“Reply” PD Says Search engine marketing In Guk and Jung Eun Ji Were Practically  now not Casted for “Reply 1997″

“Reply” PD Says Search engine marketing In Guk and Jung Eun Ji Were Practically now not Casted for “Reply 1997″

Reply PD Says SEO In Guk and Jung Eun Ji Were Nearlyno longer Casted for Answer 1997orionight February 22, 2016 0 LINE it!Reply PD Says Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji Were Almost not Casted for Reply 1997 For as popular as the “Reply” drama series is now, it’s not easy to believe that the manufacturers saw any hassle drawing in its cast. In keeping with the brain in the back of the series, however, that wasn’t at all times the case.

On February 22, manufacturer Shin Won Ho spread out about how hard it was oncelooking to get actors interested bythe primary installment of the series, “Reply 1997.” He explained, “It changed intoactuallytoughlocating actors to fill the leading roles. All of the A-list stars grew to become the drama down. They all stated the drama would be a flop, and it was rejection after rejection. Finally, we ended up casting Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji for the leading roles.”

Shin Won Ho then went on to discuss Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji’s auditions. “They either did very well. Truthfully speaking, I didn’t intend to forged them because I used to be and so hopeful to cast larger names, yet they both did so neatly that they left a excellent impression.”

Thankfully Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji landed the roles, because it’s hard to assume the display without them!

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Seo In Guk Considers “Reply 1997″ the maximum efficient  Paintings of His Life

Seo In Guk Considers “Reply 1997″ the maximum efficient Paintings of His Life

Seo In Guk Considers Answer 1997 the maximum efficientPaintings of His Lifestyles kiddy_days December 23, 20150LINE it! Seo In Guk Considers Reply 1997 the suitable Work of His LifeSeo In Guk may be featured at thequilt of the approaching January 2016 factor of The Celebrity.

In the photos, he displays off 8other charms. He looks all of innocent, lazy, conceited, macho, unique, sexy, gentle, and easygoing. In the interview that followed, he acknowledged that he was oncehappy withthe reality that he had such so much ofaspects to himself.

He also published that as an actor, he concept that his highest work of his life become tvNs Reply 1997 and thanked the writer, Lee Yoo Jung. He also revealed that he's an avid fan of Reply 1988.

You can in finding his complete pictorial and interview on the January 2016 difficulty of The Celebrity.

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A Pink's Eunji Stocks 'Father-Daughter' Selfie With 'Reply 1997' Actor Sung Dong Il

A Pink's Eunji Stocks 'Father-Daughter' Selfie With 'Reply 1997' Actor Sung Dong Il

jung eunji, sung dong il(Photo : SNS)A Pink's Jung Eunji shared a captivating photo with actorSung Dong Il.

"The rowdy daughter went to head say hi to her father the day sooner than this for the primary time in a while. My unchanging father. Sung's home is love. The Luv. 'Reply 1988' fighting! Each personwatch out of the flu," posted Jung on A Pink's reliable fan website online on December 21.

In the picture, Jung is dressed in a hat and is posing for the camera with Sung. The 2 are revealing their close dating from filming the 1st "Reply" series, "Reply 1997," in combination where they played father and daughter.

The tvN drama "Reply 1988" airs each and every Friday and Saturday night.

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A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Visits Her “Reply 1997″ Dad, Sung Dong Il

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Visits Her “Reply 1997″ Dad, Sung Dong Il

A Pinks Jung Eun Ji Visits Her Answer 1997 Dad, Sung Dong Ilkiddy_days December 21, 2015 0 LINE it!A Pinks Jung Eun Ji Visits Her Reply 1997 Dad, Sung Dong Il Womanteam A Pinks Jung Eun Ji stunned her fanatics amongst a photo she took with Sung Dong Il, who played her dad in Reply 1997.

On December 21, Jung Eun Ji posted the footageat theauthentic A Purple fan cafe with the caption, For the primary time in a while, I went to head say hi to my father. He still hasnt replaced at all. The Sung Circle of relatives is love. The Luv. Reply 1988 Hwaiting! Watch outno longer to get the cold.

In the photos, Jung Eunji looks friendly as she presses her cheek opposed to Song Dong Ils. The 2 of them still seem likethey have gotwonderful chemistry as father and daughter.

Meanwhile, Reply 1988 gives a go back and forth back to the 80s each Friday and Saturday.

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A Pink's Eunji reunites with her 'Reply 1997' father!

A Pink's Eunji reunites with her 'Reply 1997' father!

It turns out A Pink's Eunji reunited with her 'father' Sung Dong Il from the preferred 'Reply' series recently!

The idol uploaded a lovableimage of her posing luckily amongst the actor, a wide grin on her face.

SEE ALSO: Drama Review 'Reply 1988' - Episode 12

Eunji uploaded the photo with the words, "I went to mention hi to my father yesterday. He's ever the same. The Sung circle of relatives is love. 'Reply 1988' team, fighting! Watch out of colds!"

Awww, it looks the daughter-father bond runs robust in the Sung family!

#은지 어제 간만에 개딸이 아부지께 인사드리러 갔었죠오 ㅎㅎ 역시 변함없는 울아부지ㅎㅎ 성가네 가족은 사랑입니다 The Luv... 응답하라 1988 화이팅!! 감기조심하세요!ㅎㅎ #Apink #에이핑크 pic.twitter.com/RkFP5jmVf8

— Apink 에이핑크 (@Apink_2011) December 21, 2015


Song Jong Ho talks about going from Lee Il Hwa

Song Jong Ho talks about going from Lee Il Hwa"s "son" in "Reply 1997" to her husband in "Orange Marmalade"

Song Jong Ho talks about going from Lee Il Hwa

Yeah... remember when Lee Il Hwa played the mother in "Reply 1997" whose daughter was dating Song Jong Ho? He was pretty much like a son to Lee Il Hwa there, but now he"s playing her husband in "Orange Marmalade." That"s what you call a sudden switch! He discussed this during the press conference for the upcoming vampire drama on May 12.

