Red Velvet's Irene Reveals Her Ideal Type & Seulgi Talks Plastic Surgery

Red Velvet's Irene Reveals Her Ideal Type & Seulgi Talks Plastic Surgery

The cutie members of Red Velvet’ wereguests on an airing of ‘Oppa’s Thoughts’ on July 31st where they revealed a lot of unique information about themselves. Irene didn’t hesitateto talk about her ideal type and Seulgi caught our curiosity with her desires for plastic surgery.

Irene first opened up about her ideal type saying, “I look more at personality than appearance. I hope the person has a warm, generous heart.” Irene mentioned her ideal type becauseshe mentioned rapperDinDin, whoadmittedto noticing Irene, saying,“I’m flattered to hear that he likes me. We also appeared on a variety program together. I don’t have his contact information though.”

The MC’s continued to ask about dating. “What do you think of celebrities dating?”Seulgi then answered,“Dating? Isn’t that something anyone can freely do?”Her humorous response caused everyone to laugh but things got serious when the topic of plastic surgery came about.

Seulgi mentioned,“I am the onlySMmember who doesn’t have double eyelids. I did consider getting it (double eye-lid surgery) done once. I tested it out myself and I looked really weird. People often told me my monolids were a key point for me so I decided not to get the procedure done.” It seems Seulgi only wants a minor surgery but fans are against any alterations. What do you think of Red Velvet’s unique reveals about themselves?