Photo Added new still, free up date and up to date  solid for the impending Korean film

Photo Added new still, free up date and up to date solid for the impending Korean film "The Queen of Crime"

Added new still, unencumber date and up to dateforged for the approaching Korean film "The Queen of Crime" (2016)Directed through Lee Yo-supWith Park Ji-yeong, Jo Bok-rae, Kim Dae-hyeon-I, Heo Jeong-do, Baek Soo-jang, Esom,...Crank in : 2015/07/06Crank up : 2015/08/17SynopsisA mystery about a mom who tracks down the water invoice charged to her son who lives in one room.Release date in Korea : 2016/08/25

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CL turns up at the club proving she’s the only and handiest queen to birthday celebration with

CL turns up at the club proving she’s the only and handiest queen to birthday celebration with

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterCL was once spotted at an evening club dancing her middle out. When she discovered she become being filmed, everyone witnessed a beneficialreaction from the Queen of rap.

CL uploaded a video of herself at a nightclub in Shanghai, partying with her crew. In the video CL dances, feeling the tunewhilstenthusiasts are simplest feet away screaming and looking get a catch a glimpse of her on their cameras. When CL takes realize she puts on a show, exhibiting her swagged out moves and attitude as though she were on degree at a concert, giving fans an up-close and privatedisplaycorrect at your step of her VIP table. What more may any fan want! Take a glance at the dope video below.

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Jeon Do-yeon's next nickname rather than Queen of Cannes

Jeon Do-yeon's next nickname rather than Queen of Cannes

Queen of Cannes Jeon Do-yeon is coming back with the hot tvN drama "The Excellent Wife".

Jeon Do-yeon is starring in her first drama in 11 years. She debuted in 1990 with a Johnson Johnson's advertisement and now not long after that, she began to act in dramas. She started her first drama in 1992 and persevered without a smashtill 1998.

After the 90s she started to act in videos more than dramas. She took house several awards for the film she did in 1997 and continued years of mellow films gave her the title, Queen of Mellow.

Jeon Do-yeon was once awarded Perfect Actress and made it to Cannes for the 2007 motion picture "Secret Sunshine". She changed intovenerated amongst the grand prize there and she became, Queen of Cannes.

She returned to Cannes in 2010 for the movie "The Servant" and 3 years later, she was called back as a judge. In 2015, she made her fourth seek suggestion from to Cannes for the movie "The Shameless".

The remaining drama she starred in was in 2002 and 2005. Now, she's returning with the new "The Smart Wife".

She said, "I typicallyglance at the emotional portions of a scenario, yet this time I looked at the drama itself. I started out with dramas and i'm open to any genre".

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"The Excellent Wife" Jeon Do-yeon, Queen of Cannes

Her juniors admired her. Jeon Do-yeon was shy. Her juniors showed her respect. Jeon Do-yeon's face have become red. Her juniors were commemorated to paintings amongst her. Jeon Do-yeon reduced her head.

The premiere of the tvN drama "The Just right Wife" at the 29th, was once also Jeon Do-yeon's comeback ceremony. It was no longer just the audience who were looking ahead to her go backyet Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Kye-sang, Kim Seo-hyeong, Nana, Lee Won-geun and director Lee Jeong-hyo as well.

Jeon Do-yeon appearedapprehensive close to coming back with a drama for the primary time in 11 years. She said, "I am seeking to adjust and I take into consideration this as my debut once again. However, in spite of her modesty, her juniors would notprevent praising her.

Yoo Ji-tae and Yoon Kye-sang claimed they joined the drama as a result of Jeon Do-yeon. Yoo Ji-tae said, "I felt that acting with a fairconsumerprovidesa decentimpression in my life. I haveat all timessought afterto fulfill Jeon Do-yeon and proportion the honor of operating with the maximum productive actress in Korea. Yoon Kye-sang said, "I chose "The Smart Wife" for a similarreason why every bit Yoo Ji-tae. You'llbe toldso much from excellent people".

Jeon Do-yeon was smiling when Yoo Ji-tae talked, but if Yoon Kye-sang added on, she became shy. Then non-stop messages of compliment ensued which brought about her face became redder and redder.

Lee Won-geun said, "I was so nervous right through the making of the drama. It was making me nervous simply bythe truth that I may smartly be next to her. I kept reminding myself to work challengingobserving her work".

