Rap Monster asked to be photoshopped into a picture with Halsey and this is what he got

Rap Monster asked to be photoshopped into a picture with Halsey and this is what he got

Rap Monster was disappointed that he missed out on BTSs picture with American singer, Halsey, and asked ARMYs to photoshop him inside the photo.

with @halsey .. 누가 저 합성 좀 해주세요 RM pic.twitter.com/T3ABQ07NxO

Thanks to Rap Monsters tweet, ARMYs got to work and used their photoshop skills to make his wish come true.

@BTS_twt @halsey 😂💜 pic.twitter.com/8xN9KdZb8y

Suga Obsession (@sugaobsession) May 22, 2017

Suddenly things took a turn and some photoshops resulted in quite unique resultsHalsey and Rap Monster suddenly became one person!

@BTS_twt @halsey your wish is my command #BBMAs pic.twitter.com/rrllu48r7B

today (@taeamour) May 22, 2017

ARMYs continued to produce these hilarious photoshop edits that most certainly granted his wishes to a certain extent!

@BTS_twt @halsey 남준아 일단은 누나가 지금 밖이라 이거라도. pic.twitter.com/GPKyVyCoBZ

In this edit, it looked like Rap Monster never missed the photo opportunity after all. He was just hiding in between everyone!

@BTS_twt @halsey late but done pic.twitter.com/F8B0CDAg74

SOPE 👨‍❤️‍👨 (@yoonseokgifs) May 22, 2017

In another photoshop edit done by ARMYs, the photo of BTS and Halsey was photobombed by a very attractive, cute girl.

@BTS_twt @halsey you asked for it and its done pic.twitter.com/oxRUjMENgz

YM | 유미 (s/h) (@soymlk_03) May 22, 2017

One of the most popular photoshop works was done by this ARMY and its quite easy to understand why it became one of the most popular ones.

@BTS_twt @halsey 남준이 하고 싶은 거 다 해.. pic.twitter.com/PhzYfIVLLG

Fun is fun but in the end of the day, ARMYs wanted to deliver Rap Monsters wishes and produced a highly realistic photoshop edit.


CONGRATS BTS (@jiminthrusts) May 22, 2017