Rapper BewhY Talks About His Plan To Enter The Western Market With 'Deja vu'

Rapper BewhY Talks About His Plan To Enter The Western Market With 'Deja vu'

Rapper BewhY just released his new song “Deja vu.” Recently, he talked about his music career and his plans to enter the Western market on SBS’ “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School.”

Rapper BewhY is the winner of “Show Me The Money 5.” He succeeded beating his competitor C Jamm. With 50% voting from the audience and the rest of text voting, BewhY took the first place receiving 53% of text votes and more from audience voting, Soompireported.

Rapper BewhY made his appearance on SBS’ “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School” on May 12 and said that he had received much love even before he appeared on “Show Me The Money.” He said that he could win the show because he was confident in himself.

About his plan to enter the Western market, he said that he wanted to create a good music. He wanted to enter the Western market before 30. He felt that hip one was one and the barrier between America and Korea was only the language, AllKpopreported.

When he appeared on this show, he also revealed what he did in his leisure time. H recently enjoyed playing video games with his girlfriend and then went eating after that. Role model plays an important part in an artist. For BewhY, he said that his role model changed every time.

Previously, rapper BewhY has stated about his plan to expand his music career in The United States with his new single “Deja vu.” He announced about his comeback when he shared a stage with Wiz Khalifa, Zico, and DPR LIVE,Soompireported.

It seems that rapper BewhY has prepared a lot to enter Western market. He has what it takes to enter the Western market with his great skills in rapping. Moreover, he also has the confidence performing on stage with his swag. It is worth to wait for his fans to see him performing overseas.

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