QUIZ: How Many Korean Words From K-Dramas Do You Know?

QUIZ: How Many Korean Words From K-Dramas Do You Know?

Do you love K-dramas? Do you hear enough Korean that you feel like you should probably be a native speaker by now? Rakuten Vikis got you covered.

Vikis Learn Mode, launched earlier this year, lets you study Korean while youre watching K-dramas. (Next time Mom or Dad asks what youre doing, youve buckled down to study all night and well into the morning.)

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But theres more! Viki just released Drama Vocab Quiz, which lets you test your knowledge of common Korean words found in K-dramas. The quiz is also available for Chinese, and can be taken no matter what level of proficiency you are.

First, go to languagequiz.viki.com.

Select Korean or Chinese.

Each quiz is 30 questions, formed from a selection of common words used in K-dramas (10 easy, 10 medium, 10 hard).

Each question has three possible answers, and you can click on the speaker icon next to the romanization to hear the word.

When youre through with all the questions, your results will be calculated.

You can find out approximately what percent of common K-drama words you know,

Watch drama scenes to review the words that you missed,

And see the full list of results and answers.

When youre done, you can take the quiz again to test yourself with a different set of words!

Take the Drama Vocab Quiz

Happy learning! What percent of common K-drama words do you know?