Nana, "I think I used to be the most worrying because I had more scenes with her than Lee Won-geun. I'm just a novice and then I made some mistakes, but Jeon Do-yeon helped me and I learned much from her". Jeon Do-yeon lowered her head in embarrassment.

The hostess Park Ji-yoon ended the development with a gentle joke. Soon, Jeon Do-yeon may beobserved on Television and she's back as a lawyer.

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'Lucky Romance' superstar Hwang Jeong-eum stocks her bright smile, she is in reality a rom-com queen

'Lucky Romance' superstar Hwang Jeong-eum stocks her bright smile, she is in reality a rom-com queen

"Lucky Romance" big name Hwang Jeong-eum has shared her bright captured at the filming set.

Hwang Jeong-eum posted her photo on her Instagram with the guts sigh, "".

The published photo presentations Hwang Jeong-eum filming a scene for MBC Wednesday Thursday drama, "Lucky Romance".

Hwang Jeong-eum with a bright smile on her face is having a look back over her shoulder whilst sitting on a 4 wheel bike. Her bright Her playful and natural smile melt our hearts.

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'Queen of the Night' stars Kim Min-jeong and Cheon Jeong-myeong blow their own horns friendship

'Queen of the Night' stars Kim Min-jeong and Cheon Jeong-myeong blow their own horns friendship

Kim Min-jeong and Cheon Jeong-myeong showed off their friendship.

Kim Min-jeong lately posted a photo of the 2 on her private Instagram with a brief caption, "Met him back after a long time! I am thankful to him for acting in Tasty Street happily. I am hoping his drama wraps up well".

In the printed photo, Cheon Jeong-myeong and Kim Min-jeong strike a friendly pose against the camera lens. Kim Min-jeong also wrote, "Former husband, former cord of "Queen of the Night"". The two actors co-starred in film "Queen of the Night" as a couple.

Kim Min-jeong is currently emceeing the Olive Television food show, 'Tasty Road 2016' together with Girl's Day member, Yura.

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AOA vs EXID vs SISTAR: Who Will Clutch The Name Of “K-Pop Summer Queen”

AOA vs EXID vs SISTAR: Who Will Clutch The Name Of “K-Pop Summer Queen”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe summer of 2016 is already heating up as several ladyteams accept already showed their comeback or have already begun their promotions.

Three lady groups who are in the middle of attention are EXID, SISTAR and AOA with the latter already having begun their promotions for their identifytuneExcellent Luck. EXID, at the other hand, has already began teasing for their upcoming track whilst SISTAR, regardless that confirmed, is still in the path of preparations. Although amongstotherunlock dates, those three girl groups will definitely induce overlapping promotions.

Image through Choi Moon Young deer@sportschosun.comSymbol by Choi Moon Young [email protected]

▶ Looking to grow to be a misfortune into an advantage, AOA

Having been occupied with a controversy soon before their album release date, AOA is proceeding promotions with their song SmartSuccess equallythey target to swim their way out of the negativity.

Good Luck is a danced track easiest for the start of the summer. The track was once composed by Canadian composer Matthew Tishler with lyrics written by Innovator. With this album, AOA remodeled into maritime rescue personnel, or lifeguard. Sensible Luck is crammed withhorny point choreography.

But they'vea large mountain to climb. AOA have becomethe heart of a history controversy after being not ableto spot a ancient figure in South Korean history and feature been accused by the public of being ignorant. With Seolhyun and Jimin already apologizing for their mistake on air, the gang once back apologized at their exhibit where they shed tears.

Source: EXID_Official Facebook Source: EXID_Official Facebook

EXID is making a return on June 1st. After go back to the charts with their viral hit Up Down, EXID has released consistent hits adding Ah Yeah and Hot Pink. Everyindividuals then saw enlargement as they started to stand out to the public individually.

Hani joined SBS Baek Jong Wons 3Wonderful Emperors as one of the crucial MCs, generating a new personality for herself nicknamed the Meok Fairy (Eating Fairy). Following her a hit appearance on MBCKing of Masked Singer, Solji hit some other all-kill on Duet Song Festival and became noted as a pilot powerhouse in the music entertainment. It has long past to the level that when you are looking to create a new music entertainment show, recruiting Solji is a will have to for the pilot.

