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Rooftop Prince eps 20 Synopsis Summary

overhead Prince sends the injured Park Ha on the hospital, but because the woman liver suffered serious effects when she was struck, Park Ha falls to the danger of requiring liver transplantation immediately.

Lee Gak will try to persuade Se Na, as apart from her, no one otherwise could save Park '.

On the other hand, Tae Moo tells se Na to leave and go abroad to measure a good life with regard to them.

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LIVE RECAP- Rooftop Prince Ep 11 (Hurry Read! Juicy Details!)

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LIVE RECAP- Rooftop Prince Ep 11 (Hurry Read! Juicy Details!)

"Take Responsabilty for it!" Says Yigak to Bak-ha, who tried to run away! I can't believe how cool she's acting after he just found her "I LOVE U" text msg

Now they're both walking together to Bak-ha's Mom's house, who just called her. They look very akward XD He waits outside. Bak-ha's mom found Yigak's phone, that's supposed to be Lost, according to Taemu. Hmm..There's a photo of 2 on the screen that's broken. Yuchun seems to have realized something at last. What's Going on?

Oh no! Cute Chisan has a terrible stomach! Everyone goes to see him at the hospital, even Sena. Bak-ha sees her and gets insecure around Yigak again. Yigak noticed that. Senna Sort of took care of Sena of course, has a lot going on in her head.

Back to the Chisan's hospital, everyone is surrounding Chisan, who seems depressed:"As this pain was getting stronger, i thought i'd die before being able to return Home. To our Times." Suddenly Bak-ha comes in with food:"Here. Im leaving now." Yigak tells her he's coming with her, despite that tense mood between the two. They're both at the bus station. He gets on the bus, looks back, she's not coming.

Back home, He tries calling her, she doesn't answer. He gets so worried that he just goes out running around their neighborhood looking for her everywhere. Funny thing is, she's waiting for him XD His healthy color comes back to his face when he sees her. He gives all kind of excuses about he's not home this late..JUST TELL HER YOU WENT CRAZY OUT OF WORRYING ABOUT HER O

Both of them are inside now, he shows her this beautiful plant, and how to take care of it:"Just in case i won't be around" Oh he hinting about..Goodbye? She's shocked, tries to avoid his eyes and leaves BUT he grabs her hand:" Do you..Really Love me?" OMG!Bak-ha:" actually read the text message and pretended all day not to know anything?" Then Yigak continued:"Dont. Don't Love Me". What a heart break

The next day, Yigak takes the broken phone to get fixed. The phone had shocking surprises: Photos of Actualyl Yigak? with Taemu. What's disturbing about it is the Date the photos were taken! Taemoo said that they never got to meet when Yigak was in the states. Apparently it NOT TRUE. The Death/Killing scenario starts forming in his head.

At this bar, he's with Taemu:" Let me tell u about a story of two pple who were supposed to meet, but then because of another person, they couldn't. And it's making me ..MAD" Yigak added:" About the time i was supposed to go to the starting to get clearer memories you know" Taemu's face suddenly went white out of fear."Did we meet or not?" Taemu then quickly replies him:"Are you mad?".

Things are quickly escalading between the Two

It's clear now to Taemu that Yigak may know the Key to his deep dark secret.

Later, Yigak calls out Bak-ha, gives her medicine for her health, but she hates this:"Why do you keep acting this sweet if you're not even into me?"

Suddenly, he makes her sit and tells her everything from the second Bak-ha of the PAst til the moment he got to present times. He tells her that everything is rewriting itself. History made back then, the people he lost back then, all the answers are here. The reason he had this freak incident of traveling time is now clear to him.

Senna later calls Yigak, to ask something.."MARRY ME" What?? OMG i can't believe she just said that! And he's Already sitting with everyone and the elders planning!! Taemu quickly gets the news! He runs to Senna:"Are u crazy? i will never allow you to do that!" says Taemu to Senna! Yigak comes out suddenly out of no where, sees the 2.

