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SNSD to Spill on Dating and Relationships on ′Radio Star′

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SNSD to Spill on Dating and Relationships on ′Radio Star′

Some members of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) will be sharing the stories regarding the recent dating news surrounding the group.

SNSD’s Taeyeon, Yuri, Jessica, Tifanny and Sunny recently attended filming for MBC’s Radio Star, with the subtitle ‘It Is Now Love Generation.’

As the subtitle suggests, the fact that some of the SNSD members are publicly dating was one of the hottest topics that day. The MCs started by asking, “Does Mr. Mr indicate the two men?” and poured out questions regarding the two members’ public relationships.

When the MCs asked, “Did you already know about the two couples before the news came out?” the girls answered, “There are no secrets between the members.”

The special episode featuring SNSD members will be airing on March 12.

SNSD to Guest on ‘Radio Star’

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SNSD to Guest on ‘Radio Star’

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) will be making its appearance on variety show Radio Star.

SNSD’s Taeyeon, Yuri, Jessia, Tiffany and Sunny attended a shoot for MBC’s Radio Star on February 26.

This is the first variety show that the girls will be attending since they released Mr. Mr..

The SNSD members attended Radio Star when they released I Got a Boy last year, showing off their smooth talking, and even creating trendy online phrases such as ‘dae da na da.’

Meanwhile, the episode of Radio Star featuring the SNSD members will be broadcasted in the beginning of March.

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All 9 Members of Girls' Generation(SNSD) to Make TV Appearance on MBC "Radio Star"

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All 9 Members of Girls Generation to Make TV Appearance on MBC Radio StarGirl group Girls' Generation will be making an appearance as guests on MBC "Radio Star."

Having all 9 members of the group appear on the show along with 4 hosts made the room very full.

The group came out together to talk about their new album that released on January 1 and talked about the concept behind the music.

Some difficult questions were thrown at them by the hosts but they all seems to take them very well.

This is the first time all members of a group appeared on MBC "Radio Star."

SNSD Makes Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Sweat on "Radio Star"

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SNSD Makes Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Sweat on

Girls′ Generation (SNSD) has come to MBC’s Radio Star.

According to the popular show’s producers, all nine of the SNSD members dropped by the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan on January 2 where they took part in the talk show’s recording.

As expected, Radio Star’s male MCs all were melted by the charms and pretty looks of the SNSD members except for Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

According to the show’s producers, Kyuhyun, who has become known for his straight talk, was largely subdued as his SM labelmates shared stories and jokes about Kyuhyun, causing him to sweat bullets.

The producers added, with both Kyuhyun and the SNSD members knowing a lot ofthings about one another, the members all moved to try and avoid bringing up any bombshell revelations about one another.

With anticipation running high, the episode is expected to air in the coming weeks.

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Super Junior′s Choi Siwon to mention ultimate Farewell Via ′Radio Star′

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Super Junior′s Choi Siwon to mention ultimate Farewell Via ′Radio Star′

--> Super Junior′s Choi Siwon will say his ultimate farewell sooner than heading to the military thru MBC′s Radio Star.

The November 18 broadcast of MBC′s Radio Star will feature an ′I′m sorry′ special. Kim Sang Hyuk, Mina, Lee Sang Hoon and Lee Min Woong are set to look at the show, where Lee Sang Hoon reportedly called Choi Siwon throughout the recording.

Lee Sang Hoon, who made a cameo appearance on MBC′s She used to be Pretty, is with regards to Choi Siwon or even garnered hobby for bearing a striking resemblance to the tremendous Junior member.

Many are occupied with Choi Siwon′s reaction to Lee Sang Hoon′s telephone call. Choi Siwon replied the call without hesitation, in spite of it being an early morning recording, and stated his last farewell to audience forward of his enlistment on November 19.

The ′I′m sorry′ special of Radio Star will air on November 18 at 11:10 p.m. KST.

Singer Kim So Jung Does Impressive Imitations of Jeon Do Yeon, HyunA, and Jessi on “Radio Star”

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Singer Kim So Jung Does Impressive Imitations of Jeon Do Yeon, HyunA, and Jessi on “Radio Star” Singer Kim So Jung gave the impression at the fresh episode of “Radio Star” and stunned each person with her awesome imitation skills.

During the show, the singer says, “My firm told me that since i'm a solo artist I wish to understand how to do everything.”

Then she presentations off some of her talents which come with famous person imitations. She starts by way of imitating actress Jeon Do Yeon, then HyunA.

She finishes off with Jessi, whilst doing the rapper’s signature hand motions. The others in finding it somewhat hilarious and amazing that she can catch the stars’ key points.

Watch the hilarious clip here!

