Psy praises BTS for their immense international success

Psy praises BTS for their immense international success

Psy had nothing but great compliments for hoobaeBTS.

At the press conference for his comeback on May 10, Psy was asked to give advice to BTS and KARDwho are gaining tremendous attention and success overseas.

Psy responded, “I’m especially more proud of BTS. They are incredibly amazing.” He continued to praise the boy group, saying, “The way I entered the international market was pretty unique and they are a unique case too. In a way, I feel like the people who did not intend to do so bring unexpected results. They are gaining great reaction overseas. I believe they’re also attending ‘Billboard Music Awards’.’

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He continued, “Of course, all hoobaes work hard but I ran into them during a music show rehearsal when I was promoting ‘Daddy’. They worked really hard to the point where it felt like their bones will break off from dancing. They are worthy of close attention and I think they will continue to be.”

Psy jokingly added, “I can’t give them any advice because unlike them, I have absolutely no visual. All I want to tell them is that no matter how long or short they go, they’ve already achieved an amazing score as an Asian artist so I want to tell them to not feel pressured.”

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