After that Bak-ha drinks with her mum, who tells her everything about Senna's marriage plans, she gets wasted and comes home, only to find Yigak there. He spent the whole time thinking of the two of them, their old memories. Next day, while Bak-ha and one the guys is working in the Warehouse, a freak accident happens!! There's an electricity line that's going crazy, sparks everywhere. Bak-ha is alone inside! Stuck!! He can't her out of there! OH NO She's stuck in the FIRE!

Yigak finally gets a call about the accident!!He's running towards where she is!!The warehouse door is opened at last, so much smoke! No chance anyone survives this! Suddenly, YIGAK GOES INSIDE!!

"Bak-ah Ya~ Bak-ah Ya~" He screams on top of his lungs for her! She can hears him..She can sees him..But can't utter a sound

Rooftop prince real time recap: She kisses him just when she sees Bak ha!

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Rooftop prince real time recap: She kisses him just when she sees Bak ha!

So After she lies about Bak ha being sick, and she tell him that she loves him now! and right when bak ha arrives at the spot as promised, sena grabs him, stares at nak ha's eyes, and kisses him

Rooftop Prince - Episode 4 Recap - part 4

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Rooftop Prince - Episode 4 Recap - part 4

Now, Yigak is being carried to the hospital by ambulance

Taemoo, his Granny, Sena and Park-ha finally meet all together in hospital room and Yi-gak open his mouth saying...

It's getting more interesting, and I think Yigak just pretended to be his grandson... but I'm not sure. Let's see what will happen next week! Thanks for enjoying!!

Hong Jong Hyun Received Drama Love Call from the Writer of "Rooftop Prince"

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Hong Jong Hyun Received Drama Love Call from the Writer of

Actor Hong Jong Hyun, who is currently starring in variety show "We Got Married" has received a love call for "Sense of Men and Women" male lead!

On February 10th, Hong Jong Hyun′s agency rep told Newsen, "His appearance in SBS′ Sense of Men and Women is being discussed internally. Nothing has been confirmed yet."

SBS′ new drama Sense of Men and Woman is being written by Lee Hee Myung, who wrote Rooftop Prince starring Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min, as well as Yawang starring Kwon Sang Woo. The drama′s title was recently changed from The Girl Who Sees Smells.

To be broadcast following the conclusion of Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Sense of Men and Women is about a man who loses his sister through a murder case and a woman who miraculously survived the same incident.

Park Yoo Chun is currently being considered for the lead, as Hong Jong Hyun is looking into rivaling Park Yoo Chun′s offered character.

Gentle But Powerful Glow: "Rooftop Prince's" Park Ha - Han Ji Min

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Gentle But Powerful Glow:

There’s nothing I love more than a woman capable of being independent and strong. Although there are plenty of characters that come to mind when I think about who applies, Park Ha from “Rooftop Prince” always makes the list. I might be cheating a little bit, but when you add in Park Ha’s past life, Hong Bu Yong, then she’s even more ideal of a woman.

For our Woman Crush Wednesday this week, we’ll be focusing on both aspects of Park Ha – her present day self and her past self. I mean, haven’t you ever wondered how much of yourself was influenced by your past life? Interesting to think about, isn’t it?

But let’s take a look at Park Ha, shall we? (Spoilers ahead.)

 1. Park Ha doesn’t take anyone’s attitude.

Lee Gak certainly has an attitude and temper befitting of a Crown Prince, but no matter his status in Joseon, Park Ha is boss in Seoul. That means butting heads so much, they might as well have been glued together. When Park Ha isn’t busy exchanging commands and showing Lee Gak who the real leader is around here, she’s also constantly warding off Hong Se Na‘s devious schemes. Seems like the poor woman could never get a break!

Whether as Park Ha or Bu Yong, her brains are always on display. No, not literally! As Bu Yong, she was clearly the smarter of the two sisters who could always answer the Crown Prince’s riddles and playfully banter with him in poetry. She had even saved her sister, Hong Hwa Yong, from shame and embarrassment on multiple occasions by engaging Lee Gak in distracting conversation when it was clear her sister had no idea how to respond to the Crown Prince’s apparent adoration for poetry and literature. In the present day as Park Ha, she has been independent practically her entire life and knows how to take care of herself. If something is fishy, Park Ha can usually tell.

