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RaNia Demonstrate their fierce comeback on M! Countdown

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RaNia Demonstrate their fierce comeback on M! Countdown

RaNia show off their amazing comeback functionality on M! Countdown, take a glance at their performance below

RaNia Demonstrate their comeback!

News via dkpopnews.net
RaNia Demonstrate their comeback!

RaNia divulge MV teaser for comeback, take a glance at the women in action below

RaNia Finds Teaser for First Comeback in Two Years

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RaNia Exhibits Teaser for First Comeback in Two Years RaNia released a teaser photo in their upcoming new album, titled “Demonstrate,” on October 29. This comeback could be their first comeback in two years, and the contributors glance as gorgeous as ever in their teaser photo.

Xia of RaNia posted a teaser photo of their upcoming album onto her Instagram account on October 30, simplest hours after their teaser photo was once released. She also added the comment, “Us RaNia will in spite of everything be coming circular again very very soon. We would love to thank our lovers who waited for us for this kind of long time. Please appearance for our upcoming album ‘Demonstrate.’” Source (1)(2)

Cube Entertainment"s Roh Jihoon may have a comeback on KPop scene

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Cube Entertainment

On February 18th, Roh Jihoon, a solo artist of Cube Entertainment, shared the photos above on his Twitter hinting for his potential return.

He accompanied the photo with the this caption saying, "I have completed recordings to release a good song for you to listen this new year~~~~~~~~"

새해 복 많이 받으라고 복 주머니 슬쩍..놓고 갈테니 복 받아 가세요!!새해에도 좋은 노래 들려 드리려고 오늘도 녹음하고 있습니다아~~~~~~~~ pic.twitter.com/Fh7GllOm5q

노지훈 (@nojihoon) Pebrero 18, 2015

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RaNia to make a comeback in July with 'Acceleration' + Spanish intro added to 'Style' MV

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RaNia to make a comeback in July with 'Acceleration' + Spanish intro added to 'Style' MV

RaNia will be having a comeback soon!

According to their Spanish label INGENIOmedia, the girls will be making a comeback in Korea with "Acceleration" in July. There"s not much information about the song right now except that it was produced under INGENIOmedia instead of their Korean label.

eleration" in September.

The girls also posted a special 2014 version of their MV for "Style" which includes an introduction by the group in Spanish.

Stay tuned for more information!

RaNia Assures Fans They Are Not Breaking Up, Reveal Comeback Details

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RaNia Assures Fans They Are Not Breaking Up, Reveal Comeback Details (Photo : Ong Melin) Fans of K-Pop singers RaNia recently had a scare as rumors the group was going to disband began to circulate the internet.

However, reps from the group"s label DR Music have now set the record straight and have provided some more details about what is in store for RaNia.

The official RaNia homepage has been inactive for some time now and when fans started to notice that the members" various SNS accounts had been deleted or changed, speculation began that it was the beginning of the end for the group.

In response to fan concerns, a rep from RaNia"s agency explained the confusion to media outlet Donga, saying, "There is no truth to the disbandment rumors people are talking about online.Even today, RaNia has an event scheduled.The disbandment rumors are just nonsense."

In response to the concerns about the website, the rep added, "We closed the homepage six months ago.That is because we replaced it with a fan cafe."

Last month RaNia announced they are working on an early 2014 comeback and on February 25, DR Music confirmed the group"s upcoming plans."RaNia will be making a comeback near the end of April.From now, they will be doing active promotions.We hope for a lot of support."

There is no word whether Riko will be rejoining her group-mates for the comeback this spring - at the moment the sixth member is inactive in the group as she focuses on school.But as the girls kick off their pre-comeback promotions to drum up excitement for their official return, more details regarding the new album, concept, and group member participation are likely to be revealed.

