R&B singer Suran thanks Changmo and BTS’s SUGA after topping music charts

R&B singer Suran thanks Changmo and BTS’s SUGA after topping music charts

R&B singer Suran expressed her gratitude upon ranking #1 on various music charts!

On April 27, Suran released her new digital single “Wine”, which topped music charts directly upon release. 

Suran’s new song is trendy hip-hop R&B song fused with an electro-pop genre. The song is about breaking up, illustrating the unforgettable memories of a loved one in a glass of wine. The song is produced by BTS member SUGA and features rapper Changmo which adds to the hype. 

Upon hearing the news, Suran told Sports Chosun, “This is my first time ever ranking first place since my debut. I couldn’t have done it alone, it was all thanks to BTS’s SUGA and rapper Changmo who both contributed in creating such a great song. I would like to sincerely thank them as it means a lot to me. I am also really glad to be able to shine through this music. Please look forward to my upcoming mini album.”

She then went on, “I felt really depressed when I was working solo on making music last year. That’s when I met with SUGA and chatted about music when we decided to collaborate, resulting in “Wine”. I am really grateful to have gained so much energy and strength after working together.”

Suran also added, “I would also like to thank rapper Changmo whom I am a huge fan of, for featuring in my new song. Thank you so much.”

Congratulations, Suran!

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