It takes a lot of courage and guts to team up with Lee Gak in order to draw out criminals, Hong Se Na and Yong Tae Mu, but Park Ha does it with fierce determination. She willingly dives into danger to bring justice and help Lee Gak solve the mystery of why he was transported to the modern times and figure out what really happened to Yong Tae Yong, his present day self. As her past self, there is no better sign of inner strength than to willingly eat dried permissions that have been sprinkled with poison, knowing that she’s, not only saving her evil family, but the Crown Prince as well.

4. Park Ha is influential.

How much influential power does it take to make a Crown Prince lose his composure and participate in childish pranks? How much influence must he be under in order to squeal and prance around after realizing how fun the modern times can be? Enough said! Haha.

5. Park Ha always maintains a sense of positivity.

She’s been through a lot, both as a child and as an adult, but Park Ha is always seen with a smile on her face, a bright, upbeat attitude, and a positive outlook on life. She doesn’t let anything kick her down for long and she knows how to get revenge when it counts. (How many times did Park Ha prank Lee Gak over his holier-than-thou attitude? Haha!) She knows to never give up because, only then, is there still hope. It’s not to say that Park Ha doesn’t feel negativity, because she does, but she does not allow it to control her. To me, that is a great quality to possess!

Soompiers, was Park Ha ever one of your favorite characters? What are your thoughts on her being our Woman Crush Wednesday this week? Who are you looking forward to seeing next? Let me know in the comments below! Until next week!

Transformation of Park Yoo Chun In 'Rooftop Prince' Drama

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Transformation of Park Yoo Chun In 'Rooftop Prince' Drama

This week’s episode of Man Crush Monday, we will welcome our dreamy prince, Lee Gak of “Rooftop Pince”, who comes from the Joseon dynasty.

His story is certainly a rather strange one, but Lee Gak tugged on the heartstrings so much, we just went with the flow and found ourselves enraptured by his exciting journey. After the unexpected death of his Crown Princess, Hwa Young, Lee Gak secretly assembled a team to do a little detective work. He was keen enough to suspect foul play, rather than an accidental death as everyone believed, and it was for that specific reason, that Lee Gak found himself in the modern times, falling in love with Park Ha, the reincarnation of Hwa Young’s sister, Bu Yong.

Let’s take a look at the five reasons that makes Lee Gak so crush-worthy (spoilers ahead):

1. He’s a fair and kind Crown Prince.

Due to their privileged lives, royalties can be arrogant, conceited, and downright mean sometimes, especially to those of a lower status than them. With Lee Gak; however, that is not the case at all. He’s constantly bright, friendly, and pleasant. He has a love for poetry and simplistic beauty, such as his Crown Princess and nature in general. He treats others with respect and even when he was a child, he was well-behaved rather than mischievous. In the end, although he dealt out a harsh death penalty for the perpetrators of the crime, it wasn’t unwarranted. He even, despite his reluctance, showed Hwa Young and her mother mercy because it was what Bu Yong wanted.

2. Lee Gak is hilarious, even if it’s often unintentional.

I think there’s something just so amusing and endearing about his childlike innocence when it comes to discovering something new. Of course, it’s understandable that he would be absolutely mesmerized by all the modern day items and technology, but it doesn’t make it any less comical to see his face light up in pure delight or to see the wits getting scared out of him by moving images on a television. His sidekicks make it even more hysterically funny, but Lee Gak is always at the center of their shenanigans. Spending time with him would never be a bore because there are too many things in the world to show him and, more often than not, he loves them! What’s truly amazing about this particular trait though, is that Lee Gak adjusts pretty quickly and even turns situations around to suit his needs. Remember when he called a tow truck to take him and his vehicle to the park so Park Ha could teach him how to drive? Ha! Talk about clever!

