RaNia Finds Teaser for First Comeback in Two Years

RaNia Finds Teaser for First Comeback in Two Years

RaNia Exhibits Teaser for First Comeback in Two Years RaNia released a teaser photo in their upcoming new album, titled “Demonstrate,” on October 29. This comeback could be their first comeback in two years, and the contributors glance as gorgeous as ever in their teaser photo.


Xia of RaNia posted a teaser photo of their upcoming album onto her Instagram account on October 30, simplest hours after their teaser photo was once released. She also added the comment, “Us RaNia will in spite of everything be coming circular again very very soon. We would love to thank our lovers who waited for us for this kind of long time. Please appearance for our upcoming album ‘Demonstrate.’” Source (1)(2)



Cube Entertainment

Cube Entertainment"s Roh Jihoon may have a comeback on KPop scene

On February 18th, Roh Jihoon, a solo artist of Cube Entertainment, shared the photos above on his Twitter hinting for his potential return.

He accompanied the photo with the this caption saying, "I have completed recordings to release a good song for you to listen this new year~~~~~~~~"

See his post:

새해 복 많이 받으라고 복 주머니 슬쩍..놓고 갈테니 복 받아 가세요!!새해에도 좋은 노래 들려 드리려고 오늘도 녹음하고 있습니다아~~~~~~~~ pic.twitter.com/Fh7GllOm5q

노지훈 (@nojihoon) Pebrero 18, 2015

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RaNia to make a comeback in July with 'Acceleration' + Spanish intro added to 'Style' MV

RaNia to make a comeback in July with 'Acceleration' + Spanish intro added to 'Style' MV

RaNia will be having a comeback soon!

According to their Spanish label INGENIOmedia, the girls will be making a comeback in Korea with "Acceleration" in July. There"s not much information about the song right now except that it was produced under INGENIOmedia instead of their Korean label.

eleration" in September.

The girls also posted a special 2014 version of their MV for "Style" which includes an introduction by the group in Spanish.

Stay tuned for more information!

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RaNia Assures Fans They Are Not Breaking Up, Reveal Comeback Details

RaNia Assures Fans They Are Not Breaking Up, Reveal Comeback Details

RaNia Assures Fans They Are Not Breaking Up, Reveal Comeback Details (Photo : Ong Melin) Fans of K-Pop singers RaNia recently had a scare as rumors the group was going to disband began to circulate the internet.

However, reps from the group"s label DR Music have now set the record straight and have provided some more details about what is in store for RaNia.

The official RaNia homepage has been inactive for some time now and when fans started to notice that the members" various SNS accounts had been deleted or changed, speculation began that it was the beginning of the end for the group.

In response to fan concerns, a rep from RaNia"s agency explained the confusion to media outlet Donga, saying, "There is no truth to the disbandment rumors people are talking about online.Even today, RaNia has an event scheduled.The disbandment rumors are just nonsense."

In response to the concerns about the website, the rep added, "We closed the homepage six months ago.That is because we replaced it with a fan cafe."

Last month RaNia announced they are working on an early 2014 comeback and on February 25, DR Music confirmed the group"s upcoming plans."RaNia will be making a comeback near the end of April.From now, they will be doing active promotions.We hope for a lot of support."

There is no word whether Riko will be rejoining her group-mates for the comeback this spring - at the moment the sixth member is inactive in the group as she focuses on school.But as the girls kick off their pre-comeback promotions to drum up excitement for their official return, more details regarding the new album, concept, and group member participation are likely to be revealed.


 5 Pleasant Surprises in Kpop from 2013

5 Pleasant Surprises in Kpop from 2013

Howdy, I"mNoodle, a new Op-Ed and Features writer for allkpop. I grew up inHouston, Texas and through my interest in Starcraft2, I"ve come to gain an interest in Korean music,television, and culture as a whole. My favorite solo artist is BoAand my favorite group is After School. I hope that I can neatly mergemy interest in kpop with my development as a writer to delivercontent that you can enjoy.

