Psy talks about using profanity in his song ‘Fact Assault’

Psy talks about using profanity in his song ‘Fact Assault’

Psy attended a press conference in Seoul on May 10 to talk about his recently released 8th full album, ‘4 x 2 = 8’!

Psy commented on one of the songs from his album titled “Fact Assault” featuring Big Bang’s G-Dragon. “This song wasn’t considered in the first place. It was due to the nature of the song itself with just seconds of listening to it,” he said, puzzling the interviewers.

He went on to explain, “This is a song dedicated to all the fans out there who are wondering ‘hyung, whatever happened to your usual hip-hop style?’ As for the profanity use, it’s profanity toward an issue. There was no other way around it besides cussing. It’s actually the songYang Hyun Suk and Ilike the most. If that weren’t enough, I had G-Dragon cuss along with me. Listeners will be refreshed, making them feel like they’re in charge.”

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