QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember BTSs Wings Era?

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember BTSs Wings Era?

With BTS ready to embark on a new era –Love Yourself – were all already caught up in this vortex tumbling towards the imminent BTS comeback. If you think this wording is over the top, try talking to any A.R.M.Y anytime Big Hit throws out a new Love Yourself teaser. Really – being an A.R.M.Y isnt exactly relaxing these days. So for everyone who desperately seeks some distraction and maybe wants to check if theyre even ready for the new stuff (who are we kidding, we know were not): heres the BTS Wings quiz. Lets see how well you remember everything thats been going on in the last few months!

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How did you do? Do you think youre ready for the new comeback? Or do you wish you could go back to the easier times of HYYH? Let us know in the comments!

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