Kpop Girl Group Crayon Pop Sets To Comeback, MV Released

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Kpop Girl Group Crayon Pop Sets To Comeback, MV Released Crayon Pop debuted in 2012. Originally, their group was supposed to be named Hurricane Pop but they've decided to go for Crayon Pop which is catchy to all netizens.Like crayons, this group give full colors to their albums and with their charms surely captivates fans. Crayon Pop is managed by Chrome Entertainment. Their members include Gum Mi, Ellin, Way, Cho A and So Yul.

Now, the group is set to have their comeback by releasing a new music video entitled 'Bar Bar Bar'. It's an upbeat pop track which listeners will surely love.

The music video starts off with guys bullying a girl and later confronted by the girls as a group and chase them up to the metro. Although the ending of the video is abrupt, netizen expects another installment for a second video to showcase the choreography of Crayon Pop. Surely, It will be a great success if the music video gives a new level of entertainment similar to their Kpop girl group peers.

Watch their music video here:

Kpop Girl Group Chocolat Releases Teaser For Comeback Single 'Black Tinkerbell'

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Kpop Girl Group Chocolat Releases Teaser For Comeback Single 'Black Tinkerbell'

Chocolat knows how to give a sweet Kpop performance, just like their group name, sweet as chocolate. Like chocolate they are also quite addicting. Chocolat is composed of 4 members namely: Min Soa which is the leader of the group, Julianne for vocals, Tia also in vocals and Melania, the group's maknae/youngest member and also main dancer.

Chocolat grabbed attention when they were chosen to model for NBA Korea. The group is now set for a comeback with the release of their single "Black Tinkerbell", a sneak peek of their music video was uploaded in their official YouTube Channel.

It's been a year since Chocolat came out with their 2nd single, One More Day. A representative from Chocolat's management agency stated that the group really worked hard for this comeback, with ambition to show their potential and changes as a group. Some mature images were shown to prove that they are no longer a rookie group. Chocolat worked for their album for about 6 months.

Also as a hint, "Black Tinkerbell" is said to have an electronic ance effect which will make the group appear more mature and sexy. The full music video will be released on June 11th.

KPOP Girl Group RaNia Chosen As Endorsers of Water Park 'Woongjin Playdoci'

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KPOP Girl Group RaNia Chosen As Endorsers of Water Park 'Woongjin Playdoci' Photos Credit: DR Music Girl group RaNia has been chosen to be the new models for water park, Woongjin Playdoci.

It was revealed that the two days shooting for the CF took place last month. Dressed in colourful bikinis, the CF was set to show off RaNia's healthy and youthful image.

On why they are chosen to be Woongjin Playdoci 's new models, representatives commented "RaNia is known to be sexy beautieswith various charms."

The CF is expected to be telecast on various broadcasting programs this summer.

RaNia is scheduled to leave for US to prepare for their US debut after completing their domestic activities. They will stay in US for about three months to filma reality program for MTV.

Kpop Discussions: Were Foreign Fans Really Pushed Away For EXO Comeback Stage?

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Kpop Discussions: Were Foreign Fans Really Pushed Away For EXO Comeback Stage? exoNo one can say for sure how accurate the tweets and fan accounts and numerous blogs are with regards to the treatment that they received during the line up for M! Countdown. The music shows in Korea run on a strict, archaic system that has proven rather effective time and time again. What is being raised as an issue here was how when the SM Staff for EXO arrived, the line up for the entrance was switched and many of the Foreigners were placed at the back of the line despite having waited 12 hours or so to get in.

There are many exiting posts that have been updated about the incident, most of which contain varying opinions about the discrimination that allegedly was blatantly displayed during the line up. One explanation from a fan that was present in the center of the crosshairs was that the staff was concerned that foreign fans did not understand what was being instructed. A communication barrier would equal a more difficult time getting them in order, so they were trying to split the foreigners from the line. Others were set on this being definite evidence of discrimination towards them being foreigners.

If there is any truth to these posts, none of which has been confirmed or denied by the company, an explanation has to be released regarding the whole new line being formed by SM. Any thoughts?

KpopStarz is open to SM's statement on this matter. In the meantime, what do the rest of fans think?