QUIZ: Those Real-Life Couples Discovered Love at the Set of Which Drama

QUIZ: Those Real-Life Couples Discovered Love at the Set of Which Drama

QUIZ: Those Real-Life Couples Discovered dearestat the fix of Which Drama?blacksesame88 March 11, 2016 0 LINE it!QUIZ: These Real-Life Couples Found Love on the Set of Which Drama? Ever wish the OTP of your favourite drama would date in real life as a result of their amazing onscreen chemistry? Every now and then that chemistry develops off-screen and thats when we see couples cross from reel to real! There are so much of couples who found love on the drama set and a few even in the endwere given married—one noted example is married couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young. Take this quiz to determine what dramas these real-life couples found love on set!

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Kim Ha Neul Has A Real-Life 'Noona Romance' With A Non-Celebrity

Kim Ha Neul Has A Real-Life 'Noona Romance' With A Non-Celebrity

Kim Ha Neul (Photo : ) On September 24, Kim Ha Neul confirmed that she was in a relationship with a younger businessman.

Her agency, SM Culture + Contents (SM C+C) issued a statement addressing the relationship between the 37-year-old actress and her non-celebrity boyfriend.

A report published by the Korean outlet,Yonhap News, highlighted the official statement of the agency. "It"s true that Kim Ha Neul is dating a businessman, who is one year younger [than her]," said a spokesperson for SM C+C, in a quote provided to Yonhap News. "They have been dating for about a year, after they were introduced by a friend."

Dispatch provided pictorial evidence of the relationship through photos that depicted the star with her non-celebrity boyfriend. According to the report, they were spotted on an outing where they had chicken soup with their parents.

Kim is the latest Korean celebrity to confirm their romantic involvement with a younger man. In Korean dramas, relationships between an older woman and younger man are referred to as "noona romances." Once a taboo, due to the likelihood that families for both parties would oppose marriage, real-life "noona romances" are on a rise.

According to an August 2015 report published by The Chosun Ilbo, first marriages involving older women and younger men increased to 15.8 percent in 2014. While it too soon to know if marriage is in the future for Kim and her boyfriend, these statistics hint at a promising future for the couple.

Kim is a model-turned-actress who gained notoriety for her roles in romantic comedies like "My Tutor Friend" and "My Girlfriend Is An Agent." Her Korean drama roles include "Piano" and the 2012 series, "A Gentleman"s Dignity."In 2015, she turned her sights back to film roles with projects like "Making Family" and "Female Teacher."


Five On-Screen Couples Fans Want To See Paired In Real-Life

Five On-Screen Couples Fans Want To See Paired In Real-Life

(Photo : Millet, MBC, tvN) On July 1, the Korean outlet Dispatch published an exclusive story which claimed that "Pinocchio" stars Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk were dating. S.A.L.T Entertainment, the agency which represents Park immediately denied the claims. Their statement was followed by one issued on behalf of Lee Jong Suk, who also denied the dating rumors.

A representative from WellmadeYedang provided a statement to Newsen which refuted the claims. "Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are not dating," said the spokesman. "They are just friends."

Dating rumors surrounding the couple escalated after they were spotted together, along with other top Korean stars, at a May 2015 resort wear party hosted by Chanel.

While their agencies denied that they were dating, outlets including the Korea Times posted photos from the Chanel resort event and social media to bolster the rumors.

News of Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk was less startling to audiences who fell in love with their on-screen image during "Pinocchio."

The biggest challenge for actors and K-Variety stars is to convince audiences that an on-screen relationship could develop in the real world.

Here are five K-Drama and K-Variety couples that touched our hearts during the first half of 2015.

1. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye

Most fans were not shocked by news that Lee Jong Suk would actually date Park Shin Hye. Their on-screen chemistry in "Pinocchio" provided some of the sweetest K-Drama moments of early 2015. From their toast kiss to their shaving scene, the pair managed to captivate viewers.

2. Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun

The LTE Couple is one of the most beloved pairs to appear on "We Got Married," in quite some time. Viewers continue to mourn their departure from the variety showwhile harboring hopes that they will continue their romance off-screen.

3. Gary and Song Ji Hyo

The playful banter between Gary and Song Ji Hyo are one of the primary reasons to watch "Running Man." The Monday Couple continues to attract attention, years after they were made an on-screen pair.

4. Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young shared so many adorable moments in "Healer." Their charismatic interactions transformed the action series into a timeless K-Drama hit.

5. Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seungyeon

CNBLUE"s Lee Jong Hyun and actress Gong Seungyeon have helped to draw interest back to "We Got Married." Whether they are learning Kendo or visiting their family members, they approach one another with lighthearted joy.

About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramastars. She is also a contributing writer forKpopstarz, MTV Iggy and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).


Kim Tae Hee and Rain’s Combined Real Estate Fortune Outranks All Other Celebrity Couples

Kim Tae Hee and Rain’s Combined Real Estate Fortune Outranks All Other Celebrity Couples

If Kim Tae Hee and Rain were to get married, the combined value of their properties would put them at the top of the list of celebrity couples with real estate investments.

