Rapper Heize calls out a fake friend on social media

Rapper Heize calls out a fake friend on social media

Rapper Heize called out a fake friend on social media.

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It seems Heize found it appropriate to air out some drama on Instagram as she had a weighty message to share. On April 29, she posted the following:

“Recently, whenever I met up with acquaintances, I’ve found there have been falsities about me and my colleagues as well as false rumors about things that never even happened. I really hope you think deepy about why the people who’ve heard those stories from you are telling me about them and telling us to be careful of you.

The more I hear, the more I feel like it’s a crime. When I hear the stories, it’s to the point that I’m thankful to the people telling me for not treating me like someone with mental issues. At first, I was so sad that someone I once considered like a family member is going around saying these things, and then I got mad. Now I feel it’s so unfair, and I care about myself enough to throw off all these falsities you’ve put on me. I’m writing this so that the precious people around meas well as I myself are no longer harmed by this.

If you continue with these lies, we’ll all have to come together to one place to deal with your mouth. There’s a limit to lies, but to make up people who don’t even exist in order to make your lies look like truths sincerely seems like an illness to me.

If you used the energy to write new scenarios to improve yourself instead of putting down others, I feel that you won’t have to live unhappily as a pathological liar.”

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