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Lovelyz gain global attention on Fox News for their 'Beat It' cover

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Lovelyz gain global attention on Fox News for their 'Beat It' cover

Girl crew Lovelyz is taking a look to be probably the most best rookie girl groups! They"re recently receiving international attention for their fresh acapella duvet of Michael Jackson"s "Beat It"!

The women had conducted their own acappella rendition of "Beat It" on Yoo Hee Yeol"s "Sketchbook" two weeks ago, and their functionality has been spreading far and wide SNS and international news shops since.

And for excellent reason, because it"s lovely amazing. We like how they didn"t attempt to imitate Michael Jackson"s making a song style, yet made the song their own via their original cover.

Their performance has been featured on American television on FOX32, where the hosts were more than impressed. It used to be also tweeted by FOX32"s Melody Mendez and Perez Hilton, among others.

Congrats to Lovelyz receiving all this much deserved, international attention!

LOVELYZ GET THAT popularity AND compliment ON AMERICAN TV QUEENS OF ACAPELLA pic.twitter.com/wgpNnET0bA

— Lovelyz UnpaidIntern (@InfinitelySY) November 13, 2015 MUST SEE! A #Korean group, @Lovelyz, sings "Beat It" A Cappella... & it"s amazing! #music https://t.co/bmu14PAVa6 pic.twitter.com/y00MdSdGnn

— Melody Mendez (@MelodyMendezTV) November 10, 2015 Kpop girl community Lovelyz just did an attractive acapella canopy of Michael Jackson"s Beat It! Watch https://t.co/0KnRtHCQ0Ahttps://t.co/BhmyjyXG9l

— Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton) November 11, 2015

Key brings attention to 'the absolute best cover' of f(x)'s '4 Walls'

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Key brings attention to 'the absolute best cover' of f(x)'s '4 Walls'

SHINee"s Key is a sweetheart! now not handiest does he move around being attentive to YouTube covers of his label mate staff f(x)"s new song, "4 Walls," yet he also knows how to publicize a specifically excellent one because he appreciates talent!

TheRealDavidKim posted an important quilt of the song from previous this month, but Key found out it currently and posted a screenshot onto his Instagram so all enthusiasts of the song may just pay attention to this edition and appreciate it! He even writes, "wow the maximum efficient cover."

It"s certainly a perfect canopy with TheRealDavidKim"s own private flair - so listen above! He also covered other wonderful K-Pop songs like iKON"s "My Type" and Twice"s "Like OOH-AHH."

wow the most effective conceal #fx #4walls #loveyoufx

A photo posted via 범키범 (@bumkeyk) on Nov 4, 2015 at 8:05am PST

HIGH4 moves a Pose for Their New Song Cover, “D.O.A”

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HIGH4 Strikes a Pose for Their New Song Cover, “D.O.A” Boy group HIGH4 unveiled a photo from the photo shoot for their new song “D.O.A.”

On October 19, N.A.P. Entertainment made a press release by approach of SNS together with a photo from the photo shoot location saying, “New song ‘D.O.A. – Dead or Alive,’ unlock day D-14. Infant boys grew up and are coming circular again as men. Coming soon.”

The 4 participants of HIGH4 are dressed in stylish white fits and making funny faces taking a look into the camera. Their mischievous expressions bring smile to the viewers. At the similar time, you'll be ready to see the masculine charm accompanied through the outer transformation they’ve made stylistically.

HIGH4 commented, “We worked tough to put across the sturdy masculine symbol that fits our new song ‘D.O.A.’ We are proud of the finish made of our hard work. We ask for your love and fortify for our new song that can be released very soon.”

HIGH4 is lately making plans national and world performances.

Check out the teaser for the recent song “D.O.A.” here.

Song Triplets Aren’t Fooled for Even a 2nd by way of Song Il Gook’s Cover on “The go back of Superman”

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Song Triplets Aren’t Fooled for Even a moment by Song Il Gook’s Disguise on “The Return of Superman” While Daehan, Minguk, and Manse are at an navy schooling camp in the newest episode of “The Return of Superman,” their father Song Il Gook puts on a disguise so he can stay an eye on them without them noticing. yet much to his amazement, they appreciate him immediately!

In October 25′s episode, the men are taken to the cafeteria at the learning center, where they put their trays up at the counter to get their lunch. But at the back of the counter is none as antagonistic to their father, dressed as a server and dressed in a mask on his face.

But unfortunately for Song Il Gook, it doesn’t take Minguk even a second to look thru his disguise. “Dad!” he cries out once he sees him. “Our dad!” Song Il Gook bursts out giggling at how briefly he used to be discovered out.

“Daehan, Minguk, and Manse’s dad!” says Daehan happily, and Manse smiles gleefully. The boys then specific their amazement and pride over the truth that their dad has develop into a chef!

Watch all the episode below!

IU impresses with her Cantonese song cover!

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IU impresses with her Cantonese song cover!

IU impresses with her Cantonese song duvet at her fresh concert in Hong Kong, take a glance at her impressive functionality below:

Eunjung impresses with Chinese song cover

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Eunjung impresses with Chinese song cover

T-ara"s Eunjung impresses with her Chinese!

She covers the Chinese edition of Goodbye, take a glance at the video below

BTS' golden maknae Jungkook melts hearts with 'Lost Stars' cover

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BTS' golden maknae Jungkook melts hearts with 'Lost Stars' cover

BTS" Jungkook is appearing off his "golden maknae" abilities again!

