‘Produce 101’ to be evaluated by KCSC for airing hate comment about Kim Jong Hyun (JR)

‘Produce 101’ to be evaluated by KCSC for airing hate comment about Kim Jong Hyun (JR)

Korea Communications Standards Commissionwill be evaluating ‘Produce 101’s episode 5.

During the first elimination episode (episode 5), the trainees had a corner where they responded to comments that were going around about them. Trainees talked about a range of things that had become an issue in both positive and negative ways, including beard growth, number of times they cried, and how much they talked.

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One of the trainees in the corner was Pledis Entertainment’s Kim Jong Hyun(NU’EST’s JR), who talked about his ‘Wartortle’ nickname as well as his supposed ‘baldness.’ While most of the comments featured on screen were joking and finding him cute, one of the comments aired was, “I’ve abandoned wartortle because he’s bald,” in very rough language, meaning the commenter would no longer be voting because Kim Jong Hyun was supposedly going bald.

The broadcast had surprised many viewers, who couldn’t believe Mnet had aired hate comments – especially one with inappropriate language for broadcast – for a trainee. After receiving an incredible number of reports, the KOSC decided to evaluate the episode on the 24th. The episode will be evaluated according toChapter 21, Article 3 of theBroadcasting Review Regulations on protection of rights and character.

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