3. He has a teasingly playful nature.

When Lee Gak isn’t busy trying to figure out the modern world and trying to calm his racing heart due to sheer terror, he actually already has his own playfulness. His carefree attitude is nicely countered his by dedication to his duties – like tracking down the ones responsible for his Crown Princess’s death. He certainly knows how and when to be serious, but he also knows very well when to kick back and enjoy himself. He finds amusement in teasing Park Ha, but she always returns the favor with equal fervor, making them the perfect match. I dare you not to smile when you watch their antics, especially that one time where he pretended to have another allergy attack and demanded Park Ha give him CPR again! HA! Lee Gak is really the best of both worlds and he is honestly such a sweetheart now that he knows what true love really is… without all the saeguk restrictions! He he!

Don’t let his laid back demeanor fool you though, because when Lee Gak roars, even the lions might tuck tail and flee the scene. He can have a short temper, but they honestly don’t last long if it’s completely unreasonable – only because he was raised to have a full staff waiting on him hand and foot. Now that he doesn’t have that luxury, it took him a bit to adjust, although he does pretty well for himself. That kind of short-temper wasn’t the fierceness I was talking about though. No, I’m talking about the unforgiving side of him. The side that goes head to head with those trying to take him – or his reincarnation – down. Lee Gak constantly tries to stay one step ahead of the game and carries the burning negativity in his heart as fuel to defeat Yong Tae Mu.

He can be scary, cunning, manipulative, threatening, and strategic. He’s also a mega talented actor with the way he pulled off being Yong Tae Yong. It’s such a big contrast to his usual attitude, but it fits him and his status of Crown Prince so well! I loved watching him surprising the living daylights out of Yong Tae Mu and Hong Se Na on a normal basis, all in the name of protecting, not just himself, but Park Ha as well.

5. He’s a fantastic mystery solver.

Hide all the crossword puzzles and Clue games! Lee Gak has a brain for solving mysteries! I will never know how he managed to connect the dots so completely from his Joseon era to the modern times simply by living with Park Ha for a short period of time, falling in love with her, and realizing that Hong Se Na was almost completely devious, especially with Yong Tae Mu planting ideas in her head. Still, the man managed to do it, much to the surprise of everyone back in the palace (of course, the fact that only a day had passed there might have added to the surprise factor…). But not only that, Lee Gak also displayed his amazing talent numerous times when unveiling both Hong Se Na and Yong Tae Mu’s individual and combined schemes and catching Hong Se Na, with evidence, as the culprit behind the death of Yong Tae Yong’s grandmother. Sometimes, you just have to wonder if he’s got eyes and ears everywhere…

Do you approve of Lee Gak from “Rooftop Prince” as this week’s Man Crush Monday? On our scale of 1 to 10, how does he rank on your crush list? Let us know in the comments below and remember to keep nominating those crushes for our December Mystery Reveal!

JYJ’s Yoochun cast for SBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Rooftop Prince’

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JYJ’s Yoochun cast for SBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Rooftop Prince’

JYJs Yoochun has announced that hell be making his small screen comeback through SBSs Rooftop Prince!

On January 10th, SBS revealed, Weve decided on Park Yoochun as the leading male role for Rooftop Prince.

This will be his first comeback in eight months since the conclusion of MBCs Miss Ripley, which ended back in July. Attic King is scheduled to begin airing in March, and Yoochun will be playing the role of Lee Gak.

SBS continued, He hasnt signed the contract yet, but both sides have agreed upon the casting. We have not yet decided on who will play the leading female role.

Attic King will be the work of writer Lee Hee Myung and PD Shin Yoon Sub.

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul

Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap And Screenshot: A Walk in the Snow with 8th Prince

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Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap And Screenshot: A Walk in the Snow with 8th Prince

Almost every single relationship in Bu Bu Jing Xin is well-developed, sometimes using very little to explain quite a lot. Whats extraordinary is how well the writer manages to create two equally devastating and viable love stories for the heroine Ruo Xi. As a viewer, both Ruo Xis relationship with 4th Prince and 8th Prince are unforgettable, even if in the end I felt it was her love story with 4th Prince that was the kind to span lifetimes and multiple destinies.

