye Sang’s agency, Saram Entertainment, released an official statement on Yoon Kye Sang’s participation in g.o.d’s project album.

“Last year, Yoon Kye Sang hosted Olive TV’s Yoon Kye Sang’s One Table, in which he invited the g.o.d members as the last episode’s guests. They cleared up all misunderstandings during this special time. Afterwards, they mended their friendship and discussed the possibility of reuniting.”

“Currently, with the g.o.d 15th anniversary project album, we’re discussing Yoon Kye Sang’s participation. We’ll need time to prepare for the album production as he’s been acting as an actor for a very long time, and as he will be continuing his acting activities, and a lot of effort is needed, the members and Yoon Kye Sang are still talking about his participation

‘Angel Eyes’ drops out 8-minute long highlight reel

“Angel Eyes” released an 8-minute long highlight reel to get you ready for its premiere today!

The highlight compilation teaser shows Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Ha Neul acting out the younger versions of Yoon Soo Wan (Goo Hye Sun) and Park Dong Joo (Lee Sang Yoon), and their first love story. You can also catch a glimpse of Seungri as well in the clip!

As mentioned previously, Goo Hye Sun plays the role of Yoon Soo Wan who was once blind but receives an eye transplant and starts anew as an emergency rescue worker. It was directed by PD Choi Moon Suk and written by “Boys Over Flowers” writer Yoon Ji Ryun, and it portrays the reunion of a man and his first love from twelve years ago.

The drama will follow “She Gets Married Thrice” today at 9:55 PM KST!


Baek Jin Hee to star in “Triangle” alongside Kim Jae Joong and Im Si Wan


Baek Jin Hee will be portraying the love interest of Kim Jae Joong and Im Si Wan in the upcoming drama “Triangle”.

On April 1, Baek Jin Hee”s agency confirmed the news, and stated, “Baek Jin Hee will be acting in the drama “Triangle”. We have high expectations for this project because of the trustworthy production team.”

In addition, they said, “The first filming day of “Triangle” has not been decided yet. Baek Jin Hee flew to New York to film a variety show, and we will coordinate her schedule with the production team once she returns.”

“Triangle” is the story of three brothers (Lee Bum Soo, Kim Jae Joon, Im Si Wan) who will meet again after being separated for twenty years after the death of their parents, and their reunion will lead them to work together towards achieving love and success

Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin and more attend “Doctor Stranger”s first script reading

New SBS drama Doctor Stranger will soon take place the time slot of the drama God’s Gift – 14 Days. Doctor Stranger will premiere on April 28.

As the drama approaches, Doctor Stranger held its first script reading which were attended by its cast including Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Kang So Ra, Chun Ho Jin, Jun Kook Hwan, Park Hae Joon, Choi Jung Woo, Jung In Ki, Kim Ji Young, Goo Seung Hyun and more of the official cast of the drama. Writers Park Jin Woo and Kim Hoo and PD Jin Hyuk were also present at the script reading session.

PD Jin Hyuk started the reading session with greetings to the cast and crew. He also introduced all the members of the cast. Lee Jong Suk is one of the main characters in the drama and PD Jin Hyuk said, “Lee Jong Suk’s debut was with me so it this feels like an extraordinary reunion knowing he’ll work with me in a new project again

Which K-Drama is Your Current Obsession?

It’s that time of the year again where we can barely keep track of all of the dramas on the air.

From action-thrillers to a mystery and, of course, your jaebeol drama, there’s something for everyone, but we want to know which drama you’re currently obsessing over.

Vote for your favorite below!

Three Days

JYJ member Park Yoo Chun’s action thriller SBS drama Three Days took off in the double digit viewership ratings when it premiered last month, and it continues to keep viewers tuning in.

Park Yoo Chun has been pouring all of his energy into his role as agent Han Tae Kyung, bodyguard to the President, in the 24-esque action-filled drama.

God’s Gift

SBS drama God’s Gift - 14 Days may not be blowing up the ratings charts, quietly bubbling under the radar with its roller coaster storyline about a mother’s race against time when she is given the chance to go back in time to prevent her daughter’s murder

“Angel Eyes” reveals BTS cuts of Goo Hye Sun

Several BTS cuts of actress Goo Hye Sun from her filming for the new SBS‘ Saturday – Sunday drama “Angel Eyes” were recently revealed, catching a lot of attention.

“Angel Eyes” marks Goo Hye Sun’s first comeback to the small screen after two years of hiatus.

The drama centers around the reunion of Park Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang Yoon) and his first love Yoon Soo Wan (played by Goo Hye Sun) after twelve long years.

Actress Koo Hye Sun previously expressed, “I am very nervous because this is my first drama in a while, but I think it will be a happy few months because I am in good hands.”

The SBS’ Saturday-Sunday drama “Angel Eyes” aired its first episode on April 5.



Yang Hyun Suk reminds Seungri to do well on “Angel Eyes”

Big Bangs Seungri featured on the April 7th broadcast of SBS‘ “Good Morning” where he talked about his upcoming drama “Angel Eyes.”

In the interview, Seungri revealed that YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk had left him a warning message.

He then imitated Yang Hyun Suk and said, “Did you get in a drama? I didn”t know because I was too busy with “K-Pop Star.” Do well on your drama~ If you don”t, I won”t let you be in another one again.”

“Angel Eyes” is a collaboration of PD Choi Moon Suk and writer Yoon Ji Ryun of “Boys Over Flowers“. It centers around the reunion of Park Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang Yoon) and his first love Yoon Soo Wan (played by Goo Hye Sun) after twelve long years