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INFINITE replay their "Reality" showcase!

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INFINITE replay their

For all those of you who weren"t able to catch the live stream of INFINITE"s showcase, you can watch the first part of the event for their album "Reality" here!

Fans can find out why Woohyunburst out crying and why Sunggyuhad to run in the music video teaser for "Bad". Of course, INFINITE also perform their tracks "Between MeYou" and "Love Letter".

Check it all out above and their "Bad" MV here if you missed it!

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The recently released song called “Love Sick" has been considered t o be the sequel to launch the popular song called “Replay”

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SHINees New Song Love Sick Is the Sequel to Debut Hit Replay? SHINees Jonghyun revealed that Love Sick off their new album is a actually sequel to their debut hit Replay that made noonas go wild back in 2008.

Right before the finale of their latest domestic concert SHINee CONCERT SHINee WORLD IV in SEOUL on May 17, the members of SHINee sat down for a press conference to talk about their anticipated comeback.

When asked to share about their fourth full-length album, Jonghyun said, The choreography of our new song Love Sick is reminiscent of Replay. If Replay was about confessing your feelings to the noona, then Love Sick describes the relationship after going out with the same noona for seven years. The lyrics go My heart still races whenever I look at you, I feel uneasy if youre not there in front of me, I love you. Its the sequel to Replay.

Meanwhile, SHINee will be making their comeback in just a few hours by dropping their fourth album Odd on May 18 at midnight.

Song Jong Ho talks about going from Lee Il Hwa"s "son" in "Reply 1997" to her husband in "Orange Marmalade"

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Song Jong Ho talks about going from Lee Il Hwa

Yeah... remember when Lee Il Hwa played the mother in "Reply 1997" whose daughter was dating Song Jong Ho? He was pretty much like a son to Lee Il Hwa there, but now he"s playing her husband in "Orange Marmalade." That"s what you call a sudden switch! He discussed this during the press conference for the upcoming vampire drama on May 12.

He said regarding their coupling, "It was awkward calling her honey when I used to call her mother in "Reply 1997." Still, we"ve worked together [before] and she comes out as an older woman, but she looks young, so I felt no burdens. I hope you"ll watch without preconceived notions."

You"ll get to see a different chemistry between the two actors this time around! Make sure you watch out for it this Friday during the drama"s premiere.

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"Reply 1997" Couple Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa Confirmed to Star in "Reply 1988″

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The phenomenal “Reply” series is making its way to comeback with new season, "Reply 1998."

A representative of tvN revealed on March 17th, “We are planning to air ‘Reply 1988‘ sometime in the second half of the year. The exact broadcast period has not been decided yet.” The production team is currently working on the script for the drama.

Earlier today, producer Shin Won Ho shared that “Reply 1988″ will be a family drama set in the year 1988. Slightly stepping away from the original format, the director hopes to focus on the heart-warming stories of diverse families, and plans to take inspiration from the MBC drama “Three Families Under a Roof,” which enjoyed huge popularity in the 80s.

While the casting is still ongoing, Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa have already been cast for the drama. This will mark their third time to act together as a married couple in another season of the “Reply” series.

Meanwhile, producer Shin Won Ho and scriptwriter Lee Yoo Jung are the creators of hit series “Reply 1997” and “Reply 1994,” which can be accounted for the breakthroughs of talented actors like Seo In Guk, A Pink‘s Jung Eun Ji, Go Ara, and Jung Woo.

"Producers", targeting to be the "Answer To 1997" of ground-wave?

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The creation of tvN drama "Answer to 1997" went down in broadcasting history. There were no top stars and it wasn"t prepared by a writer or a producer. However, it made a hit with a few elements such as the 90s, retro, dialect and entertainment. "Answer to 1997" had many merits but what stood out the most was the balance between comedy and drama. It reached its peak in the sequel "Answer Me 1994".

The main things about the "Answer" series were the characters who were comical although it wasn"t comedy and the way the characters created entertainment in each episode. Producer Sin Won-ho from the KBS entertainment department and Lee Woo-jeong brought out their strong points and created such results.

A producer who specializes in entertainment and this is why "Producers" is likely to be compared to "Answer to 1997". Some say it is the birth of a ground-wave version of "Answer to 1997".

The conditions of "Producers" are much better. Producer Seo Soo-min-I from "Happy Together - 1 Night 2 Days" has control along with writer Park Ji-eun from dramas, "My Husband Got a Family" and "My Love from the Star". The two of them alone is issue enough but the cast also includes Cha Tae-hyeon and possibly Kong Hyo-jin and Kim Soo-hyeon-I.

However, too much good can lead to side effects. The conditions in which Sin Won-hyo and Lee Woo-jeong-I wrote "Answer to 1997" were barren. No one expected such a great hit to cause such an impact on cable. It wasn"t attempted before so there was no anticipation and the producer and writer were free from pressure, allowing them to make create their own colors.

"Producers" is different. An entertainment producer in the lead of an entertainment program has never been attempted before and the project is getting bigger. With the featuring of Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Cha Tae-hyeon and Kong Hyo-jin, failure is not an option. Park Ji-eun"s writing was the engine expected to bring all these elements together but no one can be too sure about that. It"s hard to imagine what a drama writer and an entertainment producer may create.

A broadcasting station personnel claims, "The cost for the cast and the writer alone may be outstanding, as well as the production cost, too. It might be risky". However, "Producers" is the drama of the year. Will it be successful with good enough ingredients to create it?