Life is full ofsurprises and every now and then you receive surprises within K-Pop that pleaseyou in an unexpected way. Here"s a list of my five pleasant surprises within thelast year of K-Pop that have left fans with a good aftertaste.

5dolls Gets Successfully Rebuilt asF-ve Dolls with "Can You Love Me"

5dolls was never very active,nor was their main group Co-ed School. After overa year without any releases and a scandal, the announcementof additional members and the re-branding as "F-ve Dolls" left thegroup with few lasting fans and a large mountain to climb in order toget back to the level of success that the group achieved with "LikeThis or That".

With their comeback single "Soulmate #1" lookingand sounding like a weak "Roly-Poly" rehash and the announcementthat Dani, the young and unproven member of T-ara N4, would befeatured on "Can You Love Me," expectations for the song werevery low.

But "Can You Love Me" turned out tobe one of the most underrated songs of 2013. It carries a verypleasant harmony and allows the members to showcase their vocaltalent. The new additions to the group get their chance to show thattheir inclusion was not for naught and allow the group to begin building an identity as the re-branded "F-ve Dolls." The use of Daniproved most surprising: CCM may not have given her a token rapsolo (her notes are pitched), but the unproven 14-year-old managed todo a good job, anyway. With this single, 5Dolls showed thatthey should not be looked over the next time they announce acomeback.

Lim Chang Jung"s "Open the Door"

Announced as a cover of theunderwhelming Wonder Boyz track, nobody was really sure quite what toexpect out of actor and veteran singer Lim Chang Jung"s release.

The musicvideo turned out to be super entertaining with a very fun dance andfunny story line. The song itself manages to sound catchier than theoriginal version and the overall product stands out as a success. A very nice and pleasant surprise.

Nine Muses Gets Productive  5 Pleasant Surprises in Kpop from 2013

As a group ofmodels, Nine Muses" first few years had lineup changes and few produced songs. In 2010 they put out only two songs, in 2011 they became aseven member group and released only a single song, and in early 2012they added Kyung Li and put out their mini album Sweet Rendezvous.

But after adding SungA to the lineup in mid 2012, Nine Muses showeda surprisingly substantial increase in activities in 2013. Over theyear, the group released their second mini album as well as theirfirst full length album and two single albums. From January throughDecember, Nine Muses constantly placed themselves in the limelight,giving content to their starved existing supporters while gaining newfans.

Tiny-G"s "Miss You"

Tiny-G"sinitiation as a girl group full of short members standing 159cm (5"2") orshorter seemed like a weird concept at the start. Their debut hip-hopthemed music video featured a cringe-inducing part where they playbasketball and their second single"s aegyo concept didn"t reallystand out.

So it came as a surprise when their single "Miss You"ditched their previous showcasing of their height and hit the ballout of the park with one of the catchiest tunes of 2013. The song hasa guilt-free addictive chorus with good choreography to accompanyit, solid verses, and a nice high note in the bridge. Over a yearafter their debut, Tiny-G managed to strike gold with "Miss You".

Crayon Pop Makes it Big in SouthKorea  5 Pleasant Surprises in Kpop from 2013

Crayon Pop debutedas simple girl group from a new company. Without the advantages ofbigger label, they focused on creating catchy and fun songs andmanage to gain a fair amount of attention from foreign fans sincetheir debut song "Bing Bing."

But struggling to get time on themajor music television shows in South Korea, the group remainedalmost unheard of in their home country and foreign fans wondered ifthey"d ever be able to generate enough revenue to keep them andChrome Entertainment from having to disband. And then Crayon Popreleased their music video for "Bar Bar Bar," which paired theirsignature simple and catchy songs with attention-drawing outfits andchoreography. The group"s recognition and popularity exploded andforeign fans no longer had to worry about Crayon Pop dying outwithout every achieving any success or recognition in their nativecountry of South Korea.

