Psy becomes the new model for Orion’s potato chips

Psy becomes the new model for Orion’s potato chips

With another successful comeback, world star Psy takes his fame to the next level, becoming the new face of Orion’s ‘Turtle Chips’!

On May 10, Orion introduced their latest scrumptious snack featuring four layers of potato chips slammed together just like a turtle’s shell, hence the name. For an even more crunchy effect, the brand chose none other than Psy to advertise their new product.

A representative explained, “We decided to choose Psy as the model since we thought he would fit well with his funky visuals in unison with our ‘four layered snacks’ ‘Turtle Chips.'”

In addition, Psy also wrote and composed the theme song containing catchy lyrics like “I’ll give you one, so you give me four,”to endorse the brand, looking to attract many snack-lovers.

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Psy’s new ad will be televised as well as displayed on various social media outlets.

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