PSY Explains Why He Still Doesnt Know Why Gangnam Style Is So Popular In 5th Anniversary Interview

PSY Explains Why He Still Doesnt Know Why Gangnam Style Is So Popular In 5th Anniversary Interview

Five years ago today, PSY released the MV for his immensely popular track Gangnam Style, which would take the whole world by storm and become one of the biggest, and most unexpected, cultural phenomenons of recent history. Although his MV was recently dethroned as the most-watched video on YouTube, there is no doubting the significant and lasting impact his song had.

The artist recently talked to Billboard about Gangnam Style being a game-changer for his career and why he still doesnt understand why exactly the track is popular.

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When asked why he thought it went viral, PSY admitted, I still dont know why it was so special. He explained that he had been making music like Gangnam Style since his debut in 2001 and didnt think much of it at the time; however, he believes that not having expectations and not trying to create something extraordinary is what contributed to the tracks explosive popularity.

whenever I released an album, the purpose of it was just to make good songs in Korean, and hopefully make a hit song that people in Korea would enjoy. That was all it was.

PSY said, If I did it intentionally, it wouldnt work as stronglyThese days when I make music or music videos, I try my best to focus and to become [like] me from before Gangnam Style.’

Gangnam Style was a clear turning point in the artists career, which PSY fully acknowledges himself. He said, Every time I release music videos [now] there are so many people from many countries watching, looking forward to, and supporting them.

The artist expressed that he is truly grateful for Gangnam Style, as it has provided him opportunities that he otherwise would never have had the chance to experience, but confessed that he almost turned down the interview with Billboard because he didnt want to talk about Gangnam Style anymore.

When asked if he feels like its time to move on from Gangnam Style and forward to the next stage of his career, PSY responded, I really want to do so.