Produce 101s Kwon Hyunbin Used To Be A World-Class Athlete

Produce 101s Kwon Hyunbin Used To Be A World-Class Athlete

Kwon Hyunbin may be currently battling his way to the top of Produce 101, but its recently been discovered that he is used to a different kind of battle.

More information about Kwon Hyunbin prior to joining Mnets audition show Produce 101 has been discovered. Not only is he one of the youngest models signed to the model agency YGK+ but he was also a top athlete during junior high school.

Turns out that Hyunbin was a very talented fencer, and represented both his school and country as a youth representative in national and international fencing tournaments.

He had to give up his dreams as an athlete, however, after sustaining injuries in his thigh muscles. This led him to return to a general high school afterward, where Hyunbin became a school council member for two years.

He hasnt completely abandoned his sporting past though and remains close to some of Koreas fencing elite. When it was announced that Hyunbin would be joining Produce 101 Park Sang Yeon, an Olympic gold medalist fencer, showed his support and his closeness to the aspiring idol.

An always friendly younger brother is going on Produce 101. Ever since he was young, he has been someone who works hard towards his dreams and now the opportunity has come. I really hope that friends like him do well. His name is Kwon Hyun Bin, please give him lots of support~!!

Many people have also expressed their hopes that this new information about Hyunbins past might rally more support for him on the show, and that he might have a new wave of fans cheering him on.