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Girls' Generation Yuri and Oh Sang Jin to host 2013 Gaon Chart Kpop Awards

Girls' Generation Yuri and Oh Sang Jin to host 2013 Gaon Chart Kpop Awards

Girls' Generation Yuri and Oh Sang Jin to host 2013 Gaon Chart Kpop Awards

It was revealed that Girls' Generation Yuri along with Oh Sang Jin will be the MCs for 2013 Gaon Chart Kpop Awards which will be hold on February 12th at Seoul Olympic Park's Gymnastics Stadium.

Gaon Chart Kpop Awards is an awards show which focus on the sales of songs and album. For this year many stars are nominated such as Cho Yong Pil, PSY, Girls' Generation, EXO, Sistar, San-E, IU, Davichi, Dynamic Duo, 4Minute, Miss A, SoyuMad Clown, Seo In Guk, Jia and etc.

You can find more info about the nominees through its official site.


Best of 2013 Poll: Favorite Comeback/Debut

Best of 2013 Poll: Favorite Comeback/Debut

Best of 2013 Poll: Favorite Comeback/Debut Best of 2013 Poll: Favorite Comeback/Debut Best of 2013 Poll: Favorite Comeback/Debut Its that time of the year again: eggnog, chilly weather, long lines at the mall, and polls!

At last, weve come to the granddaddy of all polls. Were combining comebacks and debuts because, essentially, theyre the same thing and rookies shouldnt have their own category just for being new. But the question lingers: what makes a comeback or debut great? Is it the song, the MV, the accompanying album, the live stages, or a culmination of all the above? As you ponder these variables, feel free to take a look back at our entire series of year-end polls (some of which are still open for voting) to help facilitate your decision-making process. Let the battle begin!

What is your favorite comeback or debut of 2013?Best of 2013 Poll: Favorite Comeback/Debut

Heres how it works:

1) Nominate an entry in the comments section by writing the artist name and song title in the following format.

ArtistSong Title

Eg. PsyGangnam Style

Nominated entries must be promoted releases from this year, meaning that the songs release date must be no earlier than January 1st, 2013. Any nominees which the Seoulbeats staff deems unfit for the polls criteria will be disqualified.

2) Entries can only be made as a new comment. Entries made in reply to another comment will not be counted.

3) Before nominating a new entry, please thoroughly check to make sure that the song has not already been nominated. Duplicate entries will not be counted twice! Therefore, it would be counterproductive to nominate an entry more than once because it could potentially split up the overall votes for that entry.

4) Once an entry has been nominated, vote for it by clicking the up arrow beneath the comment which nominates the entry. Were only concerned about up votes; down votes will not be factored in.

5) The entry with the most up votes by December 29th 11:59 PM EST will be declared the winner! Check back later for a special Best of 2013 post dedicated to the winning entries.

We reserve the right to delete any comment which does not adhere to the rules above, or disqualify any nominees which we do not feel meet the polls criteria. Sharing comments and links to reinforce the nominated entries is highly encouraged.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Billboard picks 'Growl' as Top Kpop Song of 2013

Billboard picks 'Growl' as Top Kpop Song of 2013

Billboard picks 'Growl' as Top Kpop Song of 2013

Billboard America chose EXO's "Growl" as the no.1 song in Top 20 Kpop Songs of 2013.

According to Billboard, "Growl" was the crown jewel in boy band EXO's fantastic 2013. While past singles like "Mama" and "Wolf" were based around complex concepts and busy production, "Growl" used a sparse, Southern hip-hop beat that let the 12 boys' talents shine through. A blend of rap, R and B melody and pop hooks, the breakout single had something for all listeners. Its accompanying video focused on a straight-forward, one-take video, again allowing for EXO's talents -- in this case, choreography -- to shine, not detracting from over-the-top high fashion. Along with high interest from the United States -- the boy band is the newest act to land among the top-selling K-pop tracks in America -- "Growl" solidifies EXO as the act to watch in K-pop's continuing international advancement."

EXO is steadily rising as one of the next top global stars. They have achieved many awards this year from Korea and China, such as 2 Daesang Awards from MelOn Music Award and MAMA, "Most Popular Group Award" from "Baidu The Hottest Awards","Best Group Award" at "Top Chinese Music Billboard Newcomer Awards"