Later, after this episode of “Radio Star” aired, Kim So Jung posted on her Twitter, saying, “To Jessi, HyunA, and Jeon do Yeon, I’m sorry.”

Roy Kim unearths His Motivation to Develop into a Singer on “Radio Star”

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Roy Kim Exhibits His Motivation to Became a Singer on “Radio Star” On the “Genius Men and Women” episode of MBC‘s “Radio Star,” Roy Kim displays the genuine reason why he pursued music.

Roy Kim hilariously admits, “I studied tune in school and used to be in a band in order that I may just select up women. I went to an all-boys heart school, so i used to be truly enthusiastic about girls. It wasn’t that I sought after a girlfriend, I just needed women.”

Kim Kook Jin then replies, “Women make geniuses,” implying that girls can serve as motivation for men to turn into geniuses. His witty comment ended in everybody laughing.

Meanwhile, this episode of “Radio Star” also featured Kim So Jung, Shin Ah Young, and Jo Seung Yeon.

The episode of “Radio Star” aired on October 21.

f(x)'s Victoria, kid actor Lee Min Ho and more to guest on 'Radio Star'

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f(x)'s Victoria, kid actor Lee Min Ho and more to guest on 'Radio Star'

The upcoming episode of "Radio Star" is for sure happening as a must-see! It"s been showed that f(x)"s Victoria, Lee Min Ho (1993-er), up and coming actress Kim Hee Jung and clothier Hwang Jae Geun might be guests!

The broadcast"s representative told Ilgan Sports, "Victoria, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Jung and Hwang Jae Geun took phase in filming these days (October 7 KST) and they"re making plans to blow their own horns their wit and skillful talking."

The not unusual thing between those 4 visitors is "king". Why, may you ask? It"s lovely random, yet Victoria has the similar call as a former British queen, Lee Min Ho has incessantly played a king onscreen, Kim Hee Jung recently played a princess in a drama, and Hwang Jae Geun graduated from RCA: Royal Faculty of Art.

Their episode is determined to air in the midst of October!

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Kyuhyun and Seulgi have chemistry in this week's 'Radio Star'

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Kyuhyun and Seulgi have chemistry in this week's 'Radio Star'

Before Seulgi debuted with Red Velvet, she garnered hobby because there were reports going out that she used to be "Kyuhyun"s girl."  Although the rumors were cleared up by way of Kyuhyun himself, it"s not easy to disclaim their chemistry when she seemed on MBC"s "Radio Star" on September 30 for their monolid special.  

Kim Gu Ra jokingly presented her with, "Kyuhyun"s non-celebrity lady has turn out to be a celebrity."  Reportedly, she has the vocal skills of Taeyeon and the dancing talents of Hyoyeon.  Regarding her monolid look, Kim Gu Ra said, "Seeing her now, she provides off the sensation of former Wonder Girls" Sohee."

MC Kyuhyun said, "The individual that suits my taste.  She"s in spite of everything here.  I"ll see you later, Seulgi," then instantly were given embarrassed, so Kim Gu Ra said, "He"s doing this for no reason why when there"s not anything between the two of them," then added, "I got a telephone call from Heechul.  He asked me to delight deal with Seulgi.  He told me Seulgi doesn"t even pay any attention to Kyuhyun," making all and sundry laugh.

Seulgi addressed the reports of her being Kyuhyun"s woman got here out, "I changed into practicing when my trainee pals came and acknowledged I"ve arise at the real-time searches.  I stayed to get started with position without falling.  I saw that each one day."  Kyuhyun said, "I"ve dug up a star."

Kim Gu Ra also discovered out that Seulgi was a "motae solo (someone who"s never dated)" and asked about her ideal type.  She said, "When I see a drama or movie, I fall for the character. Recently, I fell for Jo Jung Suk in "Oh My Ghost.""

Kim Gu Ra asked what she considered Kyuhyun as a man, and she replied, "I never thought-about Kyuhyun.  But he has an affectionate and excellent personality, no?  I don"t like men with double eyelids."

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Super Junior′s Kyuhyun and Red Velvet′s Seul Gi to satisfy on ′Radio Star′

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Super Junior′s Kyuhyun and Red Velvet′s Seul Gi to satisfy on ′Radio Star′

--> Park Kyung Lim, Jin Yi Han, Red Velvet′s Seul Gi and grey might be acting on Radio Star.

According to a rep from MBC′s Radio Star on September 23, entertainer Park Kyung Lim, actor Jin Yi Han, Red Velvet′s Seul Gi and grey will be filming today.

The episode will be focused on celebrities without double eyelids and their entertaining conversations.

This is Park Kyung Lim′s first time appearing on Radio Star. enthusiasts also are excited to peer Seul Gi, whom MC Kyuhyun in the past chose as his ideal type, at the show.

The episode will air on September 30.