‘Radio Star’ MCs poke fun at Kangnam’s breakup with UEE

‘Radio Star’ MCs poke fun at Kangnam’s breakup with UEE

As expected, Kangnam was targeted for his recent breakup with UEE on the August 9 broadcast of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’.

Previously, it was revealed that Kangnam attended filming for the talk show as the special MC a day after his breakup news. As expected, the MCs gave Kangnam a hard time, commenting, “Kangnam’s very hot nowadays. Usually, people tend to take a break in situations like this..” Kangnam responded, “Please go easy on me.”

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However, the teasing didn’t stop. When WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo entered the studio as the guest, MC Kim Gu Ra commented, “Hey, he kind of looks like her”, and even directly mentioned UEE’s name.

Kangnam brought laughter as he panicked and said, “Ok, I’m going home,” while acting as if he was going to walk off the set.