‘Produce 101’s Ha Min Ho accused of sexually harassing minors

‘Produce 101’s Ha Min Ho accused of sexually harassing minors

‘Produce 101’ has come up in controversies yet again.

Ha Min Ho(rank 47) from The Vibe Label has been accused of sexually harassing minors. Screenshots of Instagramconversations between him and minor fans have been revealed, causing a stir.

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One of the girls uploaded this as proof:

She wrote, “I don’t know if this is proof, but I had n drive back up automatically so it shows when I took screenshots. Why would I make up screenshots in 2016 keke.. He told me to erase Facebook messages because he got messages checked as a trainee, but I didn’t know he’d be on ‘Produce 101’.”

He is talking to high school students, which are underage girls. While some are merely inviting them over to his house, others are blatantly sexual harassment. He is also accused of changing his name to Yu Seon Ho (Cube trainee) in an attempt to cover his tracks.

What do you think of the issues?

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