SHINee’s Jonghyun Wants To Wear Colorful Skinny Jean and Perform "Replay" at "Totoga" in 20 Years

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SHINee’s Jonghyun Wants To Wear Colorful Skinny Jean and Perform

SHINee’s Jonghyun recently shared quality time with his beloved fans on a special picnic!

The March 5th broadcast of MBC Music’s live program Picnic Live will feature Jonghyun as the first participant in 2015, who will be sharing his honest stories and life’s turning point under the theme of ‘Half Time Day’ with 30 of his fans.

Jonghyun introduced the fans’ stories related to future career, love, army enlistment and more as he shared his sincere advice. He revealed, “The turning point in my life is right now, as I have released a solo album as a member of SHINee.”

He then looked back at the past eight years of promotions and named some of the most special moments, including his debut days of singing Replay in colorful skinny jeans and crying after receiving his first daesang six years after his debut.

When the fans asked which song he wants to sing if he were to appear on Saturday, Saturday is for Singers (Totoga) 20 years from now, he answered, “I would definitely sing Replay. I would also wear the colorful skinny jeans,” as he happily imagined himself in 20 years.

On this day, Jonghyun presented his explosive singing skills and musical sentiments on the live stage, showing his side as an artist instead of an idol.

Jonghyun opened the stage by singing Deja-Boo along with Zion. T and performed Love Belt for the first time, captivating the audience members with his romantic harmony with Younha.

Picnic Live featuring Jonghyun’s honest thoughts on his life’s turning point as well as special collaboration stages with Zion. T and Younha will air on March 5 at 6 p.m. (KST)

Hoya reveals he was asked about his sexuality after playing a gay character in "Reply 1997"

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Hoya reveals he was asked about his sexuality after playing a gay character in

INFINITE"s Hoya appeared on the February 10 edition of Mnet"s "4 Things Show" and talked about the after effects of playing a gay character in the hit series "Reply 1997."

He revealed, "After appearing in "Reply 1997," I was a bit traumatized at hearing I liked men. What was worse was that I heard even celebrities asked about my sexuality. It went as far as to traumatize me. It was like this for over a year after the drama"s finale."

Dongwoo added, "People around us asked if Hoya liked men. Broadcasting people were like that and even celebrities asked."

AOA"s ChoA asserted, "He really likes girls," while Dongwoo said, "This means that Hoya acted out the role that well.  Congratulations."

PD says he"s considering follow up to "Reply 1994" and "Reply 1997"

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PD says he

The PD behind "Reply 1994" and "Reply 1997", Shin Won Ho, has stated that he"s considering a follow up to the hit dramas.

Both drama series were hugely popular among viewers and won a number of awards. At the "2014 Korea Drama Awards" on October 1, the PD made sure to answer the question being asked by many fans. He said, "To the people anticipating a new "Reply" series, there"s nothing that"s been decided yet. A new drama or another "Reply" series could come out or it could be a new type of drama altogether. I"m leaving open the possibilities as I prepare."

PD Shin added, "A drama can"t just be finished easily. I think there needs to be a lot of consideration and preparation to match the expectation of viewers. I"ll come back with a good project that won"t disappoint."

Are you hoping for a new "Reply" series?

5 Times Shi Won From Answer Me 1997 Proved She’s Just Like Us

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5 Times Shi Won From Answer Me 1997 Proved She’s Just Like Us

After telling myself for years that I can’t watch any Korean dramas, I was finally sucked into watching one. That one drama turned out to be Answer Me 1997, and it was like my life had got turned upside down. But what struck me the most as a K-pop fan was the main character, Shi Won. In many ways, she reminded me of my friends and I. While there are many moments we could relate to her, here are 5 times that prove Shi Won from Answer Me 1997 is just like us.

1. She’s just as devoted as we are

Being a K-pop fan also comes with some criticism. We are constantly being asked “Why do you listen to something you can’t understand?” or “Why are you so invested in these groups?” Well, the answer is simple! If we find something that makes us happy, do you really think we wouldn’t get invested in it? At least you’ll have something in your life that you can be passionate about. Second, yes the music is in Korean and it’s not a language I understand at the moment, but it’s not hard looking up a translation on Google. These days fandoms are very quick to translate songs and music shows. Plus, it’s a new pathway to learning a whole new culture and language. I mean, even I’m taking Korean classes now!

2. She got into college because of H.O.T., and people are doing theses in college over K-Pop

Yes, it is true! I’ve known some acquaintances to do theses about K-pop in undergraduate and graduate school. I think it’s fascinating to see people do this kind of research over K-pop. It just goes to show that K-pop can help with your school studies as well.

3. She defends her bias to the end, and you know you do too

If there’s one thing about Shi Won and her bias is that she was very protective over H.O.T. One of my favorite scenes has to be before the award show where H.O.T. fans and Sechkies fans were basically in an all out fan war! You know these days you feel slightly defensive when it comes to your favorite group. Granted, some people might be more forward with the way they show their protection over their favorite groups.

4. You know you sometimes wish you were born in Seoul

As a K-pop fan, the golden location is Seoul, South Korea. The place with a plethora of K-pop shows, merchandise, and if you’re lucky, you might get to see your bias in the flesh. Some fans’ goals are even to start living in Seoul eventually and somehow start working for their favorite groups. Sadly, reality is pretty harsh and can’t exactly be like a Korean drama, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?

5. Just like her, you love every moment spent with your friends

One great thing about being a K-pop fan is all the friends you make along this crazy, wonderful journey. Having a friend who is dedicated to K-pop just as much as you are makes it 10 times more fun. Just imagine all the comebacks, music shows, and concert DVD parties you could have with friends.