QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Girls Generations YoonA?

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Girls Generations YoonA?

Girls Generation YoonA, is considered a national treasure by many. She is well-known not only in South Korea, but also abroad, and has played her part in pushing the Hallyu wave overseas with the help of her wide-spread recognition.

YoonA is not only known for her striking beauty, but also her bubbly personality and how warmly she treats those around her, both senior and junior. She might not be your bias, but honestly, can you find any reason to not like this wonderful girl?

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So before YoonAs new drama, The King Loves (also starring Im Siwan) airs on July 17, 2017, lets see how well you know YoonA with this little quiz!

Watch The King Loves on Viki when it airs on July 17!

Belinda_C is a freelance writer who finds YoonA just a joy to watch! She also loves Shinhwa.