He said regarding their coupling, "It was awkward calling her honey when I used to call her mother in "Reply 1997." Still, we"ve worked together [before] and she comes out as an older woman, but she looks young, so I felt no burdens. I hope you"ll watch without preconceived notions."

You"ll get to see a different chemistry between the two actors this time around! Make sure you watch out for it this Friday during the drama"s premiere.

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"Reply 1997" Couple Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa Confirmed to Star in "Reply 1988

Reply 1997 Couple Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa Confirmed to Star in Reply 1988″

The phenomenal “Reply” series is making its way to comeback with new season, "Reply 1998."

A representative of tvN revealed on March 17th, “We are planning to air ‘Reply 1988‘ sometime in the second half of the year. The exact broadcast period has not been decided yet.” The production team is currently working on the script for the drama.

Earlier today, producer Shin Won Ho shared that “Reply 1988″ will be a family drama set in the year 1988. Slightly stepping away from the original format, the director hopes to focus on the heart-warming stories of diverse families, and plans to take inspiration from the MBC drama “Three Families Under a Roof,” which enjoyed huge popularity in the 80s.

While the casting is still ongoing, Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa have already been cast for the drama. This will mark their third time to act together as a married couple in another season of the “Reply” series.

Meanwhile, producer Shin Won Ho and scriptwriter Lee Yoo Jung are the creators of hit series “Reply 1997” and “Reply 1994,” which can be accounted for the breakthroughs of talented actors like Seo In Guk, A Pink‘s Jung Eun Ji, Go Ara, and Jung Woo.



Hoya reveals he was asked about his sexuality after playing a gay character in

Hoya reveals he was asked about his sexuality after playing a gay character in "Reply 1997"

Hoya reveals he was asked about his sexuality after playing a gay character in

INFINITE"s Hoya appeared on the February 10 edition of Mnet"s "4 Things Show" and talked about the after effects of playing a gay character in the hit series "Reply 1997."

He revealed, "After appearing in "Reply 1997," I was a bit traumatized at hearing I liked men. What was worse was that I heard even celebrities asked about my sexuality. It went as far as to traumatize me. It was like this for over a year after the drama"s finale."

Dongwoo added, "People around us asked if Hoya liked men. Broadcasting people were like that and even celebrities asked."

AOA"s ChoA asserted, "He really likes girls," while Dongwoo said, "This means that Hoya acted out the role that well.  Congratulations."


PD says he

PD says he"s considering follow up to "Reply 1994" and "Reply 1997"

PD says he

The PD behind "Reply 1994" and "Reply 1997", Shin Won Ho, has stated that he"s considering a follow up to the hit dramas.

Both drama series were hugely popular among viewers and won a number of awards. At the "2014 Korea Drama Awards" on October 1, the PD made sure to answer the question being asked by many fans. He said, "To the people anticipating a new "Reply" series, there"s nothing that"s been decided yet. A new drama or another "Reply" series could come out or it could be a new type of drama altogether. I"m leaving open the possibilities as I prepare."

PD Shin added, "A drama can"t just be finished easily. I think there needs to be a lot of consideration and preparation to match the expectation of viewers. I"ll come back with a good project that won"t disappoint."

Are you hoping for a new "Reply" series?


Fox To Give

Fox To Give "Reply 1997" and "Reply 1994" The Glee Treatment


"Reply 1997" and "Reply 1994" may soon get the "Glee" treatment. Fox Television, which was responsible for the musical TV hit "Glee," is producing an American version of the Reply dramas. The two k-dramas are going to be melded into one and called "Answer Me."

The resulting American production is described as musical coming of age drama about a group of friends.

The opening episode of the drama will be a collaboration between director Jon M. Chu, and writers Amy Endelson and Emily Myer of "Step Up 3D."

Chu comes from a dance/choreography background and has produced online series that focus on dancing. He directed the dance movies "Step up 2" and "Step Up 3D," plus the Justin Bieber concert film "Never Say Never." He also directed "G.I. Joe" Retaliation," which starred Lee Byung Hun, and Chu will soon direct "Jem and the Holograms."

There are no details yet on how the original k-dramas will be adapted.

K-dramas have come to the attention of American producers in the last two years.

An American production of "Boys Over Flowers" premiered on viki.com. The reviews for the small-scale production were mixed.

Kim Yunjin, the star of the American television hit show "Lost" has plans to produce an American version of the k-drama "Nine: Nine Time Travels," which starred Lee Jin Wook. That drama is about a man who gets nine chances to travel back in time and fix the wrongs that happened to his family.

Daniel Dae Kim, who played Kim Yunjin"s husband on "Lost" and now stars in "Hawaii 5-0," is in talks with CBS to create an American version of the k-drama "Good Doctor," starring Joo Won. "Good Doctor" is the story of a genius pediatric surgeon with some social problems.

"There"s something that Korean TV does that no other country does -- the way they portray heartbreak and melodrama," Daniel Dae Kim told the Hollywood Reporter in May. "In America, there are more serialized dramas and there can be room for something inspired by Korean TV, because I believe good content can transcend cultural barriers."

While this is true, it may be hard to see how the Reply series can be translated into an American one. Netizens wondered why the producers had not chosen another drama such as "Dream High."

"Reply 1997" was not even a musical, said one netizen. Glee did great but this is an entirely different kind of show.

How do you feel about the adaptation idea?