PSY Posts About Generation Gap With iKONs B.I

PSY Posts About Generation Gap With iKONs B.I

PSY recently collaborated with iKONs B.I, who participated in writing the lyrics for the track Autoreverse in PSYs upcoming eighth album. However, it looks like theres a bit of a generation gap between the two!

On May 7, PSY posted a screenshot of his text messages with B.I, alongside the caption, #The conversation between a 96-liner and a guy who entered college in 1996.

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In the text conversation, B.I asked what autoreverse meant, and PSY responded that it was a function on a cassette player that automatically flipped over the tape.

A post shared by PSY (@42psy42) on May 6, 2017 at 9:16pm PDT

Meanwhile, PSY will be releasing his album on May 10.