Red Velvet Make Our Summer Colorful With 'Red Flavor'

Red Velvet Make Our Summer Colorful With 'Red Flavor'

Red Velvet has been teasing for their “Red Summer” comeback and now they get things started with a sweet and tasty return for “Red Flavor.”

The girls continue to be fun, zany and bright with this quirky and catchy song. Filled with fruity styles and matching their teaser images, the MV consists of various whacky scenes, fun dance breaks and odd fruits floating around and reappearing. As usual, the girls look charming and showcase their stable vocals with this new, trendy sound. Check out the MV below.

The girls MV concept is quite different than the rest as they can be seen partying next to giant fruits, growing tall plants and trees and dancing the night away. They will continue to release more tracks for the “Red Summer” and keep fans on their toes with their bright, summery concept.

Their summer mini album ‘The Red Summer‘ contains 5 songs including the title song “Red Flavor”, where the girls express fruits in their own way. The mini also includeselectronic pop “You Better Know“, tropical rhythm dance song “Zoo“, urban pop song “Mojito“, and medium tempo song “Here the Sea.” What do you think of this comeback?