Pyo Ye Jin From Fight My Way Shares Which Scene Made Her Cry While Watching The Drama

Pyo Ye Jin From Fight My Way Shares Which Scene Made Her Cry While Watching The Drama

Pyo Ye Jin from Fight My Way shared that she cried watching one of the scenes in the drama.

In Fight My Way, Pyo Ye Jin plays Jang Ye Jin, an intern at Dream Home Shopping. She has feelings for Kim Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong), who works in the same department as her, and continuously makes moves on him. After numerous conflicts with Joo Mans girlfriend of six years, Baek Seol Hee (Song Ha Yoon), she causes them to break up in the end.

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At an interview with news outlet Newsen on July 4, she explained how difficult it was to play the person to ruin Ahn Jae Hong and Song Ha Yoons relationship.

On episode 13, Joo Man told Ye Jin that he did not want to see her again, and the viewers were happy to see him push her away. On the other hand, Pyo Ye Jin felt differently about the character she had played, saying, I saw the broadcast, and I was very sad because I felt so bad for Ye Jin.

She felt the same way about the scene in episode 12 where Song Ha Yoon splashes water on her face. She said, I can relate with Joo Man and Seol Hees story, and I want them to do well. But thinking from Ye Jins point of view, I feel so sad for her. Everyone else was satisfied with what had happened, but I cried watching the broadcast. Despite having made the couple break up, she went up to Seol Hee and told her that she wants to see Joo Man, but Ye Jin doesnt know why thats bad. On her part, she sincerely felt apologetic towards Seol Hee. Seeing [Ye Jin] getting splashed with water and being clumsy made my heart ache.

Explaining the scene in detail, she said, This is my second time getting splashed after Seol Hees imaginary scene. When else will I get splashed with water? Women dont do that real life. Getting hit with the water wasnt as bad as I thought, and I was surprised that my makeup didnt wash off. It was a fun experience (laughs).

To Pyo Ye Jin, Kim Joo Man is her dream man. She said, Hes nice and works hard. Like Ye Jin in the drama, if theres anything Im struggling with as a new employee, I feel like hell quietly help out. I like those types of kind gestures, and picked him as the best male character in Fight My Way.

Last year, she worked extremely hard and appeared in several dramas like MBCs Marriage Contract, SBSs Doctors, and KBS2s Laurel Tree Tailors. To her, Jang Ye Jin from Fight My Way was the character that she felt most affectionate about. She made me known to the public, but she was also a character that only I could understand and stand by.

Fight My Way is nearing its end. Pyo Ye Jin stated, I havent received the script yet so I dont know how things will turn out, but regardless, I hope that Ye Jin will grow as a result of her experience with Joo Man and Seol Hee. I hope she will meet good people in the future and receive lots of love.

As her closing words, she said, Im sad that there isnt much time left until the end of the drama. I was personally able to relate to it, and it was a source of consolation for me. I hope it will remain in our viewers minds as that kind of drama as well. I will continue to work hard, and I will see you again in another drama.

Fight My Way airs every Monday and Tuesday. Watch the latest episode at Viki!Pyo Ye Jin From Fight My Way Shares Which Scene Made Her Cry While Watching The Drama