On the April 11 episode of KBSs Entertainment Weekly, celebrity couples who own properties are ranked by the sum of their combined fortunes.

The program reveals that actor Jang Dong Gun owns a building worth 13.4 billion won (approximately $12.2 million USD), and his wife actress Go So Young owns one with a value of 10.3 billion won (approximately $9.4 million USD). Together, they have over 23.7 billion won (approximately $21.6 million USD) in properties, making them the current reigning celebrity king and queen of real estate in Korea.

However, the program notes that if Kim Tae Hee and Rain were to get married and combine their property fortunes, theyd grab the top spot.

Kim Tae Hee is the owner of a building thats worth 11.8 billion won (approximately $10.7 million USD), while Rain owns a property worth 26.3 billion won (approximately $24 million USD), the sum of which would be 38.1 billion won (approximately $34.7 million USD)!

Meanwhile, Rain recently sold his house in Seoul for a reportedly large amount of money, which sparked rumors that he was preparing for a wedding ceremony. However, Rains agency has stated that the couple is not currently planning to get married.

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Another Celebrity Couple! On Joo Wan and Jo Bo Ah Bring Onscreen Chemistry to Real Life

Another Celebrity Couple! On Joo Wan and Jo Bo Ah Bring Onscreen Chemistry to Real Life

Another celebrity couple has been confirmed!

Actor On Joo Wan and actress Jo Bo Ah have taken their onscreen chemistry to real life, becoming an official couple in the industry. After reports that they were dating appeared earlier, On Joo Wans and Jo Bo Ahs agencies each confirmed that they were indeed dating and have been for about a month. The two met while acting together in the tvN drama Surplus Princess. According to the official statements, the friendship formed during the drama naturally turned into a romantic one about a month ago.

Congrats to the new couple!

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Reel-to-real Celebrity Couples: Top Actors Chase After Their Drama Co-stars!

Reel-to-real Celebrity Couples: Top Actors Chase After Their Drama Co-stars!

It's no surprise that actors who have chemistry on-screen find themselves falling in love with the co-star even when cameras are turned off! Following the many K-drama finales where they make us swoon, male stars try to recreate fairy-tale romances for themselves without the help of any script. Some confess their feelings to their first love, while others fall head over heels for ladies they just met. The outcomes differ, but their love is the same.

I have listed a few of the many handsome actors who initiated a relationship.

1. Ji Sung

TheKill Me Heal Me actor relentlessly pursued Lee Bo Young for three months before she agreed to go out with him. He even promised to give up acting for her because she didn't want to date fellow actors.

2. Kwon Sang Woo

After he saw Son Tae Young in MBC's Come To Play, he was interested in meeting her. Fellow actor Kim Sung Soo introduced the two beautiful stars to each other at a dinner party. The Temptation actor had to compete with another suitor at the party to win her heart. When the other guy left early, he stayed until the end of the reception to win her over.

3.  Yun Jung Hoon

The Vampire Prosecutor star had to pursue Han Ga In for three months before his shy lady agreed to date him. He even treated her agent to drinks on a regular basis during the filming of the 2003 KBS series Yellow Handkerchief.

4. Oh Ji Ho

The Maids actor met his first love in high school, but she had a boyfriend during their school days. Five years later, she was finally single, and Oh jumped at the opportunity to date the woman he had fallen for years ago. They broke up after only one month of dating because she cheated on him.

Nonetheless, Oh Ji Ho married the real woman of his dreams last year.

5. Seo In Guk

He actually pursued his co-star, A Pink's Eun Ji, from Answer Me 1997. The singer and actor texted he loved her and asked to meet up after filming. He developed feelings for her during their tvN's drama filming. Unfortunately, the "Hush" singer didn't return his affections. Their relationship never materialized.

6. Ji Hyun Woo

The Trot Lovers actor boldly declared that he loved his Queen In Hyun’s Man co-star Yoo In Na at the drama's finale fan meeting. She was utterly surprised by his confession, and the pair dated for two years before calling it quits.

7. Woo Young

The 2PM singer had his fellow JYP Entertainment labelmate Seulong text IU for him during their Dream High days. He wanted to get closer to his pretty co-star so he needed a little help. The You're The Best Lee Soon Shin actress responded with a cold text, but the pair eventually went on two dates together. He paid both times!

Which actor would you have wanted pursuing you?


Siwan wishes to see a real-life Iron Man in classy pictorial with

Siwan wishes to see a real-life Iron Man in classy pictorial with "The Celebrity"

Siwan sat down as the cover model for the March issue of "The Celebrity" despite being busy with CF shoots and fan meetings since the success of his drama, "Misaeng."

Although this was his very first time posing for the cover of a fashion magazine alone, he never lost focus throughout the long shoot and remained professional, checking every concept thoroughly and touching the staff members with his diligence.

