Recent Photos Prove Jihyo Keeps Getting More Beautiful

Recent Photos Prove Jihyo Keeps Getting More Beautiful

Fans are completely blown away by how TWICEs Jihyo becomes even more drop-dead gorgeous over time!

TWICEs Jihyo recently has been garnering a lot of attention for gradually becoming more and more beautiful throughout the years.

Jihyos natural beauty has been showcased many times through her childhood pictures and pictures of her without any makeup on.

Take a look at how Jihyos beauty has blossomed since her debut with TWICE!

Jihyo looked absolutely glamorous with her flaming red hair when she first debuted.

Jihyo looked even more adorable than before once she got bangs and dyed her hair brown for Cheer Up promotions.

During TWICEs TT promotions, she rocked a new look and charmed fans with her bright complexion.

Now shes back to her natural hair color and she looks as elegant as ever. 

Shes even been compared to Snow White for her fair skin and lovely features.

After seeing Jihyos new look in the TWICE teasers, fans were so amazed at how well this comebacks concept fits Jihyo so well!