ARMYs know Jungkook is typically excellent at everything, yet he"s no longer probably the most team"s best possible vocals for no reason! He"s uploaded a canopy of Maroon 5"s "Lost Stars", and his voice sounds stunningly gorgeous!

Check out the canopy below!

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The Sunday Social, 9/20: Album Cover Fails

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20150918_seoulbeats_superjunior_magicalbumcoverart The Sunday Social, 9/20: Album Cover Fails Written by Gaya On September 20, 2015 Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

This week saw the release of part 2 of Super Juniors 10th anniversary album, Devil. Sounds special, but with only four new songs accompanying the existing 10 songs, its apparent that Magic is just a repackaged album sold under a different name.

I thought this would be the most disappointing aspect of the release; but apparently not, as it seems no one likes the album cover for Magic.

When Eunhyuk made an Instagram post about the upcoming repackage, Heechul left a comment asking if the album cover was made using MS Paint. My lo-tech self loves Paint to death (its incredibly useful!), but Heechul does have a point. I mean, how much more basic can you get than white concentric circles on a blue background and generic font?

Eunhyuk and fans seemed to agree with this sentiment, as he was soon reposting fanmade album covers to Instagram:

A photo posted by Eunhyuk (@eunhyukee44) on Sep 12, 2015 at 6:54am PDT

Even Peter of RB/Hip hop trio One Way and production group Team One Sound, who have produced a number of Super Junior tracks, took to Twitter to voice is disapproval. It sums up everyones sentiments quite nicely:

I think this photo describes the moment we all saw the cover. pic.twitter.com/fXVS2WA4HV

— Peter(Team Onesound) (@onewaypeter) September 16, 2015

So, readers, what are your thoughts on the album cover for Magic? Any fanmade covers out there that have caught your eye? And what other album cover fails do you remember? Share them in the comments below!

(Instagram, Twitter. Image via: SM Entertainment)

Thousands Sign Petition To Recall Maxim Cover Featuring Kim Byung Ok

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Thousands Sign Petition To Recall Maxim Cover Featuring Kim Byung Ok

The cover photo for the September issue of Maxim Korea has generated considerable controversy and prompted a petition calling for its removal from newsstands. According to Yahoo News, that Avaaz.org petition has almost 10,000 signatures.

The cover shows "Oldboy" actor Kim Byung Ok standing next to the half-open trunk of a car. A woman"s legs stick out of the trunk and her ankles are duct-taped together. The visual implies she is either the victim of a kidnap, sexual crime or murder or perhaps all of the above. The text identifies Kim as "The Real Bad Guy" and said that women love bad guys.

The cover was widely criticized online and in the media. Claire Hodgson of Cosmopolitan UK called it "the worse cover idea of all time."

According to Hodgson, the cover glamorizes violence against women.

"It is dangerously blurring the idea of a "bad guy" who maybe has a bit of stubble and doesn"t text back when we want them to, with a man who has presumably kidnapped and murdered a woman and shoved her in the boot of his car."

Jezebel.com"s Jia Tolentino also addressed the issue with both sarcasm and outrage.

"Very nice. Pretending to murder scantily clad young women is persistently "in style" among screenwriters and creative directors, and of course, actually murdering women is an edgy yet mainstream trend that just won"t quit."

Tolentino pointed out that violence against women is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly.

A spokesperson for Maxim U.S. spoke to The Huffington Post about the cover choice.

"The cover and corresponding feature published by Maxim Korea is deeply troubling," the Maxim U.S. spokesperson said. "We condemn it in the strongest terms."

The inside spread continued the crime theme. It showed Kim, last seen as a loan shark in "My Beautiful Bride, pulling a woman from the trunk and later throwing the body into a garbage bag.

Maxim Korea defended its choice to the Korean media by saying that the spread was designed to convey a mood. The magazine said that the photographs were designed to illustrate the concepts of kidnap, murder and abandonment. Here"s what they said in an interview with the site Women You Should Know.

"As you see in the context of the cover, we show a heinous crime such as murder or the abandonment of a dead body but the image does not depict sex crimes. Films direct scenes for delivering a story and mood. We hope you can see the cover as expressing a crime scene to show the context of this issue."

The site also reported an online post by a Maxim editor who said they were not fantasizing sex crimes and if they wanted to glamorize rape, they would have used So Ji Sub in the photo shoot. That implied the crime would not be a crime if the actor was handsome.

Model Jung Doo Ri, winner of the Maxim Girl contest in 2014, was quoted in the Korea Times as saying: "I was supposed to be a model for Maxim"s cover this year, but I gave it up after I realized this magazine"s views on women. Maxim beautified serious crime via this photo and I am seriously concerned about its abusive notion about women."

Cover Jacket for Tablo and Joey Bada$$’s Collaboration Revealed

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Cover Jacket for Tablo and Joey Bada$$’s Collaboration Revealed After pronouncing a collaboration between Tablo and Joey Bada$$ was in the works, YG Entertainment revealed a canopy jacket photo on August 28.

In the revealed photo, a Korean one hundred won coin and a U.S. 50 cent (half dollar) coin are stacked together, symbolizing the collaboration between the Korean and American rappers.

The synergy effect between Tablo and Joey Bada$$ by myself is ample to stay fanatics on their tiptoes. The identify of the collaboration song is “Hood,” and Code Kunst, some of the pinnacle manufacturers in Korea, made the beats.

The collaboration can be released to fanatics on September 5.

What do you take into accounts this upcoming collaboration?