‘Produce 101’s ‘Never’ team wins MelOn’s weekly popularity award

‘Produce 101’s ‘Never’ team wins MelOn’s weekly popularity award

The “Never” team might not have won the concept evaluation, but they’re winning the general public’s hearts.

The group made of Pledis Entertainment’s Hwang Min Hyun & Kim Jong Hyun, Brand New Music’s Park Woo Jin & Lee Dae Hwi, Fantagio’s Ong Sung Woo, Cube Entertainment’s Lai Kuan Lin, and individual trainee Kim Jae Hwan had stayed at the top of music charts for almost a week and is currently at #3 only below G-Dragon and even above TWICE.

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Now, they’ve also been ranked #1 at MelOn’s weekly top 20 popularity award, which is made of both voting and the weekly chart. Following them were TWICE and Highlight.

How many of the “Never” team do you think will debut?

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