'Produce 101' Season Two Announced The Songs Chosen For The Position Battle

'Produce 101' Season Two Announced The Songs Chosen For The Position Battle

“Produce 101” season two is getting interesting with the upcoming battle. For the upcoming episode, some songs from BTS, IOI, iKON, and more will be used by the remaining 60 trainees.

In the last episode of “Produce 101” season two, the official positions for the trainees were revealed and some trainees were eliminated. There were 60 trainees who were still running to battle for the top 11 positions.

For the upcoming episode, there will be a battle for a position. The boys will be divided into some positions like vocal, rap, and dance. Boys in the same position will have a battle to take the top rank among other boys, AllKpopreported.

For the vocal position, the songs will be BoA’s “Amazing Kiss,” Jung Seung Hwan’s “If It’s You,” BLACKPINK’s “Playing with Fire,” BTS’ “Spring Day,” and IOI’s “Downpour.” For the rap position, the songs will be Zico’s “Boys and Girls,” iKON’s “Rhythm TA,” Simon D, One, G2, BewhY’s “Not the Same Person You Used to Kno,” and Song Min Ho’s “Fear.”

For the dance position, the songs will be Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” Jason Derulo’s “Get Ugly,” and NSYNC’s “Pop.” It will be nice to see boys competing for certain position.

Meanwhile, the next episode will reveal the battle of 59 trainees after one trainee left the show. Ha Min Ho was accused of bullying and sexually harassing ex-girlfriend, Soompireported. The agency took action by announcing that he left “Produce 101” season two. His contract with the agency also got terminated, Soompireported.

“Produce 101” season two also took action for the cheating done by Kang Daniel. He previously gave hints to his fans on his Instagram about the song he chose. He will not be able to use the song again as his penalty, AllKPopreported.

With the songs chosen for the rap, vocal, and dance positions, the battle among the boys in the next episode of “Produce 101” will be interesting. The viewers are also curious with the next rankings of the boys.

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