PSY Teases First Glimpse Of Upcoming Album Track List

PSY Teases First Glimpse Of Upcoming Album Track List

On May 4, part of the track list for PSYs eighth studio album was revealed on YG Entertainments official blog.

It looks like PSYs upcoming album will have 10 songs. The first song is titled, I LUV IT, and the second, which will be his title track, is called New Face. The titles of the other eight tracks have not yet been revealed.

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It is reported that fans will be surprised by the other artists who featured on the songs in this album.

This is PSYs first comeback in one year and six months. The lyrics of the planned title track, New Face, are said to carry on the message implied by the songs titleā€”the message of wanting someone new. As the song and music video will be released on May 10, the day after the South Korean Presidential Election on May 9, its release date seems to perfectly suit the title and meaning behind New Face and the countrys desire for change.

As previously announced, the music video for New Face will star Apinks Son Naeun. The lyrics for New Face were written by PSY, and the song was produced by PSY and Yoo Gun Hyung, who was also the co-writer and co-producer of PSYs hit, Gangnam Style.

The lyrics for I LUV IT were co-written by PSY and Block Bs Zico. The music for I LUV IT was produced by PSY, Zico, Yoo Gun Hyung, and Pop Time.

Are you looking forward to PSYs comeback?