EXID might be emerging with a new comeback in June in the midst in their success. Their firm Banana Culture says, Their new song will be utterlyvarious from Up Down, Ah Yeah and Hot Pink.' This has raised expectancies from enthusiasts as they stay up for their new concept.

As EXID is understood for having an overly small staff of antis, it is looked as a strength. The purpose of this because they are known as a collection who has triumph over many hardships and difficulties prior to emerging to popularity.

Image: SISTAR / Starship Entertainment Image: SISTAR / Starship Entertainment

▶ The customary Summer Queen SISTAR

SISTAR is already making ready for a comeback to happen as early as June and as past due as July. SISTAR is the undisputed true Summer Queen. Beginning with their debut track Push Push, they've got since released quite so much of summer hits right through the years including Touch My Body, Shake It and So Cool.

It is verytransparent that SISTAR has shown a robust presence at some level in the summer where they no longersimplestblow their own horns their robust vocals but draw in envy for their are compatibleand comely bodies. As summer is one of the seasons in which other people can divulge their skin slightly more, SISTARs secret into how they arrange their bodies is at all times a hot topic. In terms of fashion, SISTAR may be at the middle of attention in the course of the summer.

As many of us head out to vacation, freeinga fair and bumping track is a smart opportunity to draw new fans. Expectations are top with the within track of SISTARs imminent comeback this summer.

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Spoiler 'Jackpot' Lost son meets his queen mom and mother breaks down in tears

Spoiler 'Jackpot' Lost son meets his queen mom and mother breaks down in tears

On the episode 16 of SBS' Monday Tuesday drama, "Jackpot", Badk Dae-gil (Jang Geun-seok) called Girl Choi Sook-bin (Yoon Jin-seo) Mother.

As Prince Yeongying (Yeo Jin-goo) asked Badk Dae-gil, "How much did you hear?", Badk Dae-gil answered, "Everything". And then Badk Dae-gil asked the prince back, "So I'm your older brother?" Prince Yeongying answered, "Even then, I can't call you brother here in the palace".

However, Prince Yeongying took Badk Dae-gil to Woman Choi Sook-bin. Whilst Badk Dae-gil used to bespeaking to himself, 'Is she really..', he called her "Mother ". Lady Choi Sook-bin said, "I'm sorry. I must have discovered yous way previous than this. Please forgive me, son" and then she broke down in tears.

Badk Dae-gil said, "I'm still confused. I willget back and meet you again". Badk Dae-gil attemptedstay a distance from Lady Choi Sook-bin.


SM Entertainment will have to create this stacked unit, “The Hyuns”

SM Entertainment will have to create this stacked unit, “The Hyuns”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In all probabilityencouragedviathe hot SM Station projects, fanatics takeget a dangle of a new refreshing and inventive unit that the entertainment agency will have to create.

Named The Hyuns, this workforce hilariously combines contributors of quite so much of idol teams whose names have Hyun. Even thoughnow not an unusual name, the combo of members that fans have pieced in combinationturns out especially lovely and well-fit for each and every other.

The first member is none instead of Super Juniors Kyuhyun.

The 2nd member is Girls Generations Seohyun.

Third to sign up in the ranks is SHINees Jonghyun.

Last yet not least is EXOs Baekhyun.

Together, those4 represent a sturdy front united by call and by ability with impressive vocals, visuals, and personality to kick. Although this mixturemight never be more than just a dream, fans indisputablyhad a excellent timeplacing together The Hyuns.

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These pictures will allow you to  resolve  the actual  frame queen of team AOA

These pictures will allow you to resolve the actual frame queen of team AOA

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterDispatch compares hornyframepictures of AOA contributors Choa and Seolhyun so as to resolve who the genuine torso queen of AOA is.

AOAs reputemay also be attributed not tomost effective known for their tuneyet for their remarkable visuals as well. Their member Seolhyun especially has risen to the head of the industry thank you to her amazing visual and her healthy, sexy body. But is there a member in her own workforce that contest the name of  the body queen of neighborhood AOA?

Originally posted on Dispatch, here are photos to mean you canfigure out whose body is better. AOA Choa or Seolhyun?

aoa3 She mightin reality threaten Seolhyun with her back line

ao4 She pulls of the get dressedsimple

aoa8 She has that self-assured sexual charm

aoa9 She has that originalclothe appeal

aoa11Here's a S line of a Goddess

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