In the interview, he revealed that he always wanted to see Iron Man in real life at least once, taking on the mirror scene in which Tony Stark wakes up as a superhero.


8 Korean celebrity couples, what would their kids look like

8 Korean celebrity couples, what would their kids look like


Have you ever wondered what Taeyeon and Baekhyuns potential child would look like? Here are 8 morphed baby photos of Korean idol couples, if they had children! Which do you think is cutest?

1. Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Huns baby! That is one handsome baby.image

2. Girls Generation Soo Young and Jung Kyung Hos baby! Aww look at those chubby cheeks!image

3.  F(x)s Sulli and Choizas baby! He looks more like his dad!image

4. Kim Tae Hee and Rains baby! He could be an actor one day!image

5. Girls Generations Tiffany and 2PMs Nickhuns baby! He is half Korean, half Thai!image

6. T-aras So Yeon and Oh Jong Hyuks baby! He has So Yeons eyes and Jong Hyuks nose!image

7. Girls Generations Tae Yeon and Exos Baek Hyuns baby! Wow he is just adorable!image

8. Girls Generation Yoona and Lee Seung Gis baby! Those are some good genetics!image


Rain and Megan Fox ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!image


Kim Ji Won Talks Character and Possibility of Real-Life Couples from "The Heirs"

Kim Ji Won Talks Character and Possibility of Real-Life Couples from "The Heirs"

Kim Ji Won Talks Character and Possibility of Real-Life Couples from The HeirsKim Ji Won took on the spoiled rich girl role as Rachel Yoo in “The Heirs,” a departure from previous roles playing good girls. In an interview with My Daily, she talked about her role in the drama, as well as shared her thoughts on the drama pairings.

Kim Ji Won watched writer Kim Eun Sook’s previous works to prepare for her character, and thought that Park Min Sook (Kim Jung Nan) from A Gentleman’s Dignity would be what Rachel would be like when she grew up. 

In person, Kim Ji Won is the exact opposite of Rachel Yoo. While Rachel Yoo comes straight to the point, and always says what she wants to say, Kim Ji Won comes across as being surprisingly shy. She doesn’t get angry easily, and she thinks about saying something for a while before she says it, so she says she’s missed the opportunity to speak up many times. She says the scene that sticks in her mind the most is the scene where Rachel drops a bomb on everyone at the pancake restaurant in Episode 3, making it extremely uncomfortable for Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) and Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk).

“That scene embodied Rachel as a character the best. Rachel always stays true to her feelings and instincts. She’s part of high society, and trying to behave like an adult, but I see Rachel as being very much her teenage self. When she falls in love, she’ll throw money or anything and go all-in; she’s definitely done a lot of things that were not mature and adult-like.”

She also revealed that she took a page out of Blair Waldorf’s book, referring to American drama “Gossip Girl,” pointing out elements such as Blair’s vicious expressions and conceited gestures of superiority. The straight-cut bangs, though, were entirely writer Kim Eun Sook’s idea.

“Writer-nim expressed that it would be good if I got heavy bangs. She thought that the stuffy bangs would suit Rachel’s image better. I liked having bangs. It was a small change but made a world of difference. I can’t imagine a Rachel without bangs right now.”

Kim Ji Won’s real-life dating style is also very different from Rachel’s. While Rachel is the type to give her heart completely to the person she likes, and obsess and follow after them, Kim Ji Won says that if the other person doesn’t like her, she would go through a period of heartache alone and then break it off cleanly.

“I’ve been asked before if I’ve been in any relationships, and I’ve said no. But in truth, I have had a boyfriend previously. It was in between transitioning from the third year of middle school to the first year of high school. But it’s hard to call it a romantic relationship. Thinking back, he was just a male friend that I went to extra classes outside with and ate with.” (Laughs)

She’s got such a pretty face, so it was hard to believe that she had had nearly no dating experience. When asked there was anyone who caught her eye while filming “The Heirs,” she said, “It was all business for us. We built friendships, but it ended cleanly.”

“I don’t know of any of us who became a couple after the show ended. I don’t understand it, and none of the staff do either. When we filmed at the school outside Seoul, all the actors came down from the city. We waited in the classrooms in between takes, and sat at the desks like students while eating snacks and chit-chatting.”

However, through this project, she’s gained an admirer in the form of actor Kang Ha Neul, who played Lee Hyo Shin. In the drama, both liked other characters, but due to an unexpected kiss, the two gradually built an attraction to one another. Before the final episode, the two revealed a picture of them holding hands with one another, causing viewers to be curious if their characters would end up together in the drama.

“I met Ha Neul-oppa before while working on the drama ‘To The Beautiful You,’ but this is our first time acting together. He’s really nice so it was comfortable working with him, we also found that we have similar hobbies, so it felt like we were real siblings. As a joke, he was the male Kim Ji Won and I was the female Kang Ha Neul.”