Early on in the story, 8th Prince joins Ruo Xi on a walk in the snow that goes down as one of the most beautiful scenes in the drama. There are no words spoken, and none are needed. Its evident in that moment that 8th Prince and Ruo Xi cannot be just platonic friends. And for those who think but hes her brother-in-law!, Ruo Lan would be thrilled if her husband sent her 3000 miles away to live and never bothered her again. But the devastating unrequited love story between 8th Prince and Ruo Lan is a post for another day.

Its snowing outside, the changing of the seasons in Beijing signal for Ruo Xi that her life continues in the Qing Dynasty, the days turning into months and finally into years. She wakes up in her lovely room, her life really quite comfortable, except with the pampered existence comes worries that commoners would never understand: politics, power, and the acquisition thereof. Its all between the men, but sadly the women are caught in the middle, ultimately victims and pawns.

Ruo Xi walks out of her room and looks at the falling snow. She reaches out her hand to catch the delicate flakes, the cold a stark reminder that this is all real. Its not a dream.

She starts walking, likely to visit her sister Ruo Lan, to sit around a warm stove and chat.

8th Prince appears out of the corner of her eye, his quiet footsteps in the snow joining hers until they are walking side-by-side in silence.

Ruo Xi steps on an uneven bundle of snow and almost trips, but 8th Princes quick reflexes catches her, holding her elbow tightly. She rights herself and turns to look at him directly in the eyes, and he looks back at her, both of them still in silence.

She moves to pull her elbow back but instead his hand reaches for hers. He grasps her hand in his and turns to continue walking.

Ruo Xi looks at him but doesnt pull her hand out of his.

8th Prince and Ruo Xi enter his study. He removes his cloak, and then turns to see shes still standing there not making any move.

He reaches for her cloak string but she draws back, saying she can remove it herself. He smiles and walks over to pour her a cup of hot tea.

8th Prince then walks over to his desk, sits down and opens a letter to read. He asks Ruo Xi if she happens to like standing up? Ruo Xi scurries over to the table on the other side and sits down.

She drinks her tea and looks at 8th Prince sitting behind his desk reading. She thinks to herself this man, so full of sophistication and depth, the prince coined by all the court officials as the wise 8th Prince, yet for the price of a throne, he ends his life jailed in a dank cell. Its clear that no matter what could possibly develop between Ruo Xi and 8th Prince, knowing his ultimate fate as the loser of the 9-Prince-Battle will forever loom over her, the spectre of his defeat a steep price that anyone associated with him would suffer when the time came.

But for now, Ruo Xi is still young, the battle still somehow vague and far away. She stands up and tells the 8th Prince that she should head back or else her sister will grow worried. 8th Prince rubs his head for a moment, and then asks his servant to please walk the 2nd miss back.

He smiles as he watches Ruo Xi scurry out of his study like fire ants are after her, when only its just the piercing gaze of 8th Prince that so unnerves her.

JYJ Park Yoochun to Appear on SBS Drama Rooftop Prince?

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JYJ Park Yoochun to Appear on SBS Drama Rooftop Prince?

Currently JYJ’s Park Yoochun is considering whether to appear in the new SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” that will broadcast on March 2012. A representative of Park Yoochun stated, “Currently Park Yoochun has received an offer from ‘Rooftop Prince,’ to appear in the drama. It appears that he is looking at the script with a positive light.”

If Park Yoochun decides to appear in this drama as well, that would mean that he has now appeared in a drama of all the big three broadcast companies! (He has appeared on KBS “Sungkyungkwan Scandal” and MBC “Miss Ripley”)

The basic synopsis of “Rooftop Prince” is this: The Joseon prince Sejah loses his wife and he ends up in the 21st century with his loyal followers. He falls in love with somebody that looks exactly like his wife in the past. The drama will jump back and forth between both time periods. 

(Remember nothing is set in stone for Park Yoochun deciding whether to appear in the drama or not)