‘Produce 101’s Kim Tae Dong requests contract termination with his agency The Vibe Label

‘Produce 101’s Kim Tae Dong requests contract termination with his agency The Vibe Label

Trainee Kim Tae Dong from ‘Produce 101’ season 2 requested a termination of the contract with The Vibe Label.

On July 27, Ilgan Sports exclusively reported that Kim Tae Dong has cut off contact with his agency and requested a contract termination. The Vibe Label responded to the report and explained, “He must’ve been upset. He has sent a request for a contract termination. It’s something that’s understandable among trainees. We’re in a discussion with Kim Tae Dong and in the process of resolving the issue.” 

The label also clarified, “The report about him cutting off all contact is not true.” As for his debut in JBJ – a boy group with ‘Produce 101’ trainees who didn’t make it in the top 11 – The Vibe Label stated, “We will give support so he can focus on JBJ promotions.”

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Meanwhile, Kim Tae Dong spoke up about the issue via Instagram. He first apologized for causing concerns and explained that he had no choice but to remain quiet due to mental stress and pressure. 

He continued, “I wanted to post and communicate but I’ll appreciate it if you understand that I had a situation of my own. At the moment, all I can say about the issue is that I’m sorry to the people who have cared and worried about me. The pain I endure at 21-years-old is immense but I believe this will become a strong foundation for me. I am continuing to practice singing and dancing, and also taking care of my health. I’ll become a harder working Kim Tae Dong. Once again, I apologize for causing concerns and making you guys wait for a long time. I am very sorry.”

Fans believe the agency’s poor treatment have led to Kim Tae Dong’s contract termination request. An example of the poor treatment is when The Vibe Label failed to provide adequate transportation and made the trainee ride taxis during his schedule. 

Many hope the issue with The Vibe Label gets resolved and Kim Tae Dong will walk the flower path to debut. 

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