‘Produce 101’s Kim Dong Bin also accused of cheating

‘Produce 101’s Kim Dong Bin also accused of cheating

‘Produce 101’s Kim Dong Binis accused of foul play.

During season 1, girls got to mostly choose which concept they wanted to go with. However, in season 2, viewers are being asked to create their own teams for the concept round. The boys themselves cannot influence the voting (except by casting their own one vote).

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Recently, Kang Danielhad been accused of (and apologized for)hinting to his fans about which song he wanted. However, now Kiwi Media Group’s Kim Dong Bin (rank 33) have been accused of similar actions.

Kim Dong Bin’s fan union tweeted: “Hello!! It’s Kim Dong Bin’s fan union Shining Star. Concept song votes are starting today, and we heard that he wants to do ‘Please Open’ or ‘Never’. If you are his fan, please vote for one of the two songs!!”

However, just like with Kang Daniel, the tweet grew problematic. Joongang Ilbocontacted the fan union and was told, “I wrote about the song voting because Dong Bin’s father asked me to. I always make the announcements and I saw the leader didn’t write it, so I did. Dong Bin’s father asked me to delete it not long after, so I deleted it. I also wondered if it was okay to post it. But he asked me to make the announcement. Sigh… His father told me that Dong Bin liked those two songs and suggested we vote for them, and asked me to spread it to many people.”

What do you think about these ‘Produce 101’ controversies?

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