‘Produce 101’s Lim Young Min to be penalized for cheating

‘Produce 101’s Lim Young Min to be penalized for cheating

‘Produce 101’s Lim Young Min will be penalized for cheating.

He has been accused not only of cheating, but also of spoiling the ranking results to his girlfriend. Recently, fans who turned their backs on the trainee revealed that Lim Young Min cheated in the same way that Kang Daniel, Kim Dong Bin, and Lee Ki Won had apologized and been penalized for. His brother told his friend to tell a KakaoTalk chatroom full of Lim Young Min fans that he wanted the songs “Never” and “Oh Little Girl”, which is against the rules.

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Mnet said, “When we checked with the label and Lim Young Min, he said he didn’t tell his brother what song he wanted to do. However, we’ve confirmed that his brother did talk with the fans. He will be penalized for fairness, and we are currently discussing which route to take.” Lim Young Min has also denied telling ranking results to his friends.

However, viewers aren’t so convinced, questioning how his brother could have known what Lim Young Min wanted. Viewers are also aruging the spoiled results were too accurate to be mere coincidence as Lim Young Min jumped up quite a bit from his previous position of #12.

What do you think of the situation?

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