Rapper BewhY Preparing For A Comeback With 'Dejavu' Single

Rapper BewhY Preparing For A Comeback With 'Dejavu' Single

It has been confirmed that the hit K-pop rapper, BewH, is preparing for a grand comeback as he will soon be releasing his latest single entitled, “Dejavu.” This will serve as an opportunity for BewH to gain back his followers, as well as to make up for the times that he wasn’t able to dominate the K-pop music charts locally and internationally.

According to All K-pop, rapper BewhY will soon be releasing his newest song, “Dejavu,” which will showcase his true and inner personality. This will also be a key for BewhY to revive and bring back his immense popularity that he had back a few years before.

“Dejavu” will be released this coming May 10 at exactly 6 PM KST. This will surely be one of the chart-topping records of this month, as his fans have been waiting for a long time to get another glimpse of him.

Before any of the reports confirming that he is in for a comeback spread, he was also reported to hint of his return during the “Seoul Sessions Live Music Event 2017.” This took place last May 3 and gave his fans a slight ray of hope that he is indeed getting back to the limelight.

During the recently held music event, BewhY also revealed his interest in not only getting back at the K-pop industry, but he also shared his hopes of making his way in the western music industry.

With all of these being said, the comeback single of BewhY entitled, “Dejavu,” will serve as his ticket to regain the success and popularity that have lied low in the previous months. Let’s wish him the best of luck in his endeavor. Hopefully, he manages to pull this off and continue to make more quality rap songs in the future. Rapper BewhY sure got what it takes.