‘Produce 101’s Kenta is cute and fluffy for ’10 Asia’

‘Produce 101’s Kenta is cute and fluffy for ’10 Asia’

‘Produce 101’s Takada Kenta sat down for a photoshoot and interview with ’10 Asia’.

During the interview, he said, “When there was a word I didn’t understand during filming, BoA producer-nim would explain it to me in Japanese. I was so nervous, but she talked to me first in Japanese and she took care of me a lot. I’m still very grateful.”

He also revealed, “When I looked troubled, the trainers came to me first and would tell me ‘Kenta, it’ll be all right’ and talk to me a lot even if there was no camera. During ‘Be Mine’ when I was center, I was really burdened, and Shin Yu Mi trainer-nim came to be in the cafeteria. She told me ‘Kenta, it may be hard right now, but it’s going to be okay. Let’s work hard’. That remained in my head the entire time during the show. After the final stage, I told her that I was able to work hard because of that